The beauty industry is rapidly changing these days, and it may be difficult to deal with all the trends on your own. That is why you have us on your side, and today we are going to talk about fake nails, and we are going to try to answer the question of what is the purpose of fake nails in general. The thing is that with the fast-changing manicure trends, it may be not that easy to differentiate between fake and natural nails. For example, not everyone knows that gel and acrylic nails are actually considered to be fake, and not always, you are aware of all the downsides when trying this nail application method. That is why we will have a closer look at everything that comes with artificial nails so that you will never be caught by surprise when it comes to unnatural nails application. One last thing, fake nails are not called that way just because they are bound to come off on their own; your natural nails extensions count as well. We will dwell on the issue later on.


Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are on the edge of popularity for a while now. The thing is that this nails application method is relatively easy and what is most important – it is durable. That is why if you are looking for something to strengthen your natural nails and to look gorgeous – acrylic nails are what you needed. However, there is always an issue connected with the question

Do acrylic nails ruin your nails? To be 100% honest with you, we must say that there is a list of dangers that may be waiting for you. The fact is that before acrylic nails are applied, your natural nails are filed off, and that brings to nail thinning and the issues related to the condition. Also, you need to be aware of the fact that acrylic nails are created as well as taken off with the help of some harsh chemicals, which may lead to allergic reactions as well. These are the main dangers, and if you choose to endure them, then this is how the process of the application looks like.
The truth is that all you need for the creation of an acrylic masterpiece are two substances – polymer and monomer, when combined together they harden up as exposed to air, and your perfect artificial nails are created. All you need to do next is to adorn the nails with intricate nail art designs. You can pull this method off on your own in the safety of your own home. However, it takes some skills and effort to succeed. That is why you are if you are uncertain about the outcome, you should better hit the salon and get it done flawlessly for you.

Best Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails


Gel Nails

Gel nails are another most requested type of artificial nails these days. But unlike with acrylic ones, you do not need to mix anything. All you need just special gel nail polish and UV lamp. The thing is that gel nails won’t dry out on their own, the formula needs to be hardened up with the help of UV lamp. Another downside of getting gel nails is that you can be allergic to some of the material, that is why it is important that you get your nails done by the trusted professional or you get your belongingі from a trusting company. As for the question

Do gel nails ruin your nails? – it is hard to come up with the right answer. It is true that the exposure to UV light Is not good to you as well as the chemicals used in gel nail polish creation. However, if you do not expose your nails to the harmful light regularly and you hydrate your nails properly, there would be nothing to worry about. Many women who tried gel nails claim that the removal process is the most harmful phase of all. We beg to differ. As long as you do not pick and harm your nail plate, there is a slim chance that anything bad will happen. To put it simply, it is best if you do your nails at a trusted salon and remove them at the same place.

Gel Nails

All About Gel Nails

Gel Or Acrylic Nails?

Very often, the issues arise when it comes to the question of – Are gel or acrylic nails better? To tell you the truth until the job is done professionally, it does not matter much which type you opt specifically for. However, there is a number of differences that need to be mentioned, and we are going to list them right below.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having Fake Nails?

What are the benefits of having acrylic nails?

  • Protect natural nails from the damaging effects of enamels and other agents.
  • Aesthetically they are more beautiful than natural ones, and they can be given any shape and length, not to mention the possibilities of decoration.
  • They are very resistant and avoid the cracking of the nails, so they are perfect for women with weaker nails or tending to break.
  • Its maintenance is every 15-20 days (depends on the growth of your nail), and they are very durable.
  • You can rebuild bitten and broken nails and always look perfect.
  • What are the disadvantages of acrylic?

  • Acrylic nails scratch easily.
  • The procedure is expensive.
  • A poorly handled can cause infections, so it is important to have references and monitor that proper hygiene is kept in the center.
  • Remove them require a good technique not to damage the natural nails or cause injury. As always, it is important that a good professional does it.
  • Some of the chemicals used in the process have a bad smell and are not good for health. The place where the nails are made should be well ventilated.
  • Abusing its use can stop the growth of the nail.
  • Gel Or Acrylic Nails?

    What is the Best - Gel Or Acrylic Nails?

    Artificial Nails For Special Occasion

    False nails are not only acrylic or gel nails, but they also come in ready-made sets which you can easily apply on your own with the help of glue. They say that if you are just the beginner at fake nails application, you should better start with false nails placed on glue. Once you master the technique, you can proceed on to acrylic or gel nail application. The trick about fake nails placed on glue is that they are super easy to manage with not to mention that you do not need a lot of time to spend on the process and they come in great versatility so that you can choose those short fake nails designs that come to your liking. However, it is not advised to wear them on a regular basis, one night out is fine but not longer than that since it may lead to fungus breeding and spreading which can damage your natural nails.

    Artificial Nails For Special Occasion

    Artificial Nails For Season


    How Easy To Apply Artificial Nails?

    As it has been already mentioned it is very easy to apply fake nails on your own in the safety of your own house and we are going to prove it to your right now. Here is what you need to do:

    • Start off with washing your hand but make sure your hands are all dried out before you move on with the procedure.
    • Get rid of all the excess nail polish if any and wipe your nails with acetone-free nail polish remover.
    • Arrange the false nails in proper order.
    • Clip off your natural nails so that they do not interfere with fake ones.
    • Buff your natural nails so that there is a better grip between your nails and artificial ones.
    • Push your cuticles back a little.
    • Place some glue on both natural and false nail but make sure you do not take it over the edge, a tiny drop will be enough.
    • Press the fake nail onto your real one.
    • Hold it for at least 10 seconds so that there is no air underneath.
    • Take care of all the messes if any around your cuticles. That is it! A simple as that!
    How Easy To Apply Artificial Nails?

    How Easy To Apply Artificial Nails?

    How to Remove Fake Nails

    There are three main ways how you can remove fake nails at home, and we are going to discuss all of them right not.

    Soaking nails off:

    1. To begin with, you are going to need to clip the false nails off.
    2. Use a filer to file off the top coat.
    3. Place a little bit of petroleum gel to secure your cuticles. Bad your fingers into a bowl filled with acetone.
    4. Keep your fingers in the solution for about 20 minutes.
    5. Wash your hands.
    6. Buff off all the excess glue on your nails.

    Removing nails with dental floss:

    1. You are going to need someone to help you with this method since just a pair of hands is not enough.
    2. Pry a false nail off with the help of an orange stick.
    3. Place the dental floss right under the artificial nail.
    4. Start moving forwards until the false nail falls off.
    5. Use a buffer to get rid of all the excess glue on your nails.
    6. Use a moisturizer to secure the cuticle.


    1. Clip your false nails off as short as you can.
    2. File off the top coat.
    3. Place a cotton ball soaked in acetone over your nails and wrap them with aluminum foil.
    4. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
    5. Unwrap your fingers and get rid of remaining nails.
    6. Buff off the remaining glue or nail polish.
    7. Wash your hands.
    8. Apply some moisturizer.
    How to Remove Fake Nails

    How to Remove Fake Nails Guide

    Read more about fake nails in our articles how to remove gel nails and also how to remove acrylic nails to take care of your nails like a pro!


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