Nail Shapes Guide

Best Nail Shapes To Sport in 2024

Our collection of nail shapes will help you find the perfect one. We have included the trendiest shapes, which are coffin nails, stiletto nails, oval and almond nails.

45 Magnificent Coffin Nails in 2024

With variety of Coffin nails designs, we have on offer, you will have all the best ideas at your disposal!

30 Almond Nails Lovely Designs You Won’t Resist

Almond nails are an elongated nail shape that is tapered at the tips. They look chic, sexy, and exquisite.

30 Best Short Stiletto Nails

Short stiletto nails speak out for those who are not afraid of difficulties.

35 Oval Nails Ideas You Need To Try in 2024

Oval nails are in fashion now. No wonder that many women sport this nail shape.


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Top Nail Shapes Ideas For Your Perfect Manicure

Did you know how many nail shapes there are? Square, oval and round are not your only options. To make sure you get the most out of your manicure, we have created this nail shape guide.

Best Stiletto Nails Designs Ideas and Tips

40 Best Stiletto Nails Designs, Ideas and Tips for 2024

Stiletto nails are no longer a privilege of celebs only. Anyone who feels fashion-savvy enough can pull them off too. If you need some useful info on the shape as well as stylish design ideas, check out our guide.

Hot Almond Shaped Nails Colors

38 Hot Almond Shaped Nails Colors in 2024

Almond shaped nails are one of the most popular manicure styles for good reason. Check out our guide for the most convincing of them.

Long Nails Designs and Ideas

35 Long Nails Designs and Ideas For 2024

It is true that there are so many long nails ideas that it may be difficult to choose the suitable one. However, we have all the trendiest suggestions gathered in one place!

Best Coffin Nails Ideas To Try

61 Best Coffin Nails Ideas To Try in 2024

Intriguing and bold, coffin nails have solidified their place as a powerhouse trend in the nail industry. As fashion continues to evolve, these edgy and elegant nails continue to grace the fingertips of those seeking nails that effortlessly marries sophistication and audacity. Discover all there is to know about this celebrity’s favourite nail shape.

Perfect Coffin Acrylic Nails Designs To Sport This Season

35 Coffin Acrylic Nails Designs To Sport In 2024

There are many things to love about coffin acrylic nails. They are hot and impactful, so you will not go unnoticed with such a nail shape. To help you with the design ideas, we have prepared this exclusive guide.

Oval Nails Ideas You Need To Try

55 Oval Nails Ideas You Need To Try in 2024

If you’re someone who loves experimenting with nail designs and staying on trend with the latest manicure styles, then you’re likely familiar with oval nails. The oval nail shape is timeless and has remained a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals and celebrities like Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid and even Becky G for years. Not only […]

Cute Designs for Short Nails You Definitely Need to Try

50 Short Nails Trendy Ideas For 2024

Short nails offer quite a wide variety of manicure options to match any taste and ambiance. From a solid color to exquisite designs, there is a manicure style for everyone. The most beautiful ideas are gathered in our guide.

Short Square Nails Ideas To Try

49 Short Square Nails Ideas To Try in 2024

Short square nails are great designs for those women who always wish to look awesome. This shape does not require great lengths and is very manageable. Do you know why many people are settling for short nails in this shape? It’s because they look luxurious. Besides, this shape is simple and can be used for […]

Rock The Round Nails: Shape and Designs

Rock The Round Nails: Shape and Designs for 2024

Round nails are a popular shape that many women prefer to all the others. There is no wonder why in fact since the durability and the versatility of designs to play around leaves many other shapes behind.

Outstanding Short Coffin Nails Designs

56 Short Coffin Nails To Grab Your Full Attention

With short coffin nails, there’s basically almost no limit to the nail art that can be created with them. These ballerina nails are on the edge of popularity for their feminity and extraordinary outlook. Due to the distinctive and unique taste of women, all the short coffin nail designs provided below have been classified to suit everyone’s taste.

Almond Nails Designs You Won't Resist

50 Almond Nails Designs You Won’t Resist

Almond nails come in all lengths so that everyone would be able to find a suitable option for them. In the following guide, we have put together the most inspiring ideas for almond shaped manicure.

Manis That Will Make You Adore Squoval Nails

Manis That Will Make You Adore Squoval Nails

Squoval nails are a perfect decision for those of you who can’t decide between square or oval nail shape. For the purpose of satisfying your needs, we gathered here all the best suitable nail designs that fit and emphasize the shape like nothing else!

Best Designs For Short Stiletto Nails That Will Catch Your Eye

34 Short Stiletto Nails Trendy Ideas

Short stiletto nails have replaced their long counterpart for good reason. They allow you to make a strong fashion statement without causing any inconvenience. Discover the best ideas for a short stiletto mani in our guide.

Hot Color Shades to Stay Fashionable with Ballerina Nails

Best Ballerina Nails Shape You Cannot Resist

It is always a good idea to get ballerina nails for many reasons. If you do not take our word for granted, then you are welcome to explore our guide. We have collected the best ballerina nail styles to inspire you.