White tip nails are without a doubt a timeless elegance. But it is known that even classics can become stale over time if not updated. Keep up with the latest trends by checking out our collection of fashionable white tip nail designs. From classic French manicures to modern and sophisticated styles, we’ve got a design to suit everyone’s unique taste. So whether you’re looking for French white tip nails that are sleek and fun to create or something more on the sparkling end, you’ll find it here. Take a look at the listed white tip nails with design and see how you can wear yours in countless stylish ways.


French tips on the other hand are also known as pink and white acrylic nails. This is because the nail design majorly consists of white tips on a pink nail base. Unlike white tips nails (French mani), this acrylic nail is achieved by adding a plastic tip to the nail and using acrylic powder or gel to cover it and make it look natural.

So from all that has been stated above, it is quite evident to say that white tip manicure with glitter or any color base are different from the usual French tips nail design.

White Tip Nail Designs To Add to Your List

Nails with white tips aren’t exactly extravagant but neither are they not charming. So pick any design below to give your nails the special treatment it deserves!


White Tip For Long Acrylic Nails

French manicure is timeless, but you can make it look trendier with white acrylic nails. Although this is a common choice for people trying white tip acrylic nails for the first time, the beauty of this design never gets old. This can be linked to the fact that long nails better emphasise your tips and white tip almond nails might just be the perfect way to flaunt it. If you don’t like the almond shape white tip coffin nails are another preferred option.

Beautiful White Tip For Long Acrylic Nails

Beautiful White Tip For Long Nails

Pink Nails with White Tips

White nail designs can be combined with almost anything. It is that shade that compliments any color in a subtle and effortless manner and pink is no exception. With a feminine tone and the addition of white tip gel nails to it, you will get an elegant and luxurious design. What is more, such a manicure will suit any outfit or occasion! You can raise its elegance by adding stones or 3D designs to it.

Baby Pink Nails with White Tips

Lovely Pink Nails with White Tips

Pink Nails with White Tips


White Tip Nails with Flowers Design

There are so many white tip nail ideas for you to pick from, rather than just keeping things simple. No one can deny how floral-patterned nails with white tips work harmoniously. It gives your nails a distinct flair you can’t help but admire. Just looking at the lovely French tip nails below, one can tell everything is well-spent here. The pattern of the white tips and flower choice just makes your thoughts fly away!

Pretty White Tip Nails with Flowers Design

Pretty White Tip Nail Designs picture 2

French Tip Nails Designs with Rhinestones

As stated before, your white tip coffin nails don’t have to be basic. There’s no limit to how creative you can get during your manicure session. If you don’t want too much artwork on your short white tip manicure, the addition of a simple rhinestone changes everything. You can have little-sized stones on two to three fingernails or a big stone on one nail. Mind you, the beauty in rhinestones is in their modesty. Meaning, you don’t want to have too much on your nails, making them less appreciative. The mixture of white v tip nails and rhinestones of different sizes just accentuates the length and shape of the nails.

French Tip Nails Designs with Rhinestones

French Tip Nails Designs with Rhinestones Accent

Matte French Tip Nails Designs with Rhinestones

Pretty White Tip Nail Designs picture 3


Straight or Triangular White Tip Nails Designs

By now, you should know that your tip nail designs can be in any form, shape and size. You can opt for thin straight tip nails or the more common v cut French tip nails. Whichever works best for you, the ball is in your court to decide. However, when choosing your nails white tip, it is vital to consider the shape of your nail in order to produce a more charming result. After you have a look at these designs you will agree that manicures with white tips are anything but boring!

Straight or Triangular White Tip Nails Designs

Triangular White Tip Nails Designs

Cool French Tip Nail Designs picture 2

French Manicure with Different Art

Want something quite extraordinary? Then go all-out by pairing your white french tip acrylic nails with unique designs you won’t find around. This is the chance to play around with colors and stickers. It is the best option for sophisticated women who are not afraid to draw attention. A lavender base with short white tip nails and the addition of floral patterns drawn over it isn’t a design you get to see every day!

French Manicure with Different Art

French Manicure with Abstract Art

Best French Manicure Designs picture 2

If you want something simple for the summer season, then white tip nails are the perfect daisy nail designs to accompany you. The elegance in its simplicity is why most women still love to join this nail trend. Coffin white tip manicure, for instance, are suitable for any occasion and the versatility in how they can be designed makes them live up to their expectations. For a start, we hope the few ideas suggested will help you reach a decision on what white tip nail design to opt for.


What are nails with white tips called?

This was explained better above but to re-affirm what has been said earlier, nails with white tips are called french manicures.

How long do white tip nails last?

Your white french manicure is majorly liquid and powder polish applied over your natural nails. So they can last for about two to three weeks.