Mermaid nails are for creative people and those who have boundless imagination. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a mermaid? Now you will have such an opportunity. You can make some mermaid inspired nail art designs. Just use your creativity, and everything will be excellent! And our collection will give you some pretty hints.


Glitter Mermaid Nails Art Ideas

Nail art ideas with glitter polish will make your manicure extremely bright. Use these brilliant nail art ideas and don’t restrict your imagination!


Rhinestone Mermaid Nail Art Designs

Cool nail designs may vary from season to season and from one trend to another. With these nail designs, you will always be in the center of attention, believe me! Everybody will be mesmerized with these beautiful rhinestone mermaid nail art designs.

Pretty Nail Art with Seashells

Just have a look at this pretty nail art with seashells! It reminds me of sunny days at the seaside. If you try these lovely variants on your nails, you won’t regret.


Nice Mermaid Nails with Some Metallic

With this mermaid manicure, you will be completely ready for the coming summer and fun activities.

Lovely Ombre Mermaid Nails Ideas

With these lovely nail art ideas, you are sure to add stars to the beauty of your hands. Scales, fins, and tail of a mermaid will give you a great opportunity to experiment.


Little Mermaid Themes For Your Nail Designs

Mermaid nail art is on the top these days and there is no wonder why since all of us wish to find the shortest way to escape from reality at least for a while. There is nothing better for the purpose than a magical mermaid manicure, what do you think? Anything on the scale from black and white to pastel shades can be used, get inspired with these special ideas!

Cool Mermaid Stiletto Nails Design

If you have stiletto nails, these cool mermaid ideas are exactly for you! This nail shape looks so elegant and sophisticated with mermaid designs and gorgeous bright crystals.

Mermaid Nail Art For Almond Shaped Nails

There are countless ideas to pull off with almond nail shape, but in case you are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary then mermaid nails are what you are looking for! Pearly shades and fancy patterns are what you need to get away from the reality for at least a while!


Best Mermaid Square Nails Design

As well as on stiletto nails, mermaid design looks extremely beautiful on square nails. Aquamarine, turquoise, pearl white, and yellow are the most-commonly used colors for this nail design.