New and Exciting Ideas For Totally Cool Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are the look that every woman wants for stylish and sexy nails. They are very in right now and are so versatile. With all of the color options and nail art designs that are available today, coffin style nails are the way to go for a look that’s really chic and trendy! They look especially stunning with gemstones and brilliant colors!

You can ask for intricate nail art if you have acrylic nails or gel nails in a coffin shape. And they are so stylish and sophisticated!

Check out our gallery featuring nail art designs for coffin style nails!

1. Pink with Gold Tips

This matte pink polish is really soft and demure. The gold triangular tips will really glam up this look.

Pink with Gold Tips

Source: Nailstudiobytom via Instagram

2. Pearly Pink

If you want a look that’s totally fem and chic, this pale pink polish is really striking!

Pearly Pink

Source: Lareinadelasunas via Instagram

3. Darling Daisies

This pastel green is a pretty shade for spring and summer. Add some tiny white daisies to your ring finger for a nice floral touch.

Darling Daisies

Source: Thenailistaproject via Instagram

4. Blue Babe

This deep blue is really enchanting. Throw on some golden and white gemstones for a look of pure elegance and style!

Blue Babe

Source: Fiercebypatricia via Instagram

5. Seashore Art

This turquoise blue is stunning. The tiny golden shells make it a fun look for summer days on the beach!

Seashore Art

Source: Thenailistaproject via Instagram

6. Ruby Red

This deep red is very pretty. But we think the 3D white floral design on the accent finger adds a touch of class!

Ruby Red

Source: Botanicnails via Instagram

7. Rose Gold

This pink rose color is very dainty and chic. Paint one nail with golden glitter polish and add some gold gemstones to your other nails for some pretty bling!

Rose Gold

Source: Philglamournails via Instagram

8. Camo Coffin Nails

This camouflage design in shades of army green is really hip and trendy!

Camo Nails

Source: Nails2beauty_kami via Instagram

9. Cherry Coffin Nails

Paint your nails a matte cherry base. Use a multicolored glitter for a look that’s bright and stylish.

Cherry Coffin Nails

Source: Tonysnail via Instagram

10. Army Green Geometric Nails

This army green is very subtle yet stylish. The triangular pattern is very trendy. And the tiny gemstones at the nail bed give it a more elegant look and feel.

Army Green Geometric Nails

Source: Philglamournails via Instagram

11. Gradient Gray

This smokey gray fade ombre is really sultry. Paint one finger shiny silver to make this look stand out.

Gradient Gray

Source: Mindyhardy via Instagram

12. Blinged Out French Manicure

This old-fashioned manicure with a nude base and white tips is timeless. Bring it up to date with some shiny gemstones!

Blinged Out French Manicure

Source: Nailsbyeffi via Instagram

13. Galaxy Girl

This shiny metallic galaxy nail polish is out of this world!

Galaxy Girl

Source: Nailsbymztina via Instagram

14. Sparkly Pink and Black

Ombre nails are totally hip this year. This look is a fun take on the classic ombre fade, however. Sparkly pink into a black tip fade makes this look really stand out. But if you paint every other finger this way, and then paint one finger solid black and your ring finger sparkly pink, you’ll totally shine wherever you go!

Sparkly Pink and Black

Source: Tonysnail via Instagram

15. Basic Black

Matte black polish is totally sleek and stylish but with a bit of an edge for a punk rock vibe.

Basic Black

Source: Glambymeli via Instagram

16. Stunning Snowflakes

This burgundy red is simply stunning. Add some white snowflakes for a look that’s perfect for the winter holidays!

Stunning Snowflakes

Source: Getbuffednails via Instagram

17. Pale Orange Elegance

This pale orange is very chic. Add a white lace design to your accent finger for a look that’s tres chic and sophisticated.

Pale Orange Elegance

Source: Jonnydieppham via Instagram

18. Magnificent Mauve

This soft mauve is very pretty if you want a subtle look for your nails that you can wear every day.

Magnificent Mauve

Source: Glambymeli via Instagram

Aren’t these pretty looks for coffin nails simply divine? All of these looks are easy enough for you to try at home! Try them all for a look that’s purely elegant and will work for every occasion from day to day wear to that special event!

Main photo by Thenailistaproject