Nude matte nails are definitely all the rage now. Matte isn’t exactly a color, it’s actually more of the type of color. It’s when a color is flat or dull and doesn’t shine. It’s not even glittery and definitely not glossy. But we can’t at all say that it is boring, just on the contrary – it makes your nails look chic and extravagant. Matte in nudes is actually one of mani options that you will want to have this spring. Besides, matte is popular. It gives natural feeling to the whole look plus it’s extremely gorgeous. To complete your matte look, there is a line of matte lipsticks and eye-shadow.


Pretty Pink Nude Matte Nails

Elegant nails are for those women who want to look sophisticated. Pretty pink nude will give you a scent of romance this spring.


Nude Matte Short Nails

Cool nail designs with perfect combination of colors. Lovely pastel matte is ideal for short nails. Try these designs on your nails right now!

Nude Matte Long Nails

These luxurious designs are for those women who have rather long nails. Matte nude on these nails looks awesome! Since there is no shine, a matte nail polish could be matched with almost anything.


Best Bling Nude Matte Nails

These nail designs with rhinestones and a flower composition may be called real works of art. Try them and you will not regret!

Matte Nude Nails with Other Colors

Sometimes natural nail polish matches with other colors, makes the nail design cooler and shiny.


Nude Matte Nails with Glitter Accent

Matte is definitely the perfect element. It balances the metallic and the glitter, and it is a great combination that makes many different looks.

Matte Nude Nails with Flowers

If you think you’re ready for the power of matte, then you could definitely look at these gorgeous nail art designs in matte and find the inspiration you are looking for.

Source: riornails via Instagram