Coffin nails have been on the top of the list for a while now, but not everyone is aware of the fact that they have been in fashion for a lot longer than just a few years. The thing is that this shape has become popular in the early ’90s and have been staying on edge ever since. What is a coffin shape nail? The name ‘coffin’ may indeed scare some people away. That is why the other name for this shape is – ballerina nails, mostly because the shape is so slender and elegant and resembles that sleek slipper that a ballerina wears. When compared to stiletto nails, coffins sport a square tip instead of a pointy one, but the length remains the same. Ballerina nails are perfect for those of you who are in love with long nails what is more, there is so much room for experimentation that it is hard to pass by simply, not to mention the fact that this shape is pretty durable and this fact can’t go unnoticed. Even though this is one of the prettiest forms to shape your long nails in, it may be pretty difficult to succeed with if you are just a beginner, but in case you consider yourself skillful enough to shape your nails, coffin, we have something in store for you. We decided to talk about some trendy nail designs here with you today. In this fresh compilation, you will find anything you need to treat your nails with on every day and occasion, no matter whether you are headed to the office or a fancy party! Dive in!


Galaxy Coffin Nails

Discover the enchanting hues that define the galaxy nail trend to create coffin cute nails. From deep blues reminiscent of the night sky to vibrant purples representing distant galaxies, you’re in for a treat! Explore creative ways to add starry accents to your coffin pink acrylic nails. Whether it’s using metallic foils, holographic glitter, or tiny rhinestones, don’t be limited!

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Green and Purple Freestyle

Green and purple are complementary colors on the color wheel, making them a dynamic duo that brings both harmony and contrast to your coffin acrylic nails. Alternate shades from Beetles gel nail polish kit to produce swoon-worthy coffin nail designs. Consider this design, especially during your spring break as the tones would compliment your sprint outfits.

Magic Wicca Nails

Looking for interesting coffin nail ideas with tones that complements the summer season? Magic wicca nails might be just what you need! It is rich with symbols that hold deep spiritual meanings. Incorporate elements like pentacles, moons, stars, and crystals into your coffin shaped nails. Coat your nails with GAOY’s jelly gel nail polish for a glossy shine.


Black French Coffin Nails

Similar to Kylie Jenner’s black coffin French tip nails, this nail design combines the timeless charm of the French manicure with a modern twist. If you’re a lover of black coffin nails, then compliment the tips of your nails with Essie’s expressie quick dry black nail polish. It’s a classy and pretty cool concept.

Aura Orange Coffins

Lizzo’s bubble gum aura nails were recently posted on her Instagram and the internet can’t get enough of it! Rather than her pink style, the orange summer short coffin nails are another way to rock this design. It captures the essence of a mesmerizing sunset on your nails with a gradient effect that transitions from light to deep shades of orange.


Cow Print Coffins

Cow print coffin nails are stampeding their way into the spotlight, bringing a fresh and whimsical twist to your manicure game. Whether you opt for a classic white from OPI or a muted neutral tone, the base sets the stage for the cow-inspired coffin nail design. Pair your coffin white nail designs with black patterns using GAOY black gel polish. From irregular splotches to classic black spots on white, this concept is quite attainable.

Royal Blue Coffin Nails

Icy blue coffin nails are here to accompany you during the coldest season of the year. All you need to create this minimalist manicure is a VENALISA elegant blue nail polish from Amazon and you’re good to go. While these coffin nails look so simple to achieve, it is quite in a class of its own and a favorite of celebrity star, Jennifer Lopez!

Classic French Coffin Nails

One of the defining features of the classic French pink coffin nails is its simplicity. The natural nude or pale pink base is coupled with a clean, white tip, creating a subtle contrast that accentuates the coffin nail shape. This understated elegance makes the French coffin nails a favorite among those who appreciate refined aesthetics.


Leopard Print Coffins

One notable trendsetter who has embraced and slayed this nail design is none other than Kylie Jenner. With a knack for setting trends, she effortlessly incorporated leopard print coffin nails into her ensemble, showcasing how this daring design can elevate any outfit to a whole new level of chic. What’s more is pairing your coffin nails with rhinestones and glitter. A few knuckle rings on your fingers and you’ll be swooning over your nails!

Fall Coffin Nails

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it’s time to transition your fall coffin nails to match the cozy vibes of fall! Dive into fall’s color palette with deep burgundies, burnt oranges, and olive greens. For coffin fall nail designs, mix and match these shades for an ombre effect or go for a single color adorned with golden accents to mimic the changing foliage. Incorporate cable knit patterns, plaid designs, or even tiny fall leaves for a touch of autumn flair.

Shining Glitter Coffin Nails Designs

If you like classic nails covered with simple nail polish, but you still want to change something with your look, then we suggest you add some sparkle accents with glitter. It will not overload your coffin shaped nails with too much bling but will still give them some oomph. Besides, glitter offers quite a lot of versatility to your coffin style nails, as it ranges not only in color but in size, shape and even finish. So, if you are looking for the most beautiful coffin nails ideas with glitter, check out the collection we picked out for you below.


Coffin Violet Glittery Nails

Violet is quite a universal color and it works for any occasion and season. In addition, it has become incredibly popular lately. So, you can never go wrong if you adorn your coffin long acrylic nails with violet glitter. You can either go for an intricate design or an all out color, or both. It is up to you to decide.

Glitter Coffin French Nails

Coffin French tip nails are a classic that will never go out of fashion. Though, if you want to play it up a bit, you can accentuate your nails with glitter instead of standard white tips. And do not be afraid to add some color to it. Provided your mani does not have to follow any dress code rules, you are free to choose any shade of glitter for your French coffin nails.

Pinky Glitter Coffin Nails Designs

What is the sweetest and most feminine nail color out there? You got it! It is pink. Pink coffin nails already give off quite a girlie vibe, but to take your manicure to the next level, why not complement it with pink glitter? If you share our opinion that there is no such thing as too much pink, then this mani style is made for you.


Gothic Gold and Black Glitter Ombre Coffins

Gone are the days when the Goth subculture was at the peak of its popularity. Only real devotees are still reminiscing about that era. But this does not apply to manicure trends. It seems that gothic black nails are timeless. With that in mind, feel free to pay tribute to your fun gothic days with coffin black and gold nails covered in glitter.

Sparkly Coffin Nail Art with Stickers

One of the best things about sparkly long coffin nails is that they do not require much effort to look bold and eye catching. And if you feel like incorporating a fun nail art into your shining mani but are not particularly keen on drawing, nail stickers are your best way out. They allow you to achieve almost any coffin nails design imaginable in a blink of an eye.

Black And Silver Mix For Coffin Nails

Believe it or not, black coffin nails are quite universal. The thing is they can be matched to absolutely any other nail color. Moreover, if you choose a solid black polish, you can accompany it with silver glitter to achieve a well balanced manicure style. How to incorporate these colors into your mani – individually or mixed – depends on your imagination.


Sparkly Royal Blue Coffin Nail Designs

You can also choose the formula of glitter depending on your preferences and the type of nails you have. As such, for natural nails, a glitter topper is a more preferable option while coffin acrylic nails, as well as gels, also allow glitter sprinkle and dust. Take a look at these stunning glitter royal blue coffin nails and try to guess what formula was used.

Classic Coffin Shape French Tips

A French tip nails and coffin tip nails are the perfect team. They were created to go together. Isn’t it a definition of elegance? Moreover, this design makes your nails seem even longer. So, it is a perfect option for those who choose to wear their coffin nails short. You may add some sparkles to make it even more mesmerizing.

Burgundy Coffin French Nails

There are plenty of ways to pull off coffin burgundy nails. If you think that a solid color is too dramatic for you, then burgundy French tip coffin nails will become an excellent alternative. Even though this is a wonderful idea for coffin fall nails, you can wear such a burgundy nails style all year round. In case you are a bit intimidated by such a daring color on a long mani, you can always get it on short or medium coffin nails.


Pink Coffin French Nails

As a rule of thumb, for coffin nails French manicure is usually painted white, while the rest of the nail is pink or nude. But how about switching colors and going for pink French tips instead? This modern take on a classic French manicure will not let you go unnoticed. Plus, you can adjust your hot pink nails to your taste or outfit.

Coffin Nails with Animal Print

Some people hate it, others love it, but it does not leave anyone indifferent. The animalistic print is probably one of the most debatable nail trends, especially when it comes to French coffin nails designs. If you are leaning toward leopard, zebra print nails, giraffe and other intricate patterns on your manicure, lucky you are. You are offered a wide variety of incredible French nail design ideas.

Blue Coffin French Nails

With French manicure ideas coffin shape always looks elegant and tasteful. So, even if you decide to venture out for a very unconventional French tips color, such as blue, you may not worry that it will look off. So do not forget that you can always try on another shade of coffin blue French tip nails if the chosen color does not seem suitable for you.


New Trend for Coffins – Unusual French Nails

Apart from the color of coffin French nails, you can also play around with the shape of the tip. If you like experiments, try something unusual, like drips or flames. This nail design works not only for coffin autumn/fall nails but throughout the whole year. Moreover, it is one of the hottest coffin nail trends.

V Art Coffin French Nails Design

Another way to bring a welcome change to your mani is to choose V French tip coffin nails over traditional rounded ones. The sharp edge gives your manicure a bold touch and draws attention to your mani. So, there is no doubt that you are going to be the center of attention with your V French coffin shaped acrylic nails.

Rainbow French Coffin Nails

Looking for fresh summer coffin nails ideas? Why don’t you throw a rainbow into your mani? Not only does it look fun and lively, but it can also cheer you up when you feel down and moody. So, it comes as no surprise that rainbow nails are perfect solution for hot summer days.


Coffin Nail Designs With Rhinestones For Glamorous Ladies

Rhinestones look fabulous with any nail color and finish. When you garnish even simple coffin nails with them, your manicure becomes next level gorgeous. And for an ultimately bedazzling effect, decorate your coffin nails with rhinestones and glitter. This combo guarantees that you are going to be in the spotlight wherever you go. So, you can never go wrong with rhinestones nail perfection.

Light Pinky Coffin Nails with Stones

If you want to start with something low key and subtle, light pink coffin nails with glitter are your sure bet. They are elegance at its finest. Plus, they suit any occasion and outfit so you will not need to book an appointment with your nail tech if you are headed to a formal event. For a little more spark, you can add rhinestones to your nails and end up with a manicure that has an out of this world shine.

Nude Coffin Nails With Stones

Nude coffin nails, just like nude pumps, are universally flattering. They make your fingers visually longer and more graceful. As this color story is essentially neutral, you are welcome to add a delicate accent to it with the help of rhinestones. With a single gem or a scattering of crystals, you can rest assured that no one will be able to take their eyes off your mani.


Blue Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

Blue coffin nails are so underrated! This fresh and energetic color looks dreamy on any nail shape and length and coffin nails are no exception. If you are not sure that you will be able to pull it off, consider going for short coffin nails painted in a sky blue or mint blue color. Rhinestones are a beautiful accompaniment to such a mani.

Rhinestones Accent On Coffin Nails

What else we like about rhinestones is that they can easily make any manicure look fabulous. Attach a couple of crystals to the base of your coffin shape nails and you will get a manicure that makes heads turn. The base color can be just anything, from powder pink to black cherry. Yet, keep in mind, the darker the base, the more prominent the stones are going to look.

Purple Coffin Nails With Rhinestones

Coffin purple nails do not need any embellishments, as they already appear very impactful. The color is so vivid that it can be the main accent in your whole look. However, you can still give your nails a little bling if you want to. Enhance your mani with rhinestones and you will not be disappointed.


Fabulous Matte Coffin Nail Designs

A matte manicure is not inferior to glossy nail polishes in terms of popularity. The thing is that glossy tops are ravishing and required but matte ones seem to keep the mystery, and that is exactly what you need for your long coffin nails in our opinion. Plus, matte coffin nails have a velvety finish that not only looks chic but also feels nice. So, do not be surprised if you want to touch your matte acrylic nails all day long.

Dark Matte Green Nails

A matte top coat makes complex deep shades much easier to pull off. Coffin emerald green nails gain a luxurious feel when coated with a matte top. They do not require extra embellishments, as they already come out quite dressy. Feel free to choose from a sheer variety of shades of coffin green nails.

Nude Matte Coffin Nails Designs

One of the greatest benefits of coffin nude matte nails is that there is no manicure style or finish that would not suit them. With a matte top coat, a nude mani will have a suede feel. As a result, you get a very posh and tasteful nail style. A failsafe option for business ladies and those who prefer a more sophisticated style.


Short Red Matte Coffin Nails

Red nails are quite daring and bold. You need to have a certain amount of fashion bravery to rock them. Otherwise, they will appear a bit too much. So that it will not happen to you, try wearing your classy coffin nails short and complement them with a matte top coat. In this way, they will look elegant and stylish and suit any ambiance.

Bright Pink and Green Matte Coffins

If you like to stand out in the crowd, then you should not be afraid to mix and match complementary colors. But instead of classic shades, opt for more flamboyant alternatives. Pair coffin pink nails with almost neon green for one of the most striking mani combos. A matte top will help you to pull everything together.

Black Matte Coffin Nails

Coffin black acrylic nails are all about a dramatic and high impact look. While donning them does not necessarily mean that you belong to a certain subculture, sometimes you may find such a mani style a bit overpowering. Yet, no worries. A matte finish will soften the intensity of coffin black nails and make them more wearable.


Matte Plaid For Coffin Shaped Nails

Seeking some inspo for coffin cute acrylic nails? No matter the weather outside, you can always adorn your mani with a plaid nail design. If this is an idea for coffin Christmas nails, you can opt for a red base with white and yellow stripes. During other seasons, it can be anything you like, such as a green canvas with black and gold lines coated with a matte top.

Nature Matte Coffin Nail Design

Not a fan of intricate and elaborate nails coffin designs? We feel you. Sometimes, you just gravitate to something rather low key and simple. But it does not mean that your manicure will look plain. These cute coffin nails are painted with a matte pink polish and beautified with a row of black dots. Simple and captivating.

Coffin Nail Shape With A Marble Effect

No need to talk about a marble nails design. It speaks for itself. Marble was in a couple of seasons ago and it still remains a hit. It is an integral part of a trendy look and we have a strong feeling that it is going to become one of those timeless nail trends that never go out of fashion. Don’t take it on trust? See for yourself.


White Marble Coffin Nail Designs

Redefine white coffin nails with a marble manicure design. It is way much easier to create than it seems. Draw thin white lines randomly on your coffin acrylic nails and you are pretty much good to go. Optionally, you can use coffin milky white nails as a base or any other subdued color.

Hot Black Marble Coffin Nail Shape

Elevate your favorite black manicure with a marble nail print. Such black coffin nails designs turn out very hot and attractive. They are a real magnet for eyes, as it is really hard to ignore such an impressive mani. For a more striking effect, you can use contrasting colors to draw veins, such as white, gold or silver.

Nature Marble Coffin Nails

In case you cannot decide what style of marble coffin nails to choose, it always makes sense to draw inspiration from nature. Just replicate the colors marble stone has for your manicure and you are all set. Not sure how to do it? Show this image to your nail tech.


White Marble For Your Coffin Nail Shape

How to enhance white coffin nails with design so that it will not go out of control? Consider coffin white nails with marble accents. So your mani looks striking, go for a blindingly white nail color. For veins, you can choose any color, from traditional gray or black to unusual silver or gold.

Long Coffin Nail Designs In Baby Blue

You should not shy away from long coffin baby blue nails. They give off a refreshing and cool vibe. And if you think that this color is made only for summer short coffin nails, we are here to prove you wrong. When topped with a marble pattern, it looks good during any season, including freezing winter, rainy fall and blooming winter.

Beige Coffin Nails With A Marble Effect

Who could have thought that beige long coffin acrylic nails are not the ultimate sophistication? You reach perfection when you incorporate a marble design into your manicure. It looks as if the tips of your fingers are graced with precious stones, yet without appearing kitschy or tacky. So, if you want to add something sparkling to it, you are free to do so.


Glamorous Foil For Coffin Nail Designs

A foil design will add a lot of glamour to your coffin nails. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this nail design. So, do not be surprised if people are staring at your manicure. A little tip: do not go ham on foil. Otherwise, it will look ridiculous. Everything should be in moderation and foil coffin nail designs are not an exception.

Lavender Coffins With Silver Foil

A combination of lavender and silver is a match made in heaven. So, if you choose it for your lavender color nails, you are sure to be in love with the result. There are many ways to bring this idea to life. However, garnishing lavender coffin nails with silver foil is one of the most magical.

Nude Coffin Nails With Gold Foil

For nude nails coffin shape is something that you do not want to overload with embellishments or accents. For this reason, it is better to look for rather reserved nail designs. Yet, if you marry your nude mani with gold foil, you will manage to keep it low key and tasteful. A great idea to consider, don’t you think?


Elegant White Coffins with Gold Foil

Instead of standard coffin white tip nails, try a white manicure with gold foil. This is pure elegance, so you are welcome to sport it on any occasion. It turns out appropriate even for quite dressy and semi formal events. So, whenever you need to look your best, white coffin acrylic nails with gold foil are your sure bet.

Metallic Designs For Coffin Nail Shape

Metallic polish is a really versatile coffin nail design. It can be adjusted to match any outfit and suit the majority of occasions. If you pair it with glitter or rhinestones, it will give you a nice accent and make your plain design fresh. In addition, you can upgrade it in a myriad of different ways, which gives you a great foundation for creativity.

Black and Silver Coffins

For black nails coffin shape may work wonders. The manicure looks very dramatic and mysterious with it. However, you may find it a little out of your comfort zone. To make a black coffin manicure less harsh, partner it with silver. This can be either silver and black coffin nails designs or silver accents on a couple of fingers with the rest of the nails painted black.


Metallic Coffin Nail Designs

These metallic coffin baddie nails will earn you a reputation as the trendiest girl in the area. Their surface is so glossy that they can literally reflect the light. As this manicure style can mainly be achieved with the help of chrome powder, it can be considered quite versatile. The powder comes in almost every shade existing so that everyone could choose a nail color for their taste.

Dark Metallic Coffin Nails

Metallic nails are nothing short of stunning. No matter the color, they always look jaw dropping. As a rule of thumb, the darker the shade is, the more interest your mani has. With that in mind, pick out dark metallic coffin nails if you want to mesmerize everyone with your manicure style.

Magnetic Purple Coffins With French

When you think that you have already tried every metallic coffin design possible, a magnetic purple French manicure comes into play. It is so unique and untrivial that it will make people stare in awe at your mani. While the design is suitable for any nail type, it looks better when performed on medium length coffin acrylic nails and longer.


Negative Space Coffin Nail Designs

Negative space is something that gives your nails more modern and fresh look. Although this nail trend peaked a good couple of years ago, it still does not lose its relevance. Besides, the number of ways to create the nail style is endless and each time it is startling. Check it out!

Negative Space with Abstract Coffin Nails

One of the benefits of a negative space nail design is that it can be partnered with other manicure trends. Abstract nail art pairs flawlessly with negative space print, creating a one of a kind mani style. What color story to choose is up to you. But even if you decide to incorporate multiple colors, it will still look fantastic.

Dried Flowers Coffin Nails With Negative Space

For a negative space, there are literally no restrictions in terms of nail art and design. Feeling all girlie and feminine? Beautify your mani with dried flowers. You can hardly find a more charming idea for spring coffin nails, don’t you agree? And to ensure it is absolutely lovely, use a pink nail polish beneath the floral print.


Abstract Coffin Nails With Negative Space

What do abstract nail art and negative space manicure design have in common? They both do not call for added accents. Though, if you decide to mix these two manicure styles together, the first thing you are going to think about is why you have not tried it earlier. Don’t worry. You may now fix this.

Red Coffin Nails With Negative Space

Red coffin nails are not for faint hearted ladies. They are sexy and attractive, so you need to be prepared for a lot of attention. Want to tone it down a little? Try to work in a negative space nail design into your mani. Your perfect coffin baddie red acrylic nails are ready to rock.

Beautiful Coffin Nails With Flower Designs

If you are looking for coffin nails designs that will even out that aftertaste that the name of the shape may bring in, we think that flowers are your best weapon. They are so elegant and gentle, not to mention the fact that they are incredibly versatile, that it is hard to resist. With a mani like that, you will look over the edge feminine no matter what!


Blue Coffins With Flowers

Women love flowers – it is a common fact. But unfortunately, the life span of these beautiful creations of nature is so short that it can make you feel down. Yet, this will not happen if the flowers are on your nails. A flower nail designs print scattered over a blue polish gives off a mother nature vibe.

Daisies Floral Nails for Coffins

One of the easiest ways to get coffin cute nails is by accentuating them with flowers. You do not have to be too good at drawing to create such a manicure design. Simple daisies already look lovely and can be painted in a couple of steps. Choose something light and sweet for the base color to give your nails the ultimately charming feel.

Hand Painted Floral Nails For Your Short Coffin Shape

Short coffin acrylic nails can be also prettified with a flowery design. Yet, it is better if the print is hand painted. In this way, you will be able to better control the application process so that flowers appear exactly where you want them to be. Plus, you can try different painting techniques as well as experiment with textures and formulas.


Pastel Flowers For Coffin Nail Shape

To emphasize how ephemeral flowers are, opt for a pastel color palette for your coffin summer nails, such as light mint, cotton candy pink, sky blue or milky yellow. They can also be combined with one another pretty well, setting off plenty of wonderful nail styles. Add flowers to several nails as an accent or go for the floral madness on every nail. Either way, it will look incredible.

Gradient For Coffin Nail Shape

When you are considering some fresh and trendy coffin nail designs, do not leave the ombre technique out. No matter the time trending, gradient nails are gaining fresh tints and twists, and with the upcoming season, you are bound to try at least one of those gorgeous designs out! Need a dose of inspiration? We have collected the best ideas for you below.

Coffin Ombre Nails with Stones

For glam birthday nails coffin shape is one of the best options. It provides plenty of room for your creative endeavors. As such, you can garnish your coffin ombre nails with gems of different colors and sizes. As they will sparkle and shine, they will instantly create a positive mood for you. So, you may not be bothered with a fancy outfit for the celebration.


Classic Blue and White Ombre Combo For Coffin Nails

When it is hard to choose a color story for your ombre coffin nails, a classic manicure is a failsafe solution. Blue and white ombre coffin nails are among the most requested styles for good reason. They are clean and refreshing. So, do not hesitate to choose this design for your coffin summer acrylic nails.

Bright Gradient For Coffin Nail Shape

You should not avoid neon colors ombre nails coffin designs. It goes without saying that they will bring you to the spotlight this instant. Yet, they can still look appropriate in most situations. To pull it off, just keep your outfit simple and make your manicure the focal point of the look.

Coffin Nail Designs With Pink Gradient

If you have short coffin nails ombre is still achievable for you. Select colors that seamlessly blend into each other and it is better if they are different shades of the same color. Pink may be the color that you are looking for, as it has so many variations that you will be able to create a smooth gradient without effort.

Just as dire coffin nails so beautiful they look. There are so many fresh looks and ideas to consider that it is hard to imagine. However, only the best ideas are presented in our compilation!