Zebra Print Nails To Let Your Inner Animal Out


Animal print nails have been in fashion for a while now. However, there are some most common patterns while there are some that are somehow left out. Zebra print nails are pretty much underestimated even though the zebra pattern is no worse than cheetah to leopard one. To make sure that zebras aren’t feeling left out when it comes to nail art we are going to present to your attention a completion of pretty and exquisite zebra print nail art ideas and will even show you how you can succeed with the result!


Step By Step Tutorial: How To Paint Zebra Print On Your Nails

  • Apply a base coat.
  • Apply a white base coat.
  • With the help of a thin striping brush and black nail polish add thin lines to your nail.
  • Apply matter top coat to protect your new nail design.

Source: Demelza’s World via Youtube


Zebra Nail Art Designs Using Glitter

Nail art designs are all different, and that is the most beautiful thing about the nail art. Which means that you can mix and match many things with no worries. For example, nude nails go well perfectly with glittery zebra nail art.

Source: ro_nails_nvk via Instagram

Classical Black And White Zebra Print Nails

Black and white color combo is the most classic one. That is why if you decide to stick to the basics there is nothing better than matching good old hues and transforming them into a masterpiece.

Source: valeri_nails_irk via Instagram


Dazzling Neon Green With Zebra Pattern on Nails

Zebra nails can be pulled off not only in usual shades. When you look for some uniqueness then we have a perfect idea in mind. Neon green zebra pattern is exactly what you need to look stylish and out of the ordinary.

Source: nailart_bygracie via Instagram

Vertical Zebra Stripes For Stunning Manicure

Zebra nail design can be extremely versatile not to mention easy. All you need to do is to paint your nails white and blue then add some uneve lines to the lovely blue base. Voila!

Source: you_me_nails_ via Instagram


Colorful Idea For Zebra Print Nail Art

Summer is the time for creativity and brightness. To kill two birds with one stone, you are going to need to mix and match bright shades in fabulous zebra print. There you go!

Source: sohotrightnail via Instagram

Trendy Abstract Zebra Print Nails

Zebra print nails can look especially lovely and cute not to mention trendy. Paint your nails pale grey and add some abstract elements. Act exactly like you do stamping using nail polish. Definitely, you will achieve the mesmerizing effect.

Source: astra_nailstudio via Instagram

Mesmerizing Combination Of Pastel Ombre And Zebra Print Nails

When it comes to short nails, it may be pretty difficult at times to come up with something trendy and extraordinary at the same time. However, we managed to find the exact design to suit the purpose. Colorful ombre with zebra pattern to it may be just what you are looking for.

Source: ooohshinies via Instagram


Rock Contrasting Colors With Zebra Nail Design

In case you are felling skillful enough, you can depict not only the pattern but also the full zebra on your nails. The contrasting shades are always the best ones to play around with!

Source: mdollasnails via Instagram

Amazing Blue Zebra Print On Purple Nails

Zebra stripes are always of the same shading, but that does not mean that you can’t experiment when it comes to your manicure. Blue stripes on purple base look genuine and special, what do you think?

Source: lusterlacquer via Instagram

Pink Zebra Print Nails For Really Bold Ladies

Pink zebra print nails look bold and stylish. That is why if you are not afraid of attention then this is the nail design you are bound to try out at least once!

Source: lori_nails via Instagram


Zebra Print Nails On Flawlessly White Base

White is the color of elegance and purity, but sometimes it is not enough to achieve the goal. In times like these, we suggest you add some zebra accent to you flawless white base. If you spice the things up with black zebra stripes, you will surely look perfect and sassy no matter where you go.

Source: alina_bronnails via Instagram

Yellow Zebra Print Nail Art

Among all the nail polish colors yellow one is the most majestic in its versatility and ability to adjust. Paint your nails yellow and upgrade the look with trendy zebra pattern and you will have no rivals!

Source: elena_nailsnn via Instagram

Gothic Black Zebra Nails

Black nail art is pretty bold and daring most of the time. To ease out the dashing expression we suggest, you add to your black some zebra pattern; the effect will surely be breath-taking!

Source: kaminskaya_nail via Instagram


Matte Zebra Print Nails In Classical Colors

Sticking to the classics is never a bad thing. However, even the most usual black and white nail art can be upgraded in the cutest way possible. What we have in mind is the matte coating of zebra pattern adorned with sweet pink roses.

Source: ladyandthe_stamp via Instagram

Zebra Print Acrylic Nails For Glamorous Look

Zebra print acrylic nails leave you a lot of room to experiment with, that is why you shouldn’t waste the opportunity. Bright pink nails accented with zebra print and glitter base coat look gorgeous in their brightness and as well as in boldness.

Source: lori_nails via Instagram

Cute & Easy: Zebra Print Nails With Stamping

We know that not everyone is equally skillful when it comes to drawing that is why we are suggesting you a perfect way out. The thing is that stamping is very popular these days that is why if you think that your painting skills leave much to be desired, just use the appropriate stamping set to come out with the zebra nail art!

Source: sneezer_callie via Instagram


Stunning Idea: Hot Orange With Black Zebra Print Nails

In case you are not afraid of bold suggestions then you will surely appreciate this idea. The mixture of bright orange and zebra pattern is anything but neutral. Use this manicure idea to your advantage when you are in need of a bright accent to your look.

Source: palooozanails via Instagram

Girly Pink Zebra Print Nails

This girly print will become your favorite for sure. A gorgeous pastel pink color that changes when you tilt your hand will become a beautiful addition to the whole nail design. A great choice for women who are not afraid to stand out.

Source: vladi.nailsart via Instagram

Combination Of Animal Prints For Sassy Manicure

Do you consider yourself a woman who is not afraid to experiment? Then this print is all about you! Mix two of the most popular animal prints on your nails and we promise you that it won`t get unnoticed!

Source: cdbnails143 via Instagram


Sweet Soft Pink Nails Decorated With Zebra Print

If you are looking for colors that will go well with a zebra print then we have an idea for you. Try applying it to a soft pink nail polish. A combination of an elegancy with some wildness will make it look super different and interesting. Are you up for it?

Source: shpuntik_nailart via Instagram

Neon Yellow Animal Nails

Some great ideas for summer include a zebra print. This one is for sure one of it. Bright and colorful it will bring out your character and confidence. Mix a neon yellow color with some zebra print and you will be bringing sunshine even to the grayest places.

Source: sensationails4u via Instagram

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!