Sexy Pink Nail Designs That Will Become Your Next Obsession


The modern manicure industry carries a vast amount of pink nail designs in different shades. Sometimes, they may become an embarrassment of riches and that is when our guide comes in handy. For your convenience, we have selected the most popular shades as well as designs of pink manicure, from subdued to flamboyant and from plain to elaborate. Thus, you will be able to find a nail style to suit both casual and formal occasions. No matter what option you are going to choose, you can rest assured that your nails will look their best.


Pink Nails In Different Color Shades

If you have always thought that pink nails are boring and plain, we are here to prove you wrong. From gentle light pink to vivid rose coral, there are so many pink nail polish shades out there that you are guaranteed a unique mani color every time you paint your nails. To help you find an option for any situation, we have picked out the best pink shades, which you can explore below.


Sexy Bright Pink Nail Designs

These hot pink nails designs are for those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd but are also eager to get a more elegant look.

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Cute Light Pink Nails

These cute light pink nails designs are all the vogue nowadays! Be creative and add some glitter to make them look chic and sexy.

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Rosy Coral Pink Nails Color for Real Princesses

Rosy coral shades of pink are completely different from all the other pink hues. But what is more, these royal shades will flatter any skin tone, and the world will be at your feet!

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Trendy Dusty Rose Pink Nail Designs

When we consider the dusty rose shade, we should pay attention to the fact that it is not one of those pinks that will be barely visible on your nails. It is designed to stand out, how can you hide all these trendy sparkles!?

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Classic Style with Nude Pink Nail Polish

Pink is classy, that is a known fact. Yet, you can always take the classic to the new level. And what we suggest you is to add white flowers stamping. Classy but sassy, don’t you think?

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Various Pink Nail Designs To Try

Apart from the wide variety of shades, pink nails allow for a great many manicure designs. They can be minimalistic and low-key as well as bold and intricate, depending on what ambiance you want your mani to suit and what impression to give. Rhinestones, nail vinyls, sequins, nail art striping tape, stamping, matte top – the range of pink nail designs seems to be endless. The most beautiful of them are gathered further.

Pretty Matte Pink Nails Designs

Very cute and unique pink nail art design. This nail art design uses pink matte polish with some cute rhinestones.

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Pink Nails With Glowing Rhinestones

When the shade itself is not enough, you should definitely opt for a fancy rhinestone pattern and add it up. Both pinks and glittery rhinestones look perfect together! These pink nails are so gorgeous that will attract the necessary attention to your stylish look.

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Pink Nails With Flowers Designs

The floral beauty complements any nail designs. If you want to emphasize your feminine and fragile side, choose a flower nail art for the next mani.

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Charming Pink Nail Designs With Stripes

Stripes is one of the easiest ways to create unique nail designs. In pink hues, it looks extraordinarily pretty and girly.

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Pink Nails With Ombre for the Sweetest Ladies

Pink nails design, when combined with ombre technique becomes something beyond belief universal. The thing is that the mixture of pink nail colors and ombre can be worn on a daily basis as well as to some fancy occasion so that you won’t need to spare extra time on your manicure. Isn’t it amazing?

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Abstract Art On Pink Nails

It is always nice to make your pink nail art designs gallery larger and today we suggest you add some abstract nail art to it. The thing is that to create these outstanding designs is pretty easy. All you need is to get inspired by these images and recreate it with the help of stamping or a mere toothpick!

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As you can tell, pink nail designs and shades are versatile and varied. There are options for those who prefer elegant and sophisticated mani as well as bold and dramatic. When you need a fresh pink manicure idea, just pick out the one that resonates with you most from our guide.

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