21 Stunning Examples of Cobalt Blue Nails For Elegant Ladies

Cobalt blue nails are the fresh trend, and we are going to introduce it to you today. The thing is that very often it is said that all the feminine shades have mostly pinkish and red hues. When it comes to bolder shades, some may consider them to be too harsh or too provocative. Our task here is to prove to you that royal blue shades are not only extremely elegant but can also be upgraded and taken to unknown levels of sweet with the addition of other hues or patterns. It is time you learn more about this exquisite and sophisticated nail shade!

Cobalt Blue Nails With Rhinestones

When it comes to your nail colors, they are to complete your look. Royal blue nail designs are to represent not only your style and taste but also your perception of the world in general. If you wish to add a little bit of luxury and richness to your cobalt blue manicure, you will consider the addition of rhinestone patterns for sure!

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Royal Blue Nails With Silver Accents

If you wish to know how perfection looks like, then you should better pay attention to royal blue and silver nails. Blue and silver nail designs are the combination of colors which complement each other well. What is more, there is always room for experimentation. Covering your navy blue nails matte and adding a sparkly silver accent is what every lady needs at last once in a lifetime!

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Blue Floral Patterns For Romantic Girls

Dark blue nail designs can look both sweet and feminine if you know how to accent them well. Floral patterns are exactly what you need to suit the purpose. Take your pick and get ready to attract adoring glances!

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Porcelain Glaze Nail Art

Both blue and white nail designs look royal on their own. But when you combine royal blue nails with porcelain patterns, you will take your manicure to a whole new level. Those of you who appreciate the beauty of delftware will surely fall in love with these majestic designs.

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Gorgeous Golden Accents In Combination With Blue Nail Colors

When it comes to navy blue and gold nails the room available for experimentation is simply limitless. There is so much to upgrade cobalt blue nail with – glitter, rhinestone patterns, and studs – the choice is yours, but no matter the preferences – navy blue and gold acrylic nails are breath-taking!

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Cobalt Blue Smears In Abstract Art

Sometimes royal blue nail design is a little bit too much for those of you who prefer pastel shades more. But saturated cobalt blue smear adds completeness to the light pastel manicure not to mention that minimalistic abstract designs are quite popular these days. When blue is not enough, you can add a little bit of glitter altogether with other paste hues to your manicure.

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Stripes And Anchors

Cobalt blue nails suit well for summer. The thing is that completing your manicure with blue stripes and anchors carry that marine vibe that is perfect for summer mood. When blue and white are not enough introduced some glitter in and enjoy the view!

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Main photo by Madahsantana