Aqua nails are one of the trending ones; there is no doubt about that. But when people first hear this name they think that it has something to do with the ocean, and therefore it is difficult to pull off on your own. The truth is that aqua is the reference to corresponding shade not to some intricate marine pattern. That is why we think it is our primary goal to introduce you to extremely versatile and sweet world of aqua nail art! Use these ideas to your advantage!


Tribal Nail Art for Aqua Nails

Tribal patterns are conquering the world of manicure these days. That is why we think that the combination of these two – aqua shade and tribal art – is getting ahead of the trend. What do you think?


Polka Dot Nail Designs

Polka dot patterns are one of the easiest ones to replicate. But there is something mysterious and magnetic about this design as well. Just add polka dot pattern to your aqua-shaded nails and you will observe the mesmerizing transformation from cute to gorgeous!

Abstraction Nail Designs

Abstract patterns are ones of the most required, these days. This is partly due to everyone’s desire to look unique, and there is nothing better to suit the goal that abstraction. But, to keep up with the fashion, we suggest you involve some aqua hues into your next abstraction mani!


Aqua Nails with Sparkly Glitter Accents

Any nail art will look special if you know how to choose the accent properly. When it comes to aqua shades, there is nothing to reflect the beauty of the shade better than some glitter. You do not need to use much of it – just a hint and your nails look outstanding!

Soft Ombre Aqua Nails

It would be unfair to forget about ombre technique when we are talking about aqua nails. The thing is that there is no better pastel-shaded ombre than the one with aqua hues involved. Have a look yourself!


Gentle Floral Nail Art

Those of you who are all about feminine and sweet nail designs will definitely appreciate this floral nail art. What makes it so special is the base color, whether matte or shiny but aqua shade adorned with flowers looks breath-taking!

Aqua Nails Designs with Foil

Pay your attention to these designs of aqua nails with foil accents. Use a bit of glitter or foil to make your manicure bling and chic.

Sweet French Nails In Aqua Colors

It is sufficient to use minimal aqua accents to create a stylish and fashionable manicure. This French as well with nude shades as with bright colors.


Perfect Combination of Aqua And Different Nail Polishes

The combination of your fav colors and aqua polishes will help you create trendy nail designs. Add a few bright accents to make it absolutely unique.

Bright Aqua Nails Designs With Black or White Accents

Black or white accents in the nail design always give a special touch to the manicure. Combination with a bright and custom aqua color will make your nails trendy and stylish.

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!