Pointy nails are a popular nail shape that have been in fashion for several years now. It suggests filing your nail so that the tip is sharp and pointy. As it looks similar to a stiletto heel, it can also be referred to as stiletto or claw nails. This manicure style allows for a wide range of adornments and designs. It also comes in plenty of colors and finishes. So, it will not take you much effort to create a one of a kind look. To provide you with a dose of inspiration, we have compiled this guide.


What Are The Pointy Nails Called?

Stiletto is another pointy nails name, which they got thanks to their resemblance to stiletto shoes. This is a long nail shape with a sharp pointy tip that offers a plethora of manicure styles.


Negative Space Pointed Nails

Negative space remains one of the most popular manicure designs and pointy nails Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are raving about are no exception. You can create this nail style in a number of different ways, playing around with various colors and designs. Start with something easy, like checkered print, and once you feel more comfortable with it, you are welcome to take it to a whole new level of boldness.

Black Pointy Stiletto Nails

Black pointy nails are not for faint hearted girls for sure. They take your already eye catching manicure to the center stage. Although this manicure has a rather gothic feel, to rock it, you do not need to belong to any subculture. Not ready to commit to all out pointy black nails yet? Do not hesitate to incorporate another color into it. Black and white pointy nails make up a wonderful combo.


Neon Pointy Stiletto Nails

If you have pointy, long and sharp nails, it does not mean that you cannot paint them a bright color. On the contrary, you should enhance them so that your mani is always in the spotlight. That is why neon pink pointy nails designs are one of the best options for girls who like to stand out in the crowd.

Matte Pointed Nails

There are some nail shapes that are considered to be far from being classy. We tell you what – pointy nails are not one of those, especially when they have a matte finish! Dark French matte stiletto nail designs with rhinestones are the perfect combo of class and edginess. In case French is not your cup of tea, try any other color – red, black or white stiletto nails look as stunning!


Cartoons Pointy Nails Design

Apart from being edgy pointy nail designs can be extremely sweet. In case you are one of the cartoons fans, you will surely appreciate these ideas. And to pull it off, there is no need to have some special drawing skills. You can get away by using nail stickers or stamping plates with your favorite characters.

Rhinestones for Pointy Manicure

If you want to make your pointed nails stand out even more, there is nothing better than some sparkle added. Even a simple nude sparkly nails polish adorned with an intricate rhinestone pattern will make people stare at your nails with admiration. Try it out, and you will love it!

Stunning Glitter Pointy Nail Designs

Pointy nails designs with glitter are all that you need for a festive mood. Yet, it is also possible to make them suit an everyday ambiance perfectly. You can easily combine sparkles with other shades, or just opt for a solid glitter ombre. No matter what you choose, you will definitely shine bright like a diamond!


French Tips For Pointed Nail Designs

Pointed nail designs pair well with classy nail art too. You can never go wrong with white classic pointy French tip nails. They look appropriate in every situation and match absolutely any outfit. And how do you feel about adding to your pointy nails sexy diagonal French red pointy nails? But, glossy black French manicure looks as charming and as unusual – the choice is yours!

Pointy Nails Designs for Everyday

The stiletto nail shape is the best shape for chubby fingers. The thing is that these long pointy nails make your fingers look longer and thinner. What is more, in order to take away attention from your fingers, you do not always need to opt for some unusual and intricate pattern. Sometimes, the less decoration the better. Just look at these ombre nails pointy ideas, minimalistic, but so elegant!

Trendy Chrome Stiletto Nails

Chrome pointy acrylic nails are having a huge moment these days. No longer chrome is just an edition, going full metallic is what you should do today. Yet, if you feel like it is a bit too much for you, feel free to use chrome polish as an accent. Pick your shade and get ready to conquer!


Wild Animal Style For Pointy Nails

Nowadays, you do not need to fear how to shape short nails – pointy nails come to the rescue! Yet, in case you are worried that you are going to look too bold or edgy, then you should definitely try out animal prints on short pointy nails. When combined with pointy nails designs, animal prints bring in that cute and charming vibe to dissolve the tone of edginess.

Marble Pointy Nail Art

The marble nail design looks majestic and noble. In addition, it is suitable for any style of clothing. Which of the options do you like most? Classic white and gray marble or maybe a luxurious and sophisticated pink one? What about marble black stiletto nails? They will not leave anyone indifferent for sure.

Ombre Pointed Nail Shapes

Gradient art doesn’t go out of fashion for several seasons, so ombre nails art is popular as never before. Among many variations of this design, we’ve chosen the best ones for you. As such, even if you decide to wear your pointy nails short, you can still get a stylish and trendy manicure with ombre nail art.

Pointy nails are anything but boring. And even if they can feel a little impractical on a daily basis at first, you will get used to this edgy nail shape over time and will not want to change it for anything else. Hopefully, you have found a pointed nail design idea that resonates with you most.