21 Designs for Coffin Style Nails that are Worth Trying

Today coffin style nails are probably the most popular in the industry. And there is no wonder why. Such elegance and uniqueness they represent is desired by each and every one of us. Not to mention the canvas they make for the imagination of nail artists around the globe. As usually, we have gathered the freshest ideas for you to always stay trendy and special.

Elegant Coffin Nail Designs

The beauty of coffin nail art lies in its ability to look extraordinary even if the simplest design is involved. Just like this nude-colored mani with the addition of a rhinestone design. Simple yet breath-taking!

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Fancy Ideas for Acrylics Nails

When it comes to acrylic nails, you can set imagination free and go for the fanciest design you have in mind. And it will look gorgeous, there is no doubt about it. Just like this combination of black and mermaid-green metallic shades.

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Bright Camo Manicure Ideas for Coffin Style Nails

Even camo manicure ideas can be bright. All you need to do is just add up some gold glitter. If that is not enough, go for a glittery French tip underlined with black. Such a power and uniqueness are combined together in this design.

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Black & White Nail Art

The combination of black and white always screams elegance. And there is no other way we could describe this stunning acrylic pattern of roses in addition with the rhinestone pattern and matte black base.

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Tempting Matte Coffin Nails

Matte designs are totally trending. And sometimes just the mixture of two trends is more than enough. Like this combination of a coffin shape and brown matte nail base. Beauty comes with simplicity.

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Cool Nails with Trendy Triangle Tips

Triangle tips are the fresh look at the regular French tip mani. Just look at this stunning blood-red to white ombre in addition to red triangle tips! It is so perfect!

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Stunning Looks for Coffin Style Nails

In order to stand out but preserve the whole softness of your look, we suggest you to go for a sweet pastel base, like this cute lavender one. Of course, that is not enough. So, go for full rhinestone-covered nails, as well. Pure femininity with the hint of edginess.

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Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Main photo by Katystraw