21 Captivating Designs for French Tip Nails

French tip nails are a great way to show off your gorgeous nails. From funky and fun looks to classic French manis, there are hundreds of options to choose from!

If you are looking for a traditional French manicure or a more modern look with gemstones and all that glam, you’ll love the 21 designs we chose just for our readers!

From classy to sexy to cute nails, we have it all!

Check out our gallery of gorgeous French mani to follow!

Flamingo Tips

The bright flamingo pink tips on a white base with black feathery designs and a white gemstone is totally a hip and fun look for summer.

Source: Devon S. via Yelp

Polka Dot Explosion

This modern take on the classic white French tip nails with tiny white, grey and black polka dots is funky yet still chic!

Source: Kobe_and_nail via Instagram

Coral Waves

Coral is such a pretty summer shade. This bright manicure with coral base and white swirls at the tips is stylish and cute for those hot summer days!

Source: Lieve91 via Instagram

White and Nude Scalloped Nails

We think this white scalloped French tipped manicure is simply elegant and perfect for a summer wedding or other formal event.

Source: Newlypolished via Instagram

Hello Kitty Nails

Hello Kitty lovers will love this cute French tip manicure with a layered base and white Hello Kitty cats on tips.

Source: Yokonailart via Instagram

Red and Black Lace Tips

We think this deep shade of red is a bit seductive on its own. But if you add some lacy black tips, it makes this manicure even more stylish and sensual.

Source: Artstylish via Instagram

Strawberry Fields Forever

This delicate manicure with pink tips is elegant. But we really think the pretty floral designs and tiny strawberries at the tips make it a fun look for summertime!

Source: Eriiitejoegmilegyenanevem via Instagram

Daisy Dukes

Daisies are so pretty! But they look especially stunning on this deep green tipped French manicure for a totally demure and girly vibe.

Source: Craftynail

Down To Earth

If you love earth tones for a cleaner look, try this classic take on the traditional mani with a nude base and brown and gold tips.

Source: Artstylish via Instagram


If you love sunflowers as much as we do, you’ll love this simple pale peach tipped mani with a bright yellow sunflower on the ring finger for a burst of sunshine!

Source: Preciousphan via Pinterest

Black and Silver Sparkle

If you want a snazzy look for a fun night out on the town, try this shiny black matte base with silver tips. It’s so beautiful!

Source: Nailpolishwars

Gold and Blue

This mani screams royalty with the deep blue base and the gold tips.

Source: Glamour_chic_beauty via Instagram

Quilted Mani

This petty quilted pattern with tiny gemstones and thin white stripes is the epitome of elegance and class!

Source: Botanicnails via Instagram

Black Fishnets

This look is so sexy with its nude base, black tips and fishnet pattern.

Source: Hvostushka via Instagram

Roses and Vines

The vine pattern in this French mani is stunning, but we love the blooming red roses for a look of pure romance!

Source: Kimiko7878 via Instagram

Checkmate French Tip Nails

This red and black checker board pattern at the tips on a nude base is totally trendy and just a bit goth, if you prefer a more edgy look and feel!

Source: Seizethenail

French Fade

This ombre fade from beige to white is classy and easy to achieve with two colors and a sponge. And the best part about ombre is that it doesn’t’ have to be perfect!

Source: Glamour_chic_beauty via Instagram

Candy Stripes

These red and white striped tips are totally retro and can also double as Valentine’s Day nails or even Christmas nails!

Source: Copycatclaws via Instagram

Swirls of Gold

This mani might take some time to pull off with its intricate swirls of gold and black tips on a clear base but is worth the effort as it is absolutely stunning!

Source: Copycatclaws via Instagram


Airbrushed nail art is still popular. And this simple airbrush design on an upgraded French mani is classy and timeless. We love the delicate pink and white airbrush designs as accents on 2 fingernails.

Source: Artstylish via Instagram

Pop of Purple

We really dig this dark purple glitter base with shiny black tips for a brilliant burst of purple, if you are feeling dark and daring.

Source: Chloesnails

Don’t you just want to try all of our French tip nails designs? We thought so! Remember to pin the ones you like best for later! Try them all and impress your friends!

Main photo by Hvostushka