20 Totally Sinful and Seductive Red Nails Designs

Red nails are sexy, seductive, and stylish! They are also timeless and elegant! The best thing about red nail designs is that they are so versatile. And red goes well with just about every color, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to sexy looks with red!

You can do so much with your favorite nail colors, if you add a burst of red. Whether you use a red base or add red to your favorite colors, you can come up with endless designs with red!

From sexy red ombre nails to funky patterns like plaid or holiday nails, there are tons of styles for you!

Check out our top 20 sexy red nails designs!

1. Trendy Triangles

Geometric nail designs are all the rage this year, and we think this bold red polish with black triangles is smart and stylish!

Source: Thenailasaurus

2. Raspberry and Violet Ombre

This look is totally dynamic with its fade from deep raspberry to violet.

Source: Lucysstash

3. Pretty Poinsettias

This look is perfect for Christmas with its snowy white base and gorgeous red poinsettia design on each fingernail for a fun holiday vibe!

Source: Didmynails

4. Red Nails and Gold Swirls

These thick metallic gold swirls are simply stunning on a dark metallic red base!

Source: Fuckyeahnailart

5. Sparkly Snowflakes

This is a classic Christmas mani with a sparkly red base and white snowflakes will get you in the holiday spirit!

Source: Glitterandnails

6. Pretty as a Package

This mani is the perfect gift for any time of the year with its bright silver stripes atop shiny red nails and a silver bow on the accent finger!

Source: Nailsbyjema via Instagram

7. Lovely Ladybugs

Who doesn’t love ladybugs? These bright red ladybugs are cute as can be, but we love that one fingernail has an aquamarine base.

Source: Lucysstash

8. Sinful Strawberries

This red mani with silhouettes of strawberries looks good enough to eat!

Source: La_manisera via Instagram

9. Flaming Hot

Catch the heat with these orange and yellow flames on a red base!

Source: Lacquerorleaveher

10. Perfectly Plaid

If you love plaid, check out this white, blue, and black plaid nail art design with a vivid red accent finger and a cute black bow!

Source: La_manisera via Instagram

11. Bleeding Heart

These nails look as if they were dripping with blood with the dark red hearts on a black to red ombre base.

Source: Simplynailogical

12. Trifecta Red Nails

This dark to light red ombre is simply seductive!

Source: Liliumzz via Instagram

13. Two Toned

This simple red and pink nail design is done in less than 10 minutes but it looks really elegant!

Source: Liliumzz via Instagram

14. Lacy Lingerie

Lacy nails are super sexy. You can try this look with any color combo: red on white, black on red, and so forth. But we think this red base with black lace is purely sinful!

Source: Lavishlayerings

15. Hey, Santa

If you love Christmas nails, why not try this red mani with a Santa hat on the ring finger for a jolly look for the holidays?

Source: La_manisera via Instagram

16. 4th Of July Fireworks

We think this look is totally patriotic with its burst of white, silver on an alternating white to blue and red base that resembles fireworks on Independence Day!

Source: Setinlacquer

17. Red, Red Roses

Roses are so romantic and the red roses on the shiny black base are just gorgeous!

Source: Thedotcouture via Instagram

18. Red Quilted Nails

Quilted nails are so stunning. We think this red quilted pattern is tres chic! This look is especially sexy on medium to long nails!

Source: Furiousfiler via Instagram

19. Red, Black, and Gold

If you want a totally classy look, paint the base of your nails matte red, then add matte black tips and divide the two spaces with gold and red rhinestones.

Source: Liliumzz via Instagram

20. Eye of the Tiger

Animal print nails are super sexy. This look is ultra modern with half of the nails red on a diagonal slant, then a diagonal white and black tiger stripe effect. Why not mix it up with a look that’s both sexy and sleek?

Source: IndraUnghii via Facebook

Are you ready for a sexy red mani? We think you’ll look super hot with these fun and seductive nail designs. Try one or try them all. Be sure to pin your favorites for next time!

Main photo by Lavishlayerings