21 Elegant and Trendy Designs For a Stunning French Manicure

Don’t you just love a French manicure? They have been around for decades, and they will never go out of favor! And the best part is that they work for any and every occasion.

Whether you are looking for fancy nails or creative nail designs, we have just the look for you! We have gathered some of the most sleek and stylish looks for French mani that range from elegant to sassy!

You can try any of these cute nail designs for French mani on your own or ask your nail stylist to duplicate them for you. Either way, you’ll be the envy of all your gal pals with your stylish and trendy French mani inspired nail art!

Check out 21 of our favorite French mani designs to follow!

Sparking Silver

Talk about classy! We love this silver matte base coat with thick metallic silver tips!

Source: Bulaevanails via Instagram

Black and White Tips

This elegant mani is perfect for formal occasions with this clear base and black and white stripes at the tips.

Source: TheNailBlog via Facebook

Eiffel Tower

If you love all things French, this pretty French mani with an accent on the ring finger will make you say oh-la-la!

Source: Olga Arhipova via VK

Sparkling Snowflakes

This pretty look is perfect for Wintertime! With a clear base and alternating white and midnight blue tips topped with, you’ll be ready to walk in a winter wonderland!

Source: Olga Arhipova via VK

Zebra Striped Tips

If you love animal print nail art, then you’ll love this classic white and black zebra print mani. With a soft nude base and thin black zebra stripes on white tips, you’ll be good to go!

Source: Adorned-Claw-Nail-Art via Facebook

Regal Purple and Gold Mani

This deep dark purple base with shiny gold tips is stunning if you want to feel like a queen ready to greet her court!

Source: Carmencaast via Instagram

Pretty in Pink

If you love pink, you’ll go nuts for this pretty pink French mani with a pale pink shiny base and thin pink sparkly tips.

Source: Nail_sunny via Instagram

Baby Blue French Manicure

If blue is more your color, why not try these soft baby blue tips with a nude base for a simple yet totally feminine look? Spice things up with a golden glittery reverse French on your accent finger.

Source: Svetlana___nails via Instagram

Puppy Paws

Dog lovers will love this cute take on the French mani with white tips with paw prints and a puppy face painted on one finger!

Source: Nailbees via Instagram

Kitty Claws

Crazy cat ladies unite: these white nails with black tips are stylish, but we really love the black paw prints on one finger!

Source: Everylittlepolish via Instagram

Shimmery Tips and Blue-Grey Nails

Blue-Grey is all the rage right now: from hair color to smokey makeup looks and even nail art. We think this matte blue-grey base with thin shimmery tips is ultra chic and trendy!

Source: Nail_sunny via Instagram

Blinged Out

If you really want to add some pizzazz to your nails, try this classic French mani with white tips and a nude base. But add on some sparkly white gemstones that will glisten like diamonds in the sunlight!

Source: Nailartist_vseyarusi via Instagram

Sassy Hearts

This adorable French mani is simple yet stunning with its clear base and thick white tips. However, the transparent hearts on two nails with a gem in the middle make it just a bit sexy and sultry!

Source: Yagala via Instagram

Golden Girls

If you love gold but don’t want to go for all out glitter, why not paint your base white and add some spray gold tips? Classy yet sassy!

Source: Amur_nails via Instagram

Dainty Bows

This elegant take on the classic bow French mani is gorgeous with its clear base and white tips. The delicate bows on the top of your accent nails give it the look of utter sophistication.

Source: Madahsantana via Instagram

Vampy Vixen

If you love classic red nails, you’ll be blown away with this ultra-sexy French mani with a transparent base, shiny red tips, and gems on the accent finger. Show ‘em you’re dressed to kill with these vampy nails!

Source: Apolishaddict via Instagram

So Beautiful Minimalistic Style

Pick your favorite shade of nude and just break it with a thin white stripe. This manicure is for the real ladies.

Source: Oksana_oblap via Instagram

Stylish Simple French Tips

This is a classy French manicure, which means that you can do it for any possible occasion. You’ll be stylish wherever you go.

Source: Alyssaleibner via Instagram

Romantic Ornaments for Any Season

White tips on a nude base are sweet on their own, but add some floral ornaments on your accent finger, and this design will become really romantic.

Source: Madahsantana via Instagram

Trendy Aero Brush Design

French mani has evolved so much that you can do it even in blacks. Dark-black tips look so dangerous on a glossy transparent-black base.

Source: Nail_sunny via Instagram

V-shaped Black Tips for Your Incredible Look

Pick a nude base you like, for instance, peach nude, and then add V-shaped black tips. This is an ultra-modern take on the French mani and we really love it!

Source: Bulaevanails via Instagram

Are you as stoked about these French manicure designs as we are? Try one of these elegant manis or try them all! Don’t forget to pin your favorites for later!

Main photo by TheNailBlog