Best White Nail Polish and Trends to Try Right Now

White nail polish became a hit and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It is one of the best base colors. White nails looks pure and is what you need for an overall elegant look.

White Nail Polish with Polka Dots

White nail polish is one of the most important components of your trendy summer look. You may be thinking that white is boring since you can wear French manicure during any other season, as well. But we want to prove you wrong! So, let’s have a look!

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Source: beyondthenail via Instagram

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White Acrylic Nail Art

For those times when white tip nails are not the option but white is still required, we have a solution. Go for the red hues combined with a white base. A red polka dot design looks gorgeous.

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Incredible Black and White Nail Polish Designs

White acrylic nails are anything but ordinary. Even the simplest design can look extremely rich, just like these white metallic coffin nails with the slight hint of blue sequins.

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White and Gold Nail Designs

Sometimes going simple is the best way to attract attention and charm everyone around. All you need is a white base and a simple black vertical line painted closer to the top of your fingernail.

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White Nail Art Designs

How to look elegant if you do not have much time? There is a way out, you should go for a half white and half transparent base with the addition of tiny gold arrows. Voila!

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White Nail Art Ideas

White nails can look extremely feminine and soft if you pair them with small and elegant rose patterns. Are you falling in love with this design? We know you are!

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White Nail Polish Trends

Unicorn themes are popular all over the beauty industry. So, we cannot but mention this adorable unicorn mani. These pastel colors and a cute pattern are worth trying out!

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Main photo by Luiza.nail.designer