21 Totally Hip Ideas for Stylish Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails are all the rage this year. They have been around for years but thanks to celebs making them famous in the last few months, they are making a huge comeback.

Gel nails are still trendy, but stiletto style nails are taking the fashion world by storm. And yes, they can be a bit dangerous as they are super long and very pointy. So, be careful if you are brave enough to sport these sexy nails!

Acrylic nails, gel, or natural nails can totally rock these funky stiletto style nails!

Check out our favorite looks for stiletto nails!

Dazzling Diamonds

The razor-sharp edges of stiletto style nails give these pink and silvery white sparkly diamond nails a look of pure sophistication.

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Walk Like An Egyptian

These sexy stilettos are perfect with geometric designs. But what we love best is the Eye of Horus on one finger and the shiny bling on the other.

Source: helennails_yeg via Instagram

Passionate Purple Stiletto Nails

Dark purple is both sexy and regal. This gorgeous shade of purple is sleek and stylish but we love the glittery accents that give it a royal look.

Source: laurajanesnailsandbeauty via Instagram

Maroon & Gray Stiletto Nails

This gray and maroon combo with white polka and flowers is just fabulous.

Source: malishka702_nails via Instagram

Birds of a Feather

These pretty blues and greens almost resemble the plumes of a peacock!

Source: nailbarandbeautylounge via Instagram

Celtic Cross

This look is totally edgy with its black base and gold accents featuring a Celtic cross on one finger.

Source: lexishrooms via Instagram

Red Hot Mama

Red nails are timeless and sexy. This deep cherry red polish is gorgeous, but add a thin white heart on one finger and you are hot to trot!

Source: nailsbycolette via Instagram

Basic Blue Stiletto Nails

If you want a simple yet elegant look, try this gorgeous shade of midnight blue. If you want to dress it up, you can add some gems or a design on one finger.

Source: noodle_yess via Instagram

Peachy Keen

This pretty peach pink is feminine and chic but what makes this style pop is the golden gemstones.

Source: margaritasnailz via Instagram

Wine and Pearls

This gorgeous dark burgundy resembles a fine aged wine, and the gold accent on one finger makes this look scream with sophistication and style.

Source: helennails_yeg via Instagram

Pink Fade

If you love pink and ombre, this dramatic fade from neon to soft pink is totally girly and chic!

Source: sveanaglar via Instagram

3D Flower Power

Floral nail art is so pretty but these 3D flowers are exquisite and perfect for the summertime!

Source: glamsusie via Instagram

Silver Sparkles

These metallic silver nails are super shiny, but add some silver stones and you’ll look chic!

Source: margaritasnailz via Instagram

Summer Shimmer

These pretty baby blue shimmery nails are perfect for a day on the beach!

Source: margaritasnailz via Instagram

Totally Tie Dyed

Tie Dye nails look extra cool on stiletto style nails. This funky combo of colors is fun and flirty!

Source: erikamarienails via Instagram

Countless Crystals

Long nails really make this style pop. These tiny crystals are super trendy and shiny!

Source: lizaliwi via Instagram

Milky Way Marble Art

For a look that’s out of this world, try this iridescent marble art design on shiny black nails!

Source: clarahnails via Instagram

Hearts of Gold

Hearts are always pretty on long nails, but these shiny gold hearts will add a touch of class.

Source: glonailbar via Instagram

Far out Florals

These bright flowers on a darker base are totally rad and perfect for spring or summer.

Source: rhinarifficnails via Instagram

Letters of Love

Black and white nails are timeless and classy, but these white nails that spell out “L-O-V-E” in black with a heart on the finger are beyond gorgeous!

Source: doobysnails via Instagram

Pink Leopard Spots

Animal print nails are ultra trendy, but this pretty pink take on leopard spots is fem and chic with a funky twist!

Source: nailsbyly via Instagram

Have you totally flipped for these sleek stiletto nails? We know we have! Now pin your favorites and get going so that you can make your friends jealous of your sexy new nails!

Main photo by Lexishrooms