21 Cool Coffin Shape Nails Designs to Copy in 2017

Coffin shape nails are also known as “ballerina nails.” They have such name because of their shape that resembles a real coffin. They look extremely sensual and sophisticated. They are a great canvas for various colors and nail art. With this nail shape, you will definitely be the queen at any event.

Wonderful Coral Nail Art Designs

Coffin tip nails could easily break, so you should be extremely careful with them. Thus, you’d better use some nail hardeners, if you want to wear this nail shape. These wonderful coral nail art designs can be easily achieved, so you don’t have to spend your money in a nail salon.

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Romantic Lace Coffin Shape Nails

A nails coffin shape looks charming and attractive with any design. Look at these romantic lace nail designs! Crystals and sparkles add some high day to our lives and make these wonderful art designs vivid.

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Rhinestone Coffin Shape Nails

These rhinestone coffin nails will make you a glamorous princess. Master your nail design skills to achieve a great result. We find it exciting to create new nail design ideas, don’t you feel the same? Use our ideas and develop your imagination!

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Glitter Coffin Nail Art Ideas

Here are the best glitter coffin nail art ideas for you. They are the perfect pick, if you like to attend various parties or celebrations. Just dress up your accent nail with some glitter polish.

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Killer Dark Coffin Shape Nails Designs

These killer dark coffin nail designs will certainly make you a femme fatale. Dark coffin nails like these look very impressive, no matter what design or art you engrave on them. Rhinestones will make them even more vivid.

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Bright Color Designs for Coffin Nails

Bright color designs for coffin nails attract all attention to your hands. You shouldn’t be afraid of such bright colors, they make your nails look incredibly awesome, believe us!

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Exquisite Nude Coffin Nails

These exquisite nude coffin nails look very elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, they can match any occasion or event. It’s a sure thing that you will look great with them.

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