21 Gradient Nails Art Ideas You’ll Wish To Try This Season

What is so special about gradient nails that they are the new fall trend? The truth is that the variety the gradient comes in is that special thing. Mix the colors in any way you like, break the rules, use your creativity and imagination. And we will be here supplying you with the freshest ideas. Enjoy!



Black Ombre Nail Designs

Everyone knows how to do ombre nails these days. But what you still don’t know is that you can use dark colors for ombre manicure. How do you feel about the black and pale pink ombre with the sparkly polish on top?

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Glitter Ombre Nails: Shine Like a Star!

Glitter ombre nails look simply gorgeous and fresh. Combining a black glossy base with rose gold sparkles would be a rather unusual idea but just a look at it will make you crave for the replication.

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Sweet Pastel Gradient Nails

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Daring Gradient Nails in Blue Shades

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Polka Dot Ombre Design for Cute Girls

Simple polka dot designs are extremely cute but when the ombre polka dot steps in, no other design has any chance, cuteness overload. This polka dot transition on the pale pink base is the sweetest we have ever seen.

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Matte Nail Polish is Always Chic

When you are mixing two trends, you are bound to win. Violet is perfect when it comes to fall, but for it not to be so grim, make it fade into lilac. The mixture of shades is simply fabulous, but finish it off with a matte top coat and you can barely take the eyes off!

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How to Do Ombre Nails with Elegant Geometric Gradient

If a geometric pattern is your kind of thing, then this is what you need right now. Rhombuses of different shades of green, from the lighter to darker make a perfect gradient together. What do you think?

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