27 Ideas for Light Pink Nails to Finish Feminine Look

Light pink nails represent childish innocence, youth and romance. Pink is the color of romantic people who still have a childish soul. Besides, this tone is all the vogue nowadays. Why not try it on your nails? God knows, maybe you can become more romantic after that.. Here we have 27 hot new nail designs for all sort of events that you might have coming up. We hope that here you will certainly find your favorite one.

Trendy Light Pink Nails Designs

Here you have trendy pink nail designs that are so elegant that can be used even for your next wedding, birthday party or some other kind of similar event.

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Rhinestone Nail Art

This rhinestone designs will make all your friends jealous! It’s the perfect design if you don’t have a special event, but if you always want your nails to look gorgeous.

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Source: glamour_chic_beauty via Instagram

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Lovely Pink Nails with Flowers

Are you an art lover looking for your next funky nail design? If so, these blush nails will make you the happiest person ever!

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Pink and White Nail Designs

With spring approaching it’s natural for you to want some pretty nail designs to go with the season!

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Light Pink Ideas for Shorter Nails

If you have shorter nails that doesn’t mean that you will have no nail design ideas.

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Feminine Light Pink Nails

This feminine design is perfect for any occasion.

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Pink Ideas for any Nail Shape

Pink is the ideal and gorgeous color for all nail shapes. These pink nails will make you look fashionable.

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Beautiful Nail Designs with Light Pink Polish

Take a look at these beautiful nail designs. What can look more feminine on your nails?

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Cute Pink Designs for Short Nails

If you’ve got short nails, it’s not a problem anymore. There are so many pink nail designs that will look fantastic with any nails shape and length.

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Main photo by Kt_tk1