21 Cool and Edgy Ideas for Coffin Shaped Nails

Coffin shaped nails originated in the 1990s and are still going strong! They are also referred to as ballerina nails. They are similar to stiletto nails as they are very long and tapered.

Are you ready to try some fun coffin nail designs? Yes, the shape is similar to that of a coffin, hence the name. Despite their rather morbid name, they are quite trendy at the moment! With their flat, tapered fit, they are really elegant, but with a slight edge.

We have put together a gallery of coffin nails: from classy to cutting edge to funky, we have it all. Be sure to pin your favorites so that you can experiment with different looks and make them your own!

Burgundy Beauty

This burgundy color is like fine wine. Add some matching gemstones for a totally glamorous look.

Source: solinsnaglar via Instagram

Silver and Black Coffin Shaped Nails

These sparkly silver nails with black lines are simple yet elegant and are ideal for those who want a classy look of coffin shaped nails.

Source: nailsbyeffi via Instagram

Black and Red

Another classy style for coffin nail art is this gorgeous black base with red accents.

Source: yvynails via Instagram

Navy and White Coffin Shaped Nails

This chevron nail art in dark-blue and white will be a pretty and eye-catching adornment for your ring finger. Spice things up with a blue anchor on a white base on the middle finger and leave other nails plain dark-blue.

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Rhinestone Cowgirl

If you love all that glitter, this look is perfect for you. Classic white polish with sparkly rhinestones is perfect for a night out on the town!

Source: malishka702_nails via Instagram

Lacy Leather

This black and nude base with delicate lace designs is strikingly sophisticated!

Source: purenailsbyemma via Instagram

Color Explosion

You’ll definitely love this bold burst of color. It’s like a disco on your nails!

Source: alextruong_nails via Instagram

Pumpkin Attack on Halloween

If you love Halloween for that matter, this look is just for you. This dark orange and black base and glitter on the accent nail looks miraculous. Paint a silhouette of pumpkins on one or two fingers to feel the Halloween vibes.

Source: nailsofaquarius via Instagram

Lovely Leaves

This stylish take on the modern white-tipped French mani is both classy and edgy, with the delicate white leaves on all finger.

Source: mbettinanails via Instagram

Violet Vixen

Violet is such a soft and feminine color, but if you add some shiny gems, you can take this look to a whole new level of sass and style!

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Gothic Glam

For those with a darker side, cover all of your nails with grey marble design and then paint a lacy design on one nail. Or better yet, paint a skull or a spider web!

Source: misashton via Instagram

Flower Power

Floral nails are always pretty and chic. We just love these dark red nails with white flowers on one finger of each hand!

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Party Girl Nails

This glamorous look works best on really long nails. Paint your nails pretty pink and add sparkly gold for a look that says “I’m here for the party!”

Source: solinsnaglar via Instagram

Ruby Red Coffin Shaped Nails

Red nails have always been classy. If you want a simple yet stunning look and aren’t a fan of showy nail art, why not paint your nails this gorgeous ruby red?

Source: purenailsbyemma via Instagram

Fancy Fireworks

Another look for those who like a lot of color is this stunning fireworks display that can be easily achieved by either marble or sponge art!

Source: riyathai87 via Instagram

Milky Way Nails

This swirly design of dark blues, sparkly silver, and purples on a shiny black base is totally out of this world!

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Disco Doll

Do you want to sparkle and shine wherever you go? This look harkens back to the days of disco with its pink base, thin silver details and golden accents. Add a few large crystals so you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Source: nailsofaquarius via Instagram

Girly Glam

This pretty purple base with white bows is quite dainty and demure for the girly-girl!

Source: alextruong_nails via Instagram

Mix It Up

Can’t decide what look you like best? Mix and match! We think this black and white look with varying designs of stripes, flowers, and gems is bold and beautiful!

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Roses and Vines

This dark shade is similar to a fine wine. And we love the rose and vine design on a nude base on the accent finger.

Source: _tinti_ via Instagram

Coral and Gold

Coral is such a fun shade for summer nails. The coral base is pretty on its own, but with golden tips and stripes it’s even more captivating!

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Think you’re brave enough to sport these breathtaking designs for coffin shaped nails? We dare you to try one of these designs or create your own look. With the right nail tools and colors, the possibilities are endless!

Main photo by Plushnailss