21 Terrific Nude Nail Design Ideas You Can’t Pass By

What is a nude nail design? Mostly, that is something that is considered to be modest by most of us. And that would be a nice suggestion if we lived in the 40’s, but these days everything changed. Nude nail art is not the exception. In order not to waste your time, we are going to show you the ways you haven’t imagined nude nails can look. Enjoy the endless scrolling entertainment!

Chic Nude and Gold Nails Designs

Nude and gold nails suit those of you who like to appear irresistibly elegant no matter what. One look at this combination of matte, metallic, and shimmery designs combined together will make you realize that perfection exists.

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Elegant French Fade

When classy French becomes a little bit boring we suggest you experiment a little. The thing is that French fade looks extremely gorgeous with the addition of intricate rhinestone pattern with no loss of its elegance and class.

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Source: yagala via Instagram

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Bling Nail Art

Very often when you think about luxurious manicure you imagine lots of rhinestones or sparkles. Yet, you can totally create blink nail only with the help of sweet nude shades and just a tiny bit of sparkle.

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Sweet Nail Art for an Incredible Look

There is not a single lady who would refuse to look incredible anywhere she goes. That is why this stiletto shape in a combination with nude nail art, decorated with sparkles and simple rhinestone patterns is what you seek.

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Hand Painted Nail Art for More Fun

You still think that nude is boring, but there is nothing else you are allowed to pull off at the office? Well, how do you feel about adding tiny black and red hearts to your mani? Not that eye-catchy, but still fun, right?

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Elegant Matte Nude Nail Design

The reason why nude mani is still trending despite all the ideas that have recently appeared is that it is extremely universal. No matter what you decide to wear today, there is nothing this cold-shaded nude mani won’t fit.

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Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

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Amazing Glitter Ombre Nails

There are times when you wish you could upgrade your nude nails with something but you do not want to go over the edge with that. That is where glitter ombre steps in. The thing is that when you combine glitter with nude shades the outcome is always elegant and charming.

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Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Main photo by princess_paige1