21 Colorful Combinations for Ombre Nails For Any Occasion

Ombre nails and hair are totally trendy this year. Ombre is such a fun way to express your style and personality. And there are literally hundreds of options for ombre nail art. And the best part is that most ombre designs are easy enough to pull them off on your own without having to go to the nail salon.

If you are looking for ombre cute nail designs, you have come to the right spot. We have put together a list of our favorite ombre nail designs for you to try! All you need are some pretty shades of nail polish and your imagination. The possibilities are limitless!

Cute nails are so easy to achieve! And ombre style nails are perfect for any occasion, be it a formal event, or a festive party, or even a day at school or work.

Check out our top designs for ombre nails and don’t forget to pin your faves!

1. Simple Ombre Gradient

If you are just starting to get into nail art, this look is the best place to start. Choose 5 colors that make a perfect ombre fade, from darkest to lightest and paint one solid color on each finger.

Source: Nail_marina_disign via Instagram

2. Vampy Ombre

This red to black ombre fade is sinfully seductive for a truly vampy vibe.

Source: Nailstrinity via Instagram

3. French Fade

If you love French manicures, this delicate French ombre fade is timeless and elegant.

Source: Chaunlegend via Instagram

4. Silver Swag

This combo of metallic silvers makes for a stunning ombre effect.

Source: Thenailasaurus

5. Matte Ombre Nails

Matte and ombre are a perfect combo. This deep purple to lilac fade matte ombre is striking.

Source: Nailsbymztina via Instagram

6. Coral Fade

This pretty blend of coral to pale peach to creamy white is bright and cheery for a warm summer day!

Source: Flossgloss via Instagram

7. Horizontal Ombre

Mix it up a bit with this flipped over ombre look. We love the soft blue colors in this look that resemble ocean waves.

Source: Formulaxnail via Instagram

8. Barely There Ombre

If you want a clean and simple look, try this nude to pale white ombre effect that is barely noticeable.

Source: Nogtiinminsk via Instagram

9. Unicorn Ombre Nails

We love this soft pastel rainbow ombre style. It also looks cute on shorter nails!

Source: SharingVu via Nailpolis

10. Golden Girl

If silver isn’t your style, try this subtle blend of metallic gold hues for a truly glam girl look!

Source: Artstylish via Instagram

11. Royal Ombre

This dramatic fade from deep blue to baby blue is breathtaking and regal.

Source: Badgirlnails via Instagram

12. Smoky Ombre

This sultry fade from the blackest black to smoky gray to white is sexy and slightly dreamy.

Source: Thenailasaurus

13. Chrome Ombre

Chrome nails are quite the trend now, so why not try this striking blend of chrome and creamy white for a modern flair?

Source: We.nails via Instagram

14. Glitter Glam

Who doesn’t love glitter? These silver tips will add sparkle to your favorite ombre combo!

Source: Nailsbysab via Instagram

15. Pastel Fade

Pastels are so pretty for spring and summer days. Choose your favorite pastel shades for a soft and chic ombre effect.

Source: Nogtiinminsk via Instagram

16. Shades of Gray

Okay, so we can’t fit 50 shades of gray, but we love this subtle blend of grays for a touch of class.

Source: Thesammersaurus via Instagram

17. Pretty in Pink

Pink nails are always cute. Choose your favorite shades of pink for a dark to light pink ombre fade.

Source: Nailsbycambria via Instagram

18. Cool Mint

This soft mint green to white fade ombre is cool and refreshing as a cocktail with spearmint on a hot summer day!

Source: Artstylish via Instagram

19. Neon Rainbow

If you love rainbows, you’ll flip for this bright neon rainbow ombre that will brighten up any day!

Source: Nailsbycambria via Instagram

20. Ray of Sunshine

This bright orange to pale yellow fade is reminiscent of a sunset on a perfect summer’s eve.

Source: Nailsbycambria via Instagram

21. Daring Diagonal

Want to mix it up even more? Try a diagonal ombre fade with your favorite colors.

Source: Badgirlnails via Instagram

Which look do you like best? We love them all! The best part about DIY nails is that you can change them as often as you like. If you are feeling especially creative you can add gemstones or a design to one nail. A pretty flower on a pink ombre is totally feminine and girly. Or a moon and stars on a dark blue or black ombre fade. Try them all and see which look for ombre nails best suits you!

Main photo by So_nailicious