If you have secretly been loving nail art all this time, we have good news for you! Embellishing your manicure with a design is back in fashion. So, when you draw all those stripes, flowers, hearts and dots on your mani next time, you may not worry that it will look outdated. Yet, like any other returning trend, nails art did not come back as it was. It has been upgraded to suit modern times. To provide you with a dose of inspiration, we have put together some of the most fashionable nail arts below.


French Manicure Nail Art for Everyday

Can you just imagine that there was a time when French nail art were considered old school? We neither! It seems that a French manicure is timeless. Luckily, justice has been restored, and now it is one of the trendiest nail art ideas of the upcoming season. One of the best things about a French tip nails is that while being elegance at its finest, it is quite easy to do. Besides, there are plenty of different French nail techniques out there so that even a total beginner would be able to create this stylish nail look. Besides, you can try different colors rather than a classic white tip and nude base combo.


Vintage Half-Moon Ideas of Nail Art

Half moon nails, which are basically a reverse French manicure, draw attention thanks to their unusual shape. Surprisingly, this is also not a brand new nail trend. It dates back to the 1930s. But the original version of the mani featured transparent half moon shapes with the base being painted nude. Yet, to give a modern feel to this nail style, you can choose any colors you like. Moreover, you are welcome to play around with various finishes and formulas.

Sweet Ruffian Nail Art

Ruffian nails are one of those manicure trends that have made a lot of stir in the beauty world. Some consider it quite debatable, as you cannot tell for sure whether it looks flattering or tacky. One thing is obvious though – it cannot leave anyone indifferent. If you are in search of an impactful yet easy nail art idea, you cannot go wrong with a ruffian mani. This is actually a bolder take on a half moon manicure. But instead of half moon shapes, it incorporates a crescent shape.


Double French Tips Nail Art

There is no such thing as too much French tip nails. And in case traditional French tips do not seem like enough for you, double them! This can be achieved in a myriad of ways, but the easiest one is to apply a thin line along the very tip of your nail and then accentuate the smile line. Connect the edges and you will get your French manicure ideas perfectly outlined. You may now leave it as it is or keep on embellishing your stylish mani.

Trendy Framed Nails Art Ideas

Those who try to keep up with trends are sure to love this simple nail art. To pull it off, you need to frame your nail with a nail color of your choice and that is basically it. For a more elaborate manicure look, adorn the frame with a pattern or design. Instead of a nail polish, you can also use glitter, rhinestones or other embellishments to outline your nails. And really fashion forward ladies will mix different styles and techniques in one look.


Bright Matte Nail Art

When a matte nail polish was first introduced to the beauty world, it made everyone gasp in awe. Matte nails have an unprecedented appeal that you want not only to feast your eyes on them but also to feel their velvety finish to the touch. Besides, a matte top is an easy way to add interest to simple nail art designs. And if you want to combine nail colors or styles that do not seem to match each other at first glance, a matte finish will pull everything together so that your manicure looks coordinated.

Double Reflection Nails Art

There is no such thing as too many French tips. You can see for yourself in this creative double reflection mani. To get it, draw a half moon shape near the base of your nail following its natural curvature. As a result, you will get a combo that looks like it is reflected. You do not have to go for the same colors or patterns. They do not even have to be matching. Feel free to choose high contrast shades that will give your manicure a bold touch.

Spectacular Geometric Nail Art

Geometric shapes are among the most popular manicure art. With their help, you can create stunning 3d nail art or a hypnotizing maze manicure. No matter what pattern you are going to pick out, you can rest assured that it will take your manicure to the center of attention. Plus, the variety of shapes you are offered is almost endless. Do not limit your imagination. Allow it to come up with the most striking and unique ideas for geometric nails.


Negative Space Nail Art

If you prefer minimalist nail art, take a negative space design into consideration. The idea of the mani is to create colorful sections on your nails that look like they are surrounded by free space. For the negative space areas, you normally use neutral colors, such as white, nude, beige, etc. However, if you decide to go with brighter shades, no one can stop you. And what else we like about this minimalist nail arts is that it suits almost any ambiance.

Best Plaid Nail Art

For a really cute nail art, you should get a checker manicure. It is so adorable that you will not want to change it for anything else when it is time for your next nail art studio appointment. In case you do not have enough patience to wait until your nail tech applies the pattern, nail art stickers are your way out. Moreover, if you opt for it, you will not have to look for plaid nails art near me, as you can easily do it at home.

Nail Art With Metallic Stripes

Bet you remember the times when nail stripes were at the peak of their popularity. Believe it or not, those good times are back. So, do not forget to stock up on nail stripe tape line this year since you may run out of it pretty quickly. A manicure featuring a horizontal stripe with a metallic sheen is ultimately elegant and sophisticated. For the base of the nail, you are free to go with any color or style that matches your taste. Ombre nails, French or solid color – everything looks amazing when graced with a metallic stripe.


Abstract Party Nails Art

When you cannot decide what design to get on your nails, abstract nail art comes into play. It is one of those nail trends that never lose their relevance. An abstract design flatters any nail shape and looks appropriate in any situation. It is gender neutral, so no wonder it is among the most popular easy male nail art styles. To get this mani, you do not need special nail art supplies. Your most basic nail art brushes will do the perfect job for you.

Top Marble Nail Art

Many beauty trends get inspired by nature and nail art is no exception. It is always a good idea to replicate patterns and prints from the environment we live in. As such, marble nails have become one of the trendiest manicure styles of late. They come in a plethora of colors and can be performed on any nail shape and length. This is a very common nail art for short nails, as it does not suggest covering a large area. And the best part? Every pattern is one of a kind.

Watercolor Nail Art

Do you want to have some fun while painting your nails? Try the watercolor nail technique. It does require some practice, so if you do not get the desired result on the first try, do not give up. We have all been there. A tad of persistence and patience and you will get a mani style that will make everyone’s jaws drop. Once you feel more confident in watercolor nails art, you can take it to another level by mixing different formulas and finishes.


Cool Nail Art: Splatter Effect

Let us show you something really cool. Check out this splatter nails art. This subtle messiness gives your manicure style an effortless feel. Of course, you will need to make some effort to get the nail look. Yet, it is pretty fuss free compared to other mani art. And if the pattern turns out scattered, no worries. You can always pretend like it was meant to be this way. As it does not have any strict requirements, it is a great option for short nail art.

Sparkly Ombre Nail Art

Ombre nails remain on the top of the most requested nails art list. Their popularity is impressive. No wonder there are multiple variations not only of the style itself but the application technique as well. Thanks to this, you will be able to get the style regardless of your skill level. Yet, to give your ombre nails a little oomph, do not forget to complement it with a sparkling top coat. Snowflake nail art is a fantastic addition to this nail look, which is especially relevant around the holiday season.

Mysterious Galaxy Nail Art

How about wearing the whole universe on your nails? Sound unreal? Not at all. With this mysterious galaxy nails art, you will get a mani style that is literally out of this world. You can hardly call it easy though so make sure your nail tech will be able to deliver it. In case you are hesitant, you can always get away by applying stencils or nail stickers art. It may not look as impactful as when it is hand painted but you will nevertheless get a nail style that will make you stand out in the crowd.

With these nail art ideas, you are bound to earn the title of the trendiest person in town. Each of them will take your manicure to the spotlight. Hopefully, you have found a nail style that resonates with you most.



What is the new nail trend for 2023?

The hottest nail trends for 2023 include earthy and airy colors, such as moss green, milky nudes and suchlike. Chrome nails, French tips and ombre nails are among the most popular manicure styles this year.

What nail art are in now?

Nails art that are trending now feature minimalistic nails, a red classic manicure, velvet nails, marble nail art, a pastel mani, pink nails as well as those embellished with rhinestones and gold foil.

What is the new nail color for 2023?

Since Pantone announced that viva magenta, which is a raspberry red color with a purplish undertone, is the color of the year for 2023, it is also considered a new nail color this season.