10 Super Easy DIY Nails Designs Every Girl Should Know

The beauty of DIY nails is that they do not have to be super complex to look cute and unique. Besides, can you imagine that soothing feeling of satisfaction when your mani becomes the source of admiration? To get you there, we have prepared some stunningly easy and trendy tutorials. Fear not to stand out!

Cute Easy Nail Designs for a Romantic Date

Cute easy nail designs are always simple. Start with the protective base and follow with the nude-shaded nail polish you like. Now with the help of white nail polish and a sponge create a French-like ombre. Add up a bit of glitter to one of your nails and finish with the star-shaped stud placed on the middle finger. Apply the top coat and it is done. Have you ever imagined something as elegant to be as simple?

Source: Tribulons – Nail art via Youtube

One of The Most Beautiful and Simple Nail Tutorials

Really, you’ll see that it’s one of the simplest nail tutorials. To start, you will need to choose three nail polish colors, in our case, these are white, black, and glittery pink. Cover your fingernails with a pink base first. With the white polish make some easy strokes in different directions. Repeat the procedure with the black nail polish. If needed, you can add up some more white nail polish. If not, simply coat your nails with top and – voila!

Source: Melyne Nailart via Youtube

Magical Sky – Easy Nail Art

Galaxy nail art is a real thing right now. And today we will learn how to do it at home. And we start with the base protection and peach-shaded nail polish. Now apply the blue, pink, and nude nail polish to the sponge in order to create the galaxy-like transition. You can repeat the procedure until you get the desired look. Clean up the mess if any and cover your nails with top coat. Yep, as simple as that!

Source: HannahRoxNails via Youtube

Amazing Sparkly Nail Design

Lovers of sparkles, rejoice! Today we will try to pull off something as sparkly as diamonds in the sun. And we would like you to start with a shimmery, holographic base for the nails. Cover the nail with gems of different sizes and in any manner you like it. But do not forget that for them to stick, you should use base coat over and over until the design is done. The fingernails without any gems can be coated with any of your favorite colors. Use your imagination!

Source: Gabby Morris via Youtube

Colorful Flowers – Nail Tutorial Step-by-Step

Those who like flowers and everything that is connected with them would totally appreciate this baby blue flowery DIY nails design. To begin, use your favorite baby blue nail polish as a base. Mix bright-colored acrylic paint so that you can create this stunning floral pattern. You can go for any color you like and create your very own special pattern. Outline the flowers with white and add up yellow centers. Finish off the design with the top coat. Done!

Source: Olga Levchuk via Youtube

Black and Pink Gorgeous Nail Ideas

Black and pink go perfectly well together, so why not combine them in one stunning DIY nails design? Start with the black base coat, let it dry and go for a wide horizontal line on your middle finger. Add up some pink-colored cubes to the line and, after they dry out, separate them with the black vertical line. Cover your nails with foil glue and, when it is ready, apply pink nail foil to complete the design. When it’s done, go for the top coat.

Source: Cutepolish via Youtube

Easy Cat Nail Art

This nail art is designed specifically for those who adore those awesome creatures named cats. Start with the white base color. When it dries out, pick the cat stickers you like the most and place them onto your finger nails. To make your kitties stand out, create a brown background. Add up a black outline as well as few stray black lines, and your design is ready.

Source: Tribulons – Nail art via Youtube

Wide French Tip with Polka Dots

Tired of regular French nail art? We have something fresher for you. This wide French design is already different-colored. Instead of a usual white shade, go for purple shades and cover the half of your nail with it. Once the index and little fingers are covered with light purple and others with dark purple nail polish, it is time for using a small dotting tool. Add light purple dots to the darker base and vice versa. To finish this design, use a tiny brush or a toothpick to create a sparkly gold underline. It looks majestic, don’t you think?

Source: LifeWorldWomen via Youtube

Easy Nail Design without Any Specific Tools

Sometimes to create something beautiful, you may not require some special tools. Steel-colored glittery nail polish is the perfect base for something as unique as this design. With the help of scotch tape create the triangular shapes on your nails and fill them in with gold glitter nail polish. Add up the top coat and your gorgeous mani is ready!

Source: Tribulons – Nail art via Youtube

Lace DIY Nails Design

We suggest you to go for this bright-colored DIY lace design. Start with the bright orange base color and coat it with sparkly nail polish. Create the two curvy lines in the corner of your fingernail with the help of white nail polish and then, with the dotting tool, start filling up the spaces with white and orange dots. Repeat the action until there is almost no space left without the dots. Cover your nails with the top and you are ready to shine brighter than others.

Source: Melyne Nailart via Youtube

Main photo by Melynenailart