There are lots of ways to make your manicure look extremely awesome and French tip nails are one of the many ways. They always look chic, classy and pleasing to the eyes. Regardless of what occasion you have, there are various types of French tip acrylic nails to fit such situations. The fun part of it all is that these nails can be designed in various ways, colors and shapes to fit your personal preference. A long list of options available to you has been provided below.


Long French Nails

If you love to go all out when getting your long nails done, then this nail style looks unbelievably elegant and sophisticated. Thanks to the length, the French tip nails designs are well-highlighted and always come out looking pretty.


Colorful Long French Tip Nails

While short French tip acrylic nails comprise the biggest group of nails popularly done, long French tip nails also have the right to exist. Its length has its charms and the choice of color also helps to compliment it.

Black French Tip Nails

In case you are looking for really unusual French manicure ideas, black French tip nails are worth giving a go. Also because the color is applied only to the tips, this manicure style does not look overly bold but could appear calm and subtle.


Neon French Tip Nails

So as not to reinvent the wheel, go for regular white tip nails. No worries, white French tip nails will not look plain or boring if you add a neon accent to them.

Bright Pink French Tip Nails

Hot pink French tip nails are a viable solution for women who like to stand out in the crowd and use their nail style to make their fashion statement. It is very feminine and appealing to the eyes.


Dark Gel French Manicure

If black French tip almond nails are overly dramatic for you, then you can get away by choosing other dark gel French nail designs, such as brown French tip nails or even light blue French tip nails.

French Tip Nail Designs for Short Nails

It’s no doubt how comfy short nails can be especially if you’re someone that uses your finger in your everyday activities. Pulling off short French tip nails is actually quite easy and they actually can look even more sophisticated and stylish than long ones. So rather than opting for a classic design with a defined white tip, you can go for its softer version, ombre. Below, you can find a great dose of inspiration on French tip short nails.

Lavender French Manicure

If you want to add slightly more color to your French manicure nails while keeping them looking natural, switch your pink French tip nails base to lavender. It’s soothing and very pretty.


Short French Nails

Short French tip nails with design are a classic that is always in style. They suit any ambiance and match every outfit, so you can never go wrong with them.

Gold French Nails

A gold manicure can look gaudy, but not when it is on short French tip nails. For a better outcome, it is more advisable to make sure the line at the tip of the nail is as thin as possible.

Double Short French Tip Nails

When considering French types of nail tips, you can also give double French tips nails a trial, provided your nail beds allow for such a fancy nail style, of course.


Bright Short French Tip Nails

Brightly colored French tips look best on a short manicure. In this way, they come out catchy and can be easily appreciated by people who see them.

French Nail Designs with Glitter

Want to add a sparkle to your French manicure? Sparkle glitter reverse French manicure will let your nails have a particular kind of glow to them, especially when walking under the sunlight.

Peach French Manicure Ideas

Peach on colored French tip nails has its own special appeal. It is sweet, girlie and universally flattering regardless of who rocks it.


Thin French Tip Nail Designs

Thin and dainty are the best definition of something classy. But who said that you can’t transform a classic into a modern one? With the right tools and ideas, there is nothing stopping you from having colorful French mani. What’s even better is if they are thin French tip nails.

Thin Black French Tip Nails

Want to add a punk vibe to your nail style without overdoing it? Opt for a plain thin black or coffin black French tip manicure.

Short French Tip Nails with Animal Print

The confidence you gain when slaying an animal printed bag or cloth is the same way you feel when rocking it on your nails French tip. Animal print is the trend that you either love or hate, as it rarely leaves you feeling indifferent. To pull it off on your manicure, consider short French tips with an animal pattern.


Chrome French Nails

Chrome nails have been in fashion for several years now and it wasn’t all for nothing. Yet, to take them to another level, you can get chrome French nails or even French tip toes.

Black French Manicure

A black nails style is still very popular amongst women. It comes out especially well on medium tapered square French tip nails and even shorter.

Arty French Nails Ideas

When you think of pretty nail designs, the involvement of unique nail art is a must. Just look at this classic. The sheer beauty comes in simplicity!


Savannah French Tip Coffin Nails

Apart from a unique nail shape, French tip coffin nails also offer quite a lot of room for creativity. So, why not draw inspiration from nature and adorn your manicure with a savannah design?

Fashion Brand French Tips Nails

Whenever you lack French tip nail ideas, use fashion houses and brands as your source of inspiration. With that in mind, the Balenciaga print is a fabulous option for cute French tip nails. However, if you have a favorite brand in mind, then you can also explore and give it a try.

Pink French Tip Nails

Even though a hot pink nails color is traditionally applied to nail beds, you can use an unconventional approach to your manicure and get pink French tip nails instead.


Rainbow French Tip Nail Designs

For the summer, choose something carefree and cheerful. Rainbow French manicures are a perfect alternative for hot summer days and breezy nights.

French Manicure with Autumn Colors

Brown French tip almond nails are made for cozy autumn outfits, long walks and coffee talks. Yet, you can always pick black French tip or blue French tip nails, depending on your mood and preferences.

French Tip Nails with Matte Polish

Matte nails designs are trending no matter what shape and size they come in. They are sleek and have their own special appeal just like the plum-colored matte French manicure below. It’s hard not to love such nails. Besides, the addition of rhinestones designs compliments the nails and makes them look super elegant.


Matte French Nails

Give your almond French tip nails a royal feel with the help of a matte top coat. Its velvety finish not only looks pleasing to the eye but also has a nice touch to it.

Cute French Manicure

Those who are leaning toward a romantic and feminine nail design may like red, pink, mint or even yellow french tip nails color with cute nail art.

Military Matte French Nail Designs

If you have a special liking for the military, what’s a better way to express yourself than implementing such in your nail designs? This style of manicure is always on trend and you can paint the tip of your nails khaki, olive or any other military nail shade and add a matte finish to it.


Simple Orange French Tip Nails

Orange French tip nails is simplicity at its finest. However, this does not make this manicure style any less vibrant or attractive.

Matte Pink French Nails

A matte top coat can completely transform any nail style and a pink French tip manicure is no exception.

Colored French Manicure

With the hot and sunny weather here, all the ladies desire to look as bright as the summer itself. And in our opinion, there is nothing better for this purpose than opting for rainbow French tip nails. You get to enjoy the summer and draw attention to you while doing that.


Rainbow French Tip

Different color french tip nails are all the rage these days. To join the trend, a rainbow French manicure is your sure bet. They make your nails look lively and attractive.

Pastel French Tips

Pastel nail colors look flawless on absolutely anyone. To make your manicure more sophisticated and tasteful, consider giving pastel French tips a trial.

French Tip Nails in Summer Shades

Summer is all about vivid color and positive vibes. Allow your nails to spread the summer mood with a summer French pedicure or manicure. Also, pick colors that reflect you best and compliments the season well.


Abstract French Manicure

When you do not know what nail print to choose, resort to an abstract nail design. Give your manicure an unusual twist by getting abstract designs done on your long or French tip nails short.

V French Stiletto or Coffin Nails

Looking for something bold and daring? We may have an idea. A V-shaped French manicure is something quite fresh in the world of fashion, especially when you use black nail polish instead of white. The tips are thicker compared to the usual French tip nails so choosing a nice color would play a vital role in the result.

Black Coffin French Tip Nails

For French coffin nails, there are no limits in terms of color and style. As such, a black V french tip coffin nails is always a good idea to keep things dreamy and not flashy.


V French Tip Nails

When you are not up to anything overly elaborate with your French tip nails, you can simply upgrade the style of the tip from a curved band to a V shape.

V French Tip Acrylic Nails

French acrylic nails work as a wonderful canvas for your most creative ideas. But if you would like to keep it minimalistic, a V French tip manicure is a failsafe option

French Manicure with Pearls or Rhinestones

French tip nails allow for various adornments. Pearls have been often used to accentuate French manicures and that makes them even more eye-catching. So, if you decide to give them a go, you are guaranteed to rake in compliments left, right and center. No need to browse the Internet for ideas though. Below, we have put together the best French nail styles with pearls for your inspiration.


French Tips with Pearls

A French manicure with pearls comes in all colors and shapes, from short nude French tip nails to long red french tip nails and anything in between.

Holographic French Nails with Pearls

Pearls can be well attributed to elegance and having it added to your holographic round Fench tip nails might just be a great call. It might look simple but people won’t be able to deny how beautiful it looks especially if you were going for something more feminine.

From all that’s been said above, there’s a long list of ways and styles to rock your French tip nails; all you have to do is choose. Put much thought and consideration into your personal preference and the result you wish to see when choosing any design from above. You can also try to be unpredictable y going for a random design that would have never crossed your mind.


What are French Tip Nails?

Have you been wondering what French tip nails are? Well, this is when the tip of the nail is painted in a color different from the body of that nail. They could have different designs and colors but if the tip is painted a different color from the rest of the nail, they are French tip gel nails.

What are the Nail Trends for French Tips 2023?

There are a lot of nail ideas so it’s impossible to give a specific answer. However, all the designs mentioned above are quite trendy and in vogue.

Are French Tip Nails in Vogue 2023?

This type of nail is very much trending to date as more ideas and innovations are still being brought to light.

Are French Tips Gel or Acrylic?

Depending on what type of nail you want to opt for there are both gel and acrylic French tip nails. So the choice comes down to you.


  • A French tip is one that fits on the nail and is used to create a French manicure.
  • French manicures are making a big comeback.