30 Bright Neon Colors Ombre Nails Design

Every season requires a special approach when it comes to the creation of the suitable look. When the summer hits, it is highly important that there is everything perfect about your image. Since every detail matters – your nails are on the list. Of course, that you can just follow your style direction and wear the neutral or favorite design or you can finally give in to the experimentation and try out something new and bright as neon colors ombre nails! In case that sounds like a plan, we have a whole compilation ready for you so that all you need to do is to take a pick!

Sexy Neon Blue Ombre For Long Stiletto Nails

It is always a lot more fun to play around with long nail since there is a lot of room for experimentation. This blue-shaded ombre upgraded with rhinestone accent take this stiletto nail shape to the whole new level of sassy!

Source: hardrocknails via Instagram

Pink & Red Neon Colors With Geometric Design

Bright red and pink ombre nails a look awesome on their own. However if you need something else to take the design over the edge of just bright, we suggest you think about the matte top, and some black geometric patter added. It seems that there is no better neon ombre background for such a design than this one!

Source: laquenailbar via Instagram

Orange Neon Ombre Nail Design

Neon ombre nails are extremely versatile, and when you can’t decide whether nude or bright you want to go, it is time to combine the two. Orange-shaded ombre nail art looks so juicy that it is difficult to take the eyes off!

Source: laquenailbar via Instagram

Sunset Ombre Neon Nails

All of us have seen lots of sunsets in our lives, and surely none of you would disagree that sunset is not a miracle. That is why we suggest you transfer some of the sunset hues into your nail art so that you can enjoy its beauty no matter the time of the day!

Source: nina_d83 via Instagram

Vertical Orange Ombre Nails With Rhinestones

Ombre technique has no limitations as well when you get bored of usual horizontal ombre – it is time you play around with a vertical one. To make things a lot more fun, you should add to your neon orange nails a few rhinestones and transfer foil to take the design to the next level!

Source: dallasalexiaxo via Instagram

Dark Green And Yellow Neon Colors Ombre For Summer Time

Neon green nails are simple breath-taking looking when you combine them with another neon shade. The mixture of green and yellow is a great possibility especially if your nails are not that long and square. Besides, these shades will surely compliment the fair skin tone.

Source: didoline via Instagram

Vertical Plum Ombre Nails Color

Neon nails can be of different shades and when yellow or red hues are not your cup of tea time to refer to something purplish. Vertical plump ombre nail design with the addition of rhinestone pattern combined with some intricate powder one over metallic base may be just what you need!

Source: laquenailbar via Instagram

Mix-Color Neon Ombre Nails

Sometimes it is difficult to choose just one shade for your neon colors nail designs that is when you should start your experimentation with mixing and matching shade. This simple and cute mix-color idea may be the best choice there is!

Source: my_spa_lounge via Instagram

Back To The 90`S Neon Nails Design

Most of you are trying got keep up with the ever-changing trend but there is nothing wrong if you decided to have a little throwback and this 90’s kind of nail art would be something ideal to start with!

Source: nisinails via Instagram

Neon Yellow Nails With Glitter Design

Summertime is not the time to forget about the glitter, and one of the best shades that will look marvelous with silver glitter would be the bright yellow color. You can experiment with the design a little bit too, adding some graphic pattern would be a nice choice.

Source: my_spa_lounge via Instagram

Rainbow Diagonal Ombre Nail Design

The best bright colors are the ones that a rainbow consists of. That is why if you wish to take your bright manicure to the completely new level a rainbow ombre may be the perfect idea to play around with.

Source: nina_d83 via Instagram

Neon Colors For Water Marble And Ombre Nail Design

There are many ways to achieve the ombre effect, and water marbling is surely one of them. What is more, you can easily pull off a water marble pattern in the safety of your own home with the least of efforts and time involved?

Source: nina_d83 via Instagram

Sweet Neon Green Color With Holographic Nails Design

Neon nail colors do not necessarily have to be too bright. That is if you are not a fan of going too bight with your manicure you should clearly try this light green muted neon ombre version. The addition of some sweet holo nail polish will only add special charm to the design.

Source: nina_d83 via Instagram

Simple White & Blue Neon Nails Design

It is true that most of the neon nail art is quite complex and takes time to get ready with. However, there are simply ideas out there too, and you can trust us that they look no worse than their complex compatriots. This blue to gentle white mani is the perfect example to support the thought.

Source: nisinails via Instagram

Tropical Trees Nails Design With Blue Ombre

Summer is all about the vacation, and most of us think tropics when they think about the vacation. Let everyone around you know where are you headed for the weekend off with this simple but fantastic looking nail design.

Source: urbannailart via Instagram

Tribal Nail Art With Rainbow Neon Ombre

Tribal patterns are on edge these days that is why when you want to kill two birds with one stone it is time to think about some killer combos. Bright nail colors for summer transformed into a colorful ombre and spiced up with tribal patterns is exactly the combination you need.

Source: urbannailart via Instagram

Yellow & Orange Neon Colors With Fruit Nail Art

Yellow neon nails are not something that everyone would fall for but when you know what to combine yellow hues with the outcome may be more than pretty. We think that the idea to mix orange color with yellow hues is a worthy idea especially with the addition of citrus nail art to it.

Source: britnails via Instagram

Summer Nail Design With Neon Ombre Effect

Even though it is bright, it shouldn’t mean that it is elegant. The combination of bright neon shade and white nail polish adorned with a rhinestone accent is exactly what is meant.

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Neon Colorful Ombre With Tropical Leaves Nail Design

Summer neon nails can be all about the flowers too. However, in order not to go over the edge with too many colors, you can add floral stamping to your bright ombre base, and the result will be ravishing!

Source: urbannailart via Instagram

Long Nails With Neon Colors Ombre Design

There are so many neon ombre nails ideas available that it is always hard to make up your mind. When you can’t decide between two tones, you can grant both of your hand a different look. There is nothing wrong with it if you paint nails on both of your hands different shades and we have a proof to grant you with!

Source: naglargoteborg via Instagram

Bright Glitter Green Neon Nails Design

Neon nails with glitter look special no matter what shades you bring it. Yet, the combo of bright green ombre, ballerina shape, and gorgeous glitter accent is irresistible it seems.

Source: naglargoteborg via Instagram

Hubba Bubba Orange Neon Colors For Stunning Ombre

Even neon shades sometimes require some contrast. In case that is something, you are looking for we think that the combo of bright hubba bubba base and grey contrasting accent nail will grant you that.

Source: naglargoteborg via Instagram

3D Flower Nails Design With Neon Yellow

The fact that your nails are neon bright does not mean that you can’t play around with some additional attention-catching elements. We think the introduction of a 3D floral design into this yellow, bright nail design makes it even more special and fantastic looking!

Source: royaltynails via Instagram

Short Mint Neon Colors Ombre Nails

Short nails can be bright as well. It is true there is not that much room to start experimenting with lots of techniques, but the combo of mint hues and lavender ones mixed in a different order can do the trick pretty well too.

Source: lemmingspolish via Instagram

Neon Pink Ombre With Full Nail Rhinestones

Stiletto nails look noticeable on their own however there are ways to take the matters to the entirely new level. A fresh and bright neon pink ombre is precisely what you need to add the vibe to your nails while the rhinestone-decorated nail is what you need to add the bling. You are welcome!

Source: priscilla_nails via Instagram

Matte Neon Ombre With Strawberry Design

Pink color has so many tints to it that there is indeed one special for everyone, besides you can always experiment with ombre techniques. For example, this transition from white to strawberry pink is simply marvelous not to mention the trendy matte finish. What is more, a strawberry accent nail makes the outcome unbelievable!

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Sweet Skittles Neon Ombre Nails Design

Skittles are not only extremely tasty but also inspirational. The thing is that bright neon colors ombre nails combined with Skittles shading look fabulous and fun. See for yourself!

Source: amur_nails via Instagram

Magic Unicorn Neon Nails Design

Unicorn nails are on the edge of popularity, and there is no wonder why since all of us wish to escape from reality in the world of fantasy every once in a while. In case there is no other way – try out unicorn manicure with bright ombre addition. We are sure there is no way this manicure will leave you indifferent.

Source: shannasnailadventures via Instagram

Gothic Bats Nail Design With Neon Ombre Colors

It may seem that the mixture of gothic-themed nails and bright ombre colors is merely non-existent. Well, we are going to prove you wrong. Not only such an idea exists, but also it is super fun and cute to look at!

Source: shannasnailadventures via Instagram

Unreal Neon Flowers Nail Design

If there is anything better than the mixture of flowers and bright ombre we are not aware of it. Just one look at this gorgeous design will help you get the point. So simple but so stunning, don’t you think?

Source: mdollasnails via Instagram

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.

Main photo by Mdollasnails