Deciding on what toe nail designs to get is just as difficult as deciding what color to get for your manicure. While some people don’t put much thought into it, others do and pride themselves greatly in having nice toenails. Regardless of which side you fall under, everyone deserves pretty things and choosing lovely toe nail designs is one of the few ways to go about it. With lots of inspirational ideas provided below, your toes won’t look boring inside your sandals or open-toe stilettos.


French Tip Toes

Regarding simple toe nail designs, French tip toe nail designs remain quite the classic that never fades out. These trendy toe nail designs look good, especially with white or glitter tips. French toe nail designs are the number one choice for lots of women getting a pedicure and this can be attributed to their classy nature.


Summer Pedicure Ideas with One Tone

For summer toe nail designs, most times, people want something plain and opt for the basic one-tone design. Although quite simple, it still falls under elegant toe nail designs. You can try classy black toe nail designs or bright yellow and if you want the color of the sea, blue is a great choice.

Artsy Toe Nail Designs

If you want to go overboard in your designs, who says you can’t? Toe nail art designs are quite a thing and you get to be expressive with what you like. Combine different colors, and bring whatever image you love to life, on your toenails. There’s no pattern here, just creativity and vibes.


Kawaii Toe Nail Designs

If you have a likeness to animal art, you can try out these fall toe nail designs. You don’t need to go with the basic black and white toe nail designs but mix colors to draw animals like a tiger or if you prefer sea-themed designs, then blue whales are other options. It’s pretty chic and creative no doubt.

Nail Toe Designs With Geometric Prints

Spicing up your toe nail art with a nice geometric pattern is something you are bound to try at least once. The style and simplicity of this design is hard to go unnoticed. You can combine red toe nail designs with white or two other colors that best complement each other. Experiment with lines and shades on your toes.


Toe Nails With Glitter Accent

Nail art with glitter deserves special attention on our list. The thing is that the introduction of glitter means elegance and luxury. Glitters have a way of taking your gel toe nails from plain to exquisite. But not to go over the edge, it is best to mix it with warm shades, like purple toe nail designs or black.

Toe Nails Matte Designs

Matte designs are on the edge of popularity these days. That is why introducing some of it into your nail art will be a good idea. Adding a matte coating to your pink toe nail designs increases the fun and beauty. No matter whether you are a fan of daring shades or stick up to pastel ones, add some matte coating to the design and the effect will be breath-taking!

Trendy Toe Nail Designs With Stripes

Another way to be extraordinary with your creativity is by including stripes. This outrightly gives you the opportunity to use as much nail polish as you wish, but mind you, you don’t want to create a disaster in your combo. For better results, the stripes shouldn’t be on all toes but just a few, maybe one or two. These are perfect diy toe nail designs for summer.


Tribal Toe Nails

Tribal nails art is something so universal that it is difficult to get enough of it. Just like the inscription on the body of Maui, the famous character in Moana, you can design such on your toenails. With so many tribes, there are so many toe nail designs to try out. You can have the tribal design as press on toe nails or acrylic toe nails, whichever suits you best.

Toe Nail Designs With Floral Motifs

Summer toe nail colors and designs are cute and extraordinary, especially the ones with floral motifs. You do not need to go over the edge with creativity here. Just a couple of tulips and a few pastel summery hues or classic summer white toe nail designs, and your perfect pedicure is done. Flower toe nail designs especially suit the autumn and fall seasons.

Abstraction Toe Nails Art

Abstract nail art will suit those of you who do not want to look like anyone else. The beauty of abstract art lies not only in its versatility but also in its ability to come out differently every time. There are no limits to abstract designs, as it’s drawing inspiration from the unknown. You can transform your blue toe nail designs from common to unique.


Dots For Your Beach Nails Pedicure

Very often dotticure is underestimated since it is considered to be something too simple and not that versatile. But you can’t deny how pretty your black toe nail designs would be if another color in dots was added to it. You can create a pattern by using multicolored dots; it’s your nails, so get creative!

Animal Print On Your Toe Nails

Who could have thought that animal prints could be so fun to play around with when it comes to your toenails? If they can look quite lovely with bags and clothes, then your toenails are no exception! For better appreciation of your trendy acrylic toe nails, the print can’t be too much and should be combined with a plain color that accentuates it best.

Toe Nails With Fruits Accent

If you can use animal prints and flowers, then you might as well include fruits in your toe nails design. Watermelon is more commonly used but you could try other fruits like coconut or avocado. Just ensure to engage a professional who’s skilled with his or her hands. They aren’t exactly spring toe nail designs but would work out well either way.


Toe Nail Art With Gems And Rhinestones

It is never a bad idea to make your toenail shine bright like the stars at night. Bling toe nail designs with rhinestones might be a little extra to some but who doesn’t love a little sparkle? So if you do decide to do toe nail designs with diamonds, you don’t want to use too much and make it overwhelming.

Sea Nail Designs For Toes

Beach summer toe nails would look extra sweet if you find the correct combination of the pattern and color. The sea bed is a different world on its own and replicating such is definitely exciting. From starfish to sea shells and clams, you can get inspired from different angles. For a better representation of the sea, you don’t want to miss out on blue and white shades in your toe nail designs.

With toe nail designs, your feet look extraordinary in whatever footwear you’re on, most especially sandals and slippers. You don’t have to do basic designs when there are a lot of other options available to you. If you don’t want a design that matches your fingernails, then you may consider any of our ideas provided above which are quite classy and splendid.


What is the prettiest toenail shape?

The prettiest toenail shape is those cut flat across. Where the nails are cut flat and in a straight line, an emery board can be used to file the corners of the nail. This would ensure they are less pointy with sharp edges. Also, this shape would allow your nails to grow out straight and prevent ingrown toenails.

What are 5 basic toe nail designs?

Despite there being various nail designs, there’s no doubt that there are basic ones. We have single-tone designs, French tip designs, toenails with glitter accents, matte designs and designs with rhinestones.

What does a healthy toenail look like?

Toenails that are healthy have the same color, shape and thickness. It is cut regularly and so has lower chances of being damaged from trauma. It is also very clean and cut short to avoid bacteria and fungal infections which tend to grow under long nails.