21 Cool and Trendy French Manicure Ideas

Have you run out of French manicure ideas? Fear not! We are here to help you with the freshest and the trendiest ideas in the world of French tips designs! Despite the fact that it has been in for decades now, there is still plenty to discover in the realm of French mani designs.

Classic French Manicure Designs

French manicure designs vary depending on the season and the reasons are pretty obvious. Since it is summer outside, some bright French mani won’t be inappropriate for any occasion.

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Cute French Manicure with Floral Art

Of course, different French nail designs suit different people. For example, if white French tips are too sweet for such an edgy and confident person like you, go for the black ones!

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Bright and Stylish French Manicure Ideas

If your vacation is still nowhere near, but the dreams of the ocean and beaches won’t leave you alone, there is a way out. You should ask your nail master to give you stripy, blue and white French manicure!

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Starling Rhinestones Designs

Metallic colors totally rock this season. So, go for a metallic base to keep up with the trend and go for bright-colored French tips to keep up with the style. As simple as that!

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Unusual French Manicure Ideas

We discovered the metallic-based mani, but what about something reversed? Let’s say gold French tips and a neutral base? It sounds simple but when you look at it, it is so breath-taking!

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Simple Designs for Elegant Look

There are those ladies who are eternally devoted to classic French no matter what. But even in such a case we have something new to add. That is a simple graphical design added to the usual art. Do not thank us!

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Chic French Nail Designs

What happens if we combine two classic designs into one? Not sure about all the rest but French tip and ombre combined look fabulous and even classier than the two separately.

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