Oval nails are in vogue now. Lots of people consider this nail shape to be classic. This style is actually timeless and it will always be popular. This nail shape has many benefits. It is very practical and it is not easily broken. If your nails are rather weak, these nail shapes are ideal for you. Such nails always look great and charming. That’s why so many women choose it.


Milky White Oval Nail Designs

If you consider this nail shape to be boring and out-of-fashion, just have a look at these milky white nail art ideas. Stamping will help you to do these manicures.


French Tip Nails for Oval Shape

French manicure looks fantastic on your oval nails. Try these cute variants of oval French tip nails, and you won’t regret.

Oval Nail Designs With Animal Print

Animal Print accents on your nails will make your look even more pretty than usually. All those wild looks so gorgeous on oval nails! They make your manicure even more fantastic than it is.


Glitter Oval Shaped Nails

Almond shaped nails can fit anybody and look awesome on all hands. This shape is also perfect even for those who have weak nails. What is more, there are so many things to pull off with the shape. How do you feel about a little bit glitter added, for example gold glitter nails? We are sure any of these designs will fit on any occasion perfectly!

Marble Nails for Oval Shape

To emphasize the beauty of your oval nails shape you surely need a trendy design to pull off. Marble designs are on the edge of glory these days that is why decoration your short oval nails with such a stylish pattern is a great idea. What is more, we have a few suggestions to share. Enjoy!


Abstract Nails Designs for Oval Shape

If you paint your nails any pastel shades, these colors will make you look girlish and glamorous. Such long nails are best with plain, traditional polishes, however when solid manicure is a little too boring – the accents come in.

Geometric Nail Art

Oval nails are in fashion now. No wonder that many women sport this nail shape. Check out the most amazing nail designs and try them.

Oval Shaped Nails With Flowers

The beauty of flowers in its ability to fit in all the designs. It does not matter whether it is a bright floral nails or a nude nails with dry flowers. All looks perfect in its simplicity.


Sparkling Oval Nail Art

Negative space patterns are still trendy, and there is no wonder why. It seems that there is almost nothing that you wouldn’t be able to suit it with.