It is incredible how much your hands can tell about you! The style, the preferences and fashion awareness, let alone personal neatness. However, with the ever-growing pool of nail art ideas, it becomes ever so difficult to track the designs that emerge on top of all trends. According to the recent news, abstract nail art is the absolute favorite of the masses. So, it’s time to get to know the trend better and discover some worthy ideas to replicate the next time you are headed to the salon!


What Are Abstract Nails?

Before we continue with amazing abstract nails that rock the season, you need to fully understand what the notion stands for. When compared to elegant French manicures or exquisite hand-painted art, this option is not much than a chaotic pop of color. Usually, there are many techniques and designs are intertwined with one another, but it’s hard to point out any sensible detail. Such an approach ensures that only true artists and people with unspoiled tastes for style and adventure opt for the ideas. Does it sound like you? Then, start browsing these fantastic ideas!


Light Pink Abstract Nail Art Designs

The beauty of abstract nail art designs lies in the fact that you don’t have to commit to a single design or color. Instead, you can add an accent nail or two to your regular mani and call it a day.

Stop doodling on the paper, grab your favorite nail polishes and work on a piece f art that will leave anyone who knows you in awe. All it takes is a couple of swirls to bring the mere pink mani to the top of all trends.

Milky-White Abstract Nail Art

Short nails look utterly mesmerizing, with a touch of abstract art added to the scene. To keep things on edge, you can dedicate only one hand to the experimental art and keep the other milky-white and super-stylish!


Blue Abstract Nails Designs

No matter what some may say, abstract nails designs are usually a piece of art each. The interaction between the textures and color is what plays a definitive role in the trend. For example, matte blue transforms completely with a touch of black.

A step at a time that is a correct approach to a new trend. Embracing an abstract art piece by piece is a shortcut to looking fab all the time. A word there, a hint of gold blob here and an innocent blue base make no unpleasant contrast.

Geometric Abstract Nails

While bordering with geometric designs, the mixture of vibrant hues and various shapes and figures create an impression of abstract art. A self-confident and strong woman can rock these tips with glory!


Lemon-Bright Abstract Mani

Whenever you feel like happiness and brightness are missing from your life, consider a lemon-bright abstract mani. The colorful swirls intensify an impression of an expensive masterpiece that your fingertips make!

Dark Abstract Nail Art Design

A professional abstract nail art design that showcases a flawless transition from pink to black, yellow, and more can be nothing but daring. Sporting such a design will emphasize your uniqueness better than anything else.

Abstract Nail Art with Flowers

It may be challenging to go back on what you are used to wearing. But, if flower themes are your cup of tea, this fashionable design will serve more than one goal.


Abstract Art for Short Nails

If you are getting ready for Thanksgiving a little early this year but don’t want anyone to make fun of you, this abstract nail art will help you keep the secret.

Juicy Abstract Nails

Many people claim that short nails make a poor canvas for creativity. However, one look at this juicy design, and you will change your opinion in an instant. There is nothing out of the ordinary about it, but the vibe is utterly exquisite.

Not all abstract nail designs are irrational. Some can look balanced yet unique and anything but daring at the same time. The intertwining of a French tip, inverted French and angled relatives of the French can make any elegant dame happy.

It is usually assumed that most abstract art doesn’t make sense. However, you can create a design with smileys and flowers added to the scene without making the look any less abstract. Rejoice!

Black Dots Abstract Nails Design

Abstract nails designs prove that you can play around with your favorite ideas without repeating the look. All it takes is a chance of a base coat and some experimentation with the layout.


Nude Abstract Nail Art

Those of you who are nude nail art fans can take their obsession a little further. With these abstract faces, your neutral mani will look twice as luxurious.

Heading to a salon may seem like a luxury to some of you. However, the rise of abstract nail art ensures that you can be your own creative designer and conquer the world with as much skill as you are willing to implement into the process.

Black And White Combo for Abstract Nails

What can be classier than the black and white combo? Yet, the universal interaction spiced up with abstract art deserves all the attention it gets!

Matte Abstract Nail Art

One of the main peculiarities about abstract nail art ideas is the fact that you can throw other trends into the mix. For example, animalistic prints are all the rage at the moment, and what can be a better way to appraise it than to implement it into your next mani!


Marble Abstract Nail Art

Marble nails have stolen lots of attention over the past season. However, it is time to move on since fresh ideas are rocking the fashion world. But, if you don’t want to get away far from your favorite theme, this trendy manicure will help you achieve the goal in no time!

Abstract Nails with Black And Pink Stripes

The white base seems to bring out the best in any manicure. The abstract black and pink stripes won’t be an exception. See for yourself!

Abstract nail art is on the edge of popularity at the moment. It doesn’t take long to master the trend. All it takes is a great range of stylish ideas to replicate at hand!