Nail Colors Guide

Top Color Nails Trends in 2024

Colorful nails are a huge trend in the beauty world right now. All women love it. Many designers demonstrated this trend in their fashion shows.

35 Hot Pink Nails and Trendiest Ways to Wear Them

Hot pink nails are great for people who dream of becoming the center of attention.

25 The Best Red Acrylic Nails Designs

Red acrylic nails will attract much attention to your manicure and hands.

25 Gradient Nails Art Ideas You’ll Wish To Try

Gradient nails are one of the most popular manicure trends and they’re definitely here to stay.

35 Ombre Nails Arts that are Awesome in 2024

For women, ombre nails are one of the ways to complement their fashion.


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Best Nude Nails Designs Ideas

46 Terrific Nude Nails Designs Ideas 2024

There are various ways to slay a nude nails designs without them coming off as boring. Going through this article, you will get acquainted with different ideas on how to spice up your nude nails and look as confident as ever, having the best manicure.

Brown Nails for the Deepest Emotions Ladies

37 Brown Nails for the Deepest Emotions Ladies

The plethora of brown nails ideas is growing by the day. Yet, some people let the trend go unnoticed. It is time we turn the tables and give you a fresh opinion on what brown shades in manicure can offer!

American Manicure A Modern Twist On Classic French Nails

American Manicure: A Modern Twist On Classic French Nails

If you were looking for an option how to give your French nails a modern upgrade, the American manicure is your surefire way to go. It is sophisticated and attractive, so we bet you will love it!

Sexy Pink Nail Designs

35 Sexy Pink Nail Designs for 2024

Pink nail designs and colors are your go-to option if you want your mani to look feminine and attractive. As the assortment is so sheer and versatile, you will easily find a nail style to your taste.

Best Golden Nails Art Ideas

25 Best Golden Nails Art Ideas for 2024

Golden nails are for those women who are not afraid of extra attention. Trends are extremely changeable, but such nails will always be in. They will always attract people. Gold polish on your nails always matches with almost everything. You shouldn’t worry how to match your nails to the season or to some clothes. There […]

Best Gel Nail Colors for Your Perfect Mani

Best Gel Nail Colors for Your Perfect Mani 2024

Gel nail colors vary. Gel nail polish has become very popular recently. The following gel nail designs are gorgeous and you will fall in love with them immediately. Gel nail polish is applied like regular polish, but it is cured under the UV lamp, which allows them to last longer. It even strengthens your nails. […]

Blush Nails New Korean Trend

Blush Nails – New Korean Trend 2024

Blush nails are the non-official sign of a sophisticated lady. You do not need to be bold and daring to make a statement sometimes. There are times when the sweeter the look is, the stronger the person is. If you are one of those but haven’t made up your mind on the next nail art, […]

Nude and Gold Nails Ideas

Nude and Gold Nails Ideas For 2024

Nude and gold nails are the perfect combination of classic and trendy. Besides, the variety of ways you can combine the two is limitless. And in case you do not believe us, we will try to prove it to you. What is more, we are more than sure that once you see our compilation, you […]

Nude Nails With Glitter to Try

Nude Nails With Glitter to Try in 2024

Nude nails with glitter are something universal. Despite all the trends that are changing in a blink of an eye, they manage to stay at the top. What is the reason for that you may wonder? Well, the answer is pretty simple: have you ever seen anything more neat and elegant than nude nail art? […]

Amazing Aqua Nails Designs You'll Want To Try Right Now

25 Amazing Aqua Nails Designs In 2024

Aqua nails are one of the trending ones; there is no doubt about that. But when people first hear this name they think that it has something to do with the ocean, and therefore it is difficult to pull off on your own. The truth is that aqua is the reference to corresponding shade not […]

Cool Nails Color Mix

30 Cool Nails Color Mix For 2024

Cool nails color combos – we are sure that is something you need to get inspired by right now. We know that trends are changing at the flying speed and sometimes what was trendy yesterday is definitely a no today. To save you from the embarrassment of wearing on your nails something out of date, […]

Best Rose Gold Nails Designs

Best Rose Gold Nails Designs in 2024

Rose gold nails are what you need to look stylish but elegant. The thing is that rose gold shades can make the neutral tones look fresher and cooler while some sparkles add that necessary charm without taking it too far. Besides, the best rose gold nail polish will take proper care of any situation and […]

Best Shades Of Lavender Color Nails For You

25 Lavender Color Nails Designs in 2024

Lavender color nails are going to be on the top of the most required shades when summer hits. The thing is that this nail color shade is so sweet and elegant that it is difficult to resist it even if you are not a fan of purple shades. What is more, this shade despite being […]

Unique Rainbow Nails To Try

25 Unique Rainbow Nails To Try in 2024

Rainbow nails are that one perfect way to add some brightness to your everyday look. These ideas are so special that you can’t simply skip them!

Ideas For Sage Green Nails That Will Take Your Breath Away

Trendy Sage Green Nails for 2024

Asked your nail technician for sage green nails but have no idea what mani to choose? No worries. Our guide will back you up, as it contains the dreamiest sage nail styles. So, do not hesitate to explore it thoroughly.