Cute nail designs are a real savior when you cannot decide what manicure style to get. They are always appropriate no matter the ambiance, season or ongoing trends. When you make your nail designs cute, you end up with a timeless classic mani. So, no wonder most people have a soft spot for it. But something tells us that you would not want to replicate the design that everyone has been tired of. Not to let that happen, we have collected some of the most charming yet exclusive cute nail designs in the following guide.


French Tip Nail Designs

You should not underestimate the cuteness of a French manicure. These pretty white smiles that you add to the tips of your nails instantly give off a positive vibe. For cute French tip nail designs, there is no need to stick to the classic version. Give your mani an intricate twist by mixing different colors, finishes or types of nail polish in one style. If you decide to embellish your cute and easy nail designs with accents, no one can stop you.


Mismatched Hands Nail Designs

Mismatched hands are one of the hottest manicure trends of the season. It had been in for a while before peaking in popularity. And now it does not seem to go away anytime soon. While looking very impactful and daring, it is extremely easy to get. You just need to paint your hands in two different colors or ways. Ideally, you should choose complementary colors, like red and green or blue and yellow. But any nail polish shades will work just fine. You can also try to play around with various cute acrylic nail designs and patterns.

Cute Flowers Nail Designs

Floral prints make up incredibly cute summer nail designs. But if you want to sport flowers on your mani all year round, you are very welcome to do so! It is always a good idea to complement your nails with daisies, roses, poppies or any other flower of your choice. And there is no need to go for all over print. A subtle accent on one or a couple of fingers offers simple but cute flower nail designs.


Smiley-Face Nails Designs

If you want to show off your optimistic outlook on life, cute and simple nail designs adorned with a smiley face are your way to go. They give off such a positive air that your mani makes everyone smile back when they look at it. Plus, to create it, you can simply draw two dots and a curved line to complete the nail style. That is why it is one of the best korean nails ideas for kids. It cheers you up and does not require any special drawing skills.

Full Hands Ombre Nails

The ombre nails technique still does not lose its popularity. However, not everyone can create a soft seamless transition from one color to another. But a full hand ombre is the whole other story. You just need to find various shades of a certain nail polish color and paint each nail separately. Optionally, accentuate one finger with a contrasting color or use cute white nail designs. This simple step will make your manicure more glamorous and alluring.


Bright Stripes Cute Nail Designs

To add a pop of color to your luxury nails designs, there are multiple options. You can accentuate a nail or two for a bolder mani style or embellish your nails with vivid stripes. They are still quite bold and edgy but not too much. So, your manicure turns out pretty universal. Also, stripes are a perfect solution for short acrylic nails, as they do not need much space to look mesmerizing. And for perfectly cute Christmas nails designs, you can pull off a candy cane manicure with white stripes over red nail polish.

Animal Print Nail Designs

Being one of the most debatable manicure trends, animal print is made for cute simple nail designs. It comes in many patterns, styles and colors. Cheetah, giraffe, zebra and tiger are one of the most popular animalistic prints. You can use them solo or combine them with each other. In addition, feel free to choose any color for all the spots and stripes, it does not have to look natural. Yet, in case you decide to go for a classic version, it will also come out stunning

Negative Space Hearts Nail Designs

A negative space nails is incredibly stylish and trendy. But you can take it to another level with cute easy nail designs. To do this, decorate your mani with tiny hearts that would enhance the negative space design or create it themselves. You can wear these cute nail designs short, long or medium length. They look amazing regardless of the length and shape of your nails. As such, do not hesitate to get them on almond, coffin, square, oval or any other nail shape.


Glittery Manicure Designs

If you are looking for cute winter nail designs, a glitter manicure is your sure bet. It will help you to create a holiday mood during Christmas and generally looks fun and pretty. And did you know that it is unbelievably versatile? Sparkly flakes can range in shape, size, color and even finish. Try to incorporate them in other gel or acrylic cute nails designs to end up with a unique and eye catching mani style.

With these cute nail designs, your manicure is sure to look charming and adorable. As you can tell, the range of options is pretty extensive. So, everyone will be able to find an idea to match their taste and preferences.