21 Gorgeous Galaxy Nails Designs


Galaxy nails look very stunning and eye-catching. They seem to be very difficult to do but that is not true. All you need is a base coat and sponge dipped in different acrylic paints. You just need to dab this sponge on your nails. Wish to have galaxy on your nails? Then try the following ideas!


Deep Black Space Nails

Sky nails look extremely fresh and terrific. Deep black space nails are easy to do. You do not need to spend your money in a nail salon. Just be creative and use our nail art ideas.

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Purple Galaxy Nails

Diamond nails look gorgeous, don’t you think so? Purple stars-and-swirls are collected here for your inspiration. Be creative and make your galaxy look even more realistic. Sequins will help you to achieve such look.

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Galaxy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Galaxy nail art designs look great even on short nails. Go glittery! Glitter polish will help you to achieve perfection.

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Galaxy Oval Nails Designs

You can wear galaxy manicure on various nail shapes. Here we give you great examples of galaxy oval nails designs. Pink universe will give you additional femininity.

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Blue Galaxy Nails

Blue galaxy manicure looks very sophisticated, futuristic, and fashionable. Add some mysterious white stars for getting star-like appearance. Use these charming ideas for your inspiration and you won’t regret.

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Best Galaxy Nails Ideas

Best cosmic nails ideas are gathered here for you. Aren’t they beautiful? We believe they are. With them, you will look like a fashionista or a rock star at any event. To achieve them, you should simply blend dark colors with one another atop a black coat and cover them with glitter nail polish.

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Cosmic Nail Designs

These cosmic nail designs will give you a sense of romance, we are sure. Pink and black galaxy is very feminine. Glittery nails will make you the star of a party, believe us! Be inspired and create!

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