If you’re someone who loves experimenting with nail designs and staying on trend with the latest manicure styles, then you’re likely familiar with oval nails. The oval nail shape is timeless and has remained a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals and celebrities like Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid and even Becky G for years. Not only is the nail shape quite easy to replicate but it also compliments a lot of nail designs. Your nails are no doubt like jewelry for your fingers and should be treated with utmost care. So discover stunning oval nail ideas to maintain your chic look.


Nail technicians advise you for a shape that meets the above requirements, look no further than oval nails. It’s a classic shape, but one that never goes out of style, despite newer cool-girl shapes joining the conversation: see almond (long and softly pointed, like the tip of an almond) or ballerina (similar to almond but squared off at the tip). Our professional NailDesignsJournal team believes that the beauty of oval nails is that they’re pretty natural-looking, so they have an effortless feel about them. At the same time, they’re neatly uniform enough to look elegant and glamorous. And they look just as good both long and short. So, if you can’t commit to XXL nails that make buttoning your jeans up a mission, they’re a pretty practical choice. How would you file your nails into an oval shape? Nail experts recommend softening the edges, making sure that the tip of your nail is slightly longer than the sides so it doesn’t look too squared off. Taking your file, use a rounded motion aiming diagonally up one side and diagonally down the other. You can make the oval more or less pronounced depending on how vigorously you file. Don’t make it too sharp though, as you’re edging into ‘almond’ territory.

Bright Floral

Bright Floral Oval Nails

Lily Allen’s floral manicure on her stiletto-shaped nails might just be your cue to create such one over your oval natural nails. When it comes to summer or spring nail designs, flowers are your go-to designs for your summer break look! Rather than limiting yourself to a particular flower design, draw a variety such that your manicure is an epitome of colorful flowers. Nail expert and founder of nontoxic nail company Sundays Amy Ling explains that when you file for an oval shape, you will be thinning out the sides a bit, but you need to do it with caution. She advises, “File your nail at a diagonal in an egg-like shape, really going in on the sides,”. This doesn’t mean hasty or aggressive filing, though. “Make sure that you’re filing toward one direction, instead of using the back-and-forth motion,” Ling says. This will help preserve the strength of your nail.

If your nails are fragile, Gerstein explains, you may want to consider filing from underneath the nail, rather than on the edges, to achieve this shape. This will help preserve the strength and avoid unnecessary breakage.

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Green Aura Nails

Green Aura Oval Nails

Green is a color associated with nature, renewal and balance. For your summer style, a green aura design using any green shade of your liking from Essie or OPI paired together with Sally Hansen’s nude polish would suffice, You can opt for a monochromatic look with different shades of green, creating a gradient effect. Alternatively, you can add intricate details like delicate leaf patterns, floral accents, or even glitter to infuse some glamour into your design. The best advice from our team on how to care for your oval nails is to keep a file with you. If your nails are fragile, you may consider having a nail file at hand throughout the day. Toss a file in your purse or keep it in your car to ensure you’re not without one next time you get a snag or tear. This way, you can gently file the snares away rather than manually tearing them off. Don’t pick or bite your nails. Picking at your nails will hurt them in the long run, especially when it becomes a habit.

90s Style

90s Style Oval Nails

Oval nails short or long can be adjusted to work well with any design. However, for a change, how about drawing your nail design inspiration from the 90s? If you’re looking for lots of engagement on your nails, this design offers it. Also, if you want to make use of a lot of colors for that desired pop, you can also have it your way! With the right manicurist and polish, this awesome design is all yours.


Pearly Oval Nails

Pearly Oval Nails

When it comes to designs that take you back to the realm of the ocean and its underwater sceneries, it’s hard to skip pearl nails. For simple oval acrylic nail designs, this is a great choice as all you need is the right nail polish of your choice. As simple as it is, celebrities like Rihanna and Selena Gomez have equally slayed the pearly white nail trend. OPI has a variety of pearl nail colors so you have to search for the one that best matches your skin tone. Daniel Rhone claims that the general rule of thumb is that skin with cool undertones looks best with grays, browns, blues, greens, and purples. Skin with warm undertones looks best with either bright or light colors. And skin with neutral undertones looks great with bold and bright colors. The vein method is the tried-and-true approach most people take to discover their skin tone. Blueish veins indicate cool undertones, whereas green veins mean warm undertones. Neither or both means you likely have neutral skin.

Color Block

Color Block Oval Nail Designs

If you’re looking for more modern oval shaped nails designs, then use contrasting colors to create distinct blocks of color on your nails. Select contrasting colors for your color block nail design, picking one as the base color. Use a nail stripe or free hand to create sections on your nails before painting them with contrasting colors. Make sure to let each color dry before moving on to the next to prevent smudging.


Barbie Oval Nails

Barbie Oval Nails

Regardless of what nail shape you have on, the Barbie fever keeps spreading like wildfire in the fashion industry. Other than slaying pink clothes, you can also join the trend through your pink oval nails. You can ask your nail expert to combine various shades of pink in a gradient effect on your long oval nails.

Pastel French

Pastel French Oval Nail Art

French oval nails are no doubt a lovely combo. But what’s more lovely is to have your oval French tip nails covered in pastel colors rather than the usual white color. This is a unique design that no doubt has its appeal and would work well with the summer or spring season. It’s almost like getting nude oval nails but instead, the tips add the necessary pop of color for a satisfying result. Another important piece of advice from us and nail technicians would be to stop picking or biting your cuticles. In order to avoid picking, you can use an anti-bite polish and have cuticle oil at the ready. When your cuticles begin to feel dry and peely, thus creating the urge to pick, layer on your favorite oil to nourish the dry area. Keeping this up and adding a hand cream to your daily routine will help prevent future drying as well.

Gradient Oval Art

Gradient Oval Nail Ideas

Who says you can’t have it all when it comes to deciding your oval nail designs? While celebrity stars like Danielle Bregol and Malu Travejo enjoy nude to glitters ombre design, there’s a more better option. This vertical gradient nail art introduces all your favorite colors from your thumbnails to your pinky finger. Keep in mind the go-to tip from our NDJ team – never share your tools! To keep pigment from contaminating your polish, be sure to designate an oval gel brush specifically for pigments. Use colors with similar undertones and apply them in thin layers. Avoid using colors on opposite sides of the color wheel in a gradient, as the finished result will be muddled. Mix and Match pastel colors from any of your favourite nail polish brands for this result.


Royal Blue Butterfly

Royal Blue Butterfly Oval Nails

Blue still tops the chart on trendy colors each year. So create a blue-themed nail design on your oval acrylic nails. For a start, these little butterfly designs are not only minimalistic but also cute in their own way. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving dinner you’re attending or a family hangout, this design befits either occasion.

Red French

Red Oval French

Although the pastel French tips are quite a sight to behold, another design worth giving consideration to is this lovely red French tip oval nails! As it is well known that red represents passion and confidence, stylishly incorporate it into your manicure using this design. If you especially can’t decide on a design for the Christmas festive season, you’re in for luck with this design! For a glossy and fierce shine, consider Dior Vernis and ChinaGlaze’s neon red polish.

Cute Flowers Art

Cute Flowers Oval Nail Art

And the nail design options for summer and spring continue with this cute flower-inspired nail art. On your short oval nails, you can simply paint the base of all your nails with a light nude pink from GAOY or Sally Hansen. After which you can pick up your tiny brush to draw two to three flowers at the tip of each nail. Quite easy and refreshing! Fortunately, nail pros insist that flower nail designs don’t have to be over the top to make a stylish impact. “We’re seeing an increase in floral mani popularity, especially minimal floral patterns,” Juli Russell, DIY nail expert, says. Before starting your floral mani, Russell suggests grabbing a pack of dotting tools to help you create the designs. “They come with an assortment of sizes, so you can create a smaller floral print with the small sizes or flip the tool and use the larger end,” she adds.


Milky White Oval Nail Designs

If you consider this nail shape to be boring and out-of-fashion, just have a look at these milky white nail art ideas. They are a timeless manicure option that suits any ambiance and creates a “your nails but better” effect. The most hustle-free milky white nail polishes can be found in OPI, Essie, and Zoya. Stamping will help you to elevate these manicures. While the design is always a good idea, we are also worried about your nails and cuticle care. We remind you to apply cuticle oil to your nails to moisturize them. You can also use a base coat if you plan on creating a new nail art design.

Milky White Floral Nails

Matte Milky White Oval Nail Designs

Milky White Oval Nail Designs with Pearls

Milky White Oval Nail Designs

French Tip Nails for Oval Shape

French manicure looks fantastic on your oval nails. Try these cute variants of oval French tip nails, and you won’t regret.

Light Colorful French Manicure

French Tip Nails for Oval Shape

French Tip Oval Nails

Natural French Tip Nails for Oval Shape

Blue French Tip Nails for Oval Shape

Oval Nail Designs With Animal Print

Animal Print accents on your nails will make your look even more pretty than usually. All those wild looks so gorgeous on oval nails! They make your manicure even more fantastic than it is.

Matte Oval Nails with Animal Print

Bright Yellow and Blue Oval Nails

Oval Nail Designs With Animal Print French

Oval Nail Designs With Animal Print

Fall Oval Acrylic Nails

Animal Print Oval Nail Designs


Glitter Oval Shaped Nails

Almond shaped nails can fit anybody and look awesome on all hands. This shape is also perfect even for those who have weak nails. What is more, there are so many things to pull off with the shape. How do you feel about a little bit glitter added, for example gold glitter nails? We are sure any of these designs will fit on any occasion perfectly!

Light Blue Glitter Oval Nails

Glitter Oval Shaped Nails

Gold Glitter Oval Shaped Nails

Glitter Ombre Oval Shaped Nails

Glitter Short Oval Nails

Marble Nails for Oval Shape

To emphasize the beauty of your oval nails shape you surely need a trendy design to pull off. Marble designs are on the edge of glory these days that is why decoration your short oval nails with such a stylish pattern is a great idea. What is more, we have a few suggestions to share. Enjoy!

Gold and Black Marble Nails Design

Marble Oval Nails

Brown Marble Oval Nails

Pinky Marble Oval Nails

Abstract Nails Designs for Oval Shape

If you paint your nails any pastel shades, these colors will make you look girlish and glamorous. Such long nails are best with plain, traditional polishes, however when solid manicure is a little too boring – the accents come in.

Abstract Rainbow Oval Nails

Abstract Nails Designs for Oval Shape

Abstract Oval Nails Designs

Colorful Oval Nails Designs

Matte Abstract Nails Designs for Oval Shape


Geometric Nail Art

Oval nails are in fashion now. No wonder that many women sport this nail shape. Check out the most amazing nail designs and try them.

White Geometric Oval Nails

Matte Geometric Oval Nails

Geometric Oval Nails

Blue and Yellow Nails with Oval Shape

Short Geometric Oval Nails

Oval Shaped Nails With Flowers

The beauty of flowers in its ability to fit in all the designs. It does not matter whether it is a bright floral nails or a nude nails with dry flowers. All looks perfect in its simplicity.

Nude Floral Nails Design

Blue Flowers Oval Nails Design

Oval Shaped Nails With Flowers

Oval Shaped Nails With Orange Flowers

Oval Shaped Nails With Dry Flowers

Green Oval Nails With Flowers

Sparkling Oval Nail Art

Negative space patterns are still trendy, and there is no wonder why. It seems that there is almost nothing that you wouldn’t be able to suit it with.

Black Sparkling Manicure

Natural Sparkling Oval Nails

Sparkling Oval Nail Art

Sparkling Oval Nails

There are countless nail designs that beautifully compliment oval nails. For those who love to go all out when it comes to their manicure, there are nail designs to suit such preferences. And for others who prefer subtle and minimalist designs, simple alternatives are also available. Most women opt for this nail shape not only because it allows the fingers to appear slimmer but also because of its elegance and classy nature. So screen through our list of design ideas and make a choice!