Squoval nails are something in between square and oval shapes. Nevertheless, they are pretty trendy these days. Partly because of the ability this shape has, uniting the lovers of square and oval shapes in one group. And partly because of the convenience of this shape, you will totally agree that it is more convenient for daily use than, for example, stiletto shape is. That is why we have gathered the trendiest ideas to try out altogether with the new shape.


French Manicure for Squoval Nails

It is true that such a classic shape needs not less classic design to be combined with. Even though French tip is that definition of elegant and classic nail art – there are a lot more options to experiment with. Take your pick!


Ruffian Accents For Squoval Nails

In case you wish to create the masterpiece, you do not need much – just the perfect nail shapes and the same gorgeous design. When you look how well ruffian accents complete squoval shape you are going to wish to pull all of these ideas yourself!

Chrome Designs For Squoval Nails

Chrome nail polish is very popular these days, and when you think about it for a while, you will get it why. To tell the truth, no matter which type of nail art you are fond of most – there is always a suitable nail pigment for your fabulous manicure. See for yourself!


Geometric Squoval Nails Art Design

Those of you who prefer strict linear nail designs to all the other will simply fall in love with this exquisite geometric nail art. No matter which idea you take – in any case, every one of them is fabulous in its simplicity and preciseness!

Marble On Your Squoval Nails

Marble nails designs are totally on the edge of popularity these days. In case you decide to contribute to the trend, do not be afraid of the experimentation. Combining pastel shades with silver glitter is not only trendy but also so elegant-looking that it is difficult to take the eyes off!


Square Nail Designs With Rhinestones

Few bright rhinestones can make even the simplest manicure chic. Using one of our ideas for a perfect look of your square round nails.

Line Art for Squoval Nails

Tiny lines add to these nail designs elegance and charm. Lovely manicure for everyday wear!

Ombre Squoval Nails

No matter what color you prefer ombre nails look great and elegant. Nude nails daydream or dramatic red ombre manicure suitable for any occasion.


Glitter Accent On Squoval Nails

We are sure that nice accent as rhinestones or glitter look great in a combination on this gorgeous squoval nails.

Squoval nails are a real deal for those why can’t choose between shapes. More importantly, this nail shape is suitable for a whole lot of exciting manicure ideas, some of them we are going to present to your attention today!