35 Halloween Nails: Spook Designs to Terrify and Delight Your Friends

Halloween nails are always a fun way to scare and delight your friends. From blood dripped coffin nails to pretty pumpkins, there are so many cute and spooky designs for Halloween nail art.

If you want some fancy nails this Halloween, you have come to the right place! We have it all from spooky ghosts to Halloween manicures to scary spiders and wicked witches!

Check out our spook-tacular gallery of cute nails for Halloween! And watch out for things that go bump at night!

Look! Vampires Around Us!

It does not matter whether you believe in vampires or not but this perfectly bloody manicure is undoubtedly difficult to resist.

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Blood Splashed Nails

When the Halloween season hits people try to come up with the unique looks not to mention nail art. If you are one of those then you will definitely appreciate these blood splashed nails!

Source: nailsbymztina via Instagram

Disney Halloween Nails

Haloween nails are not only about monsters, but you can also introduce Disney characters in your nail art as well. Who cares if they do not look scary, right?

Source: ricekittynails via Instagram

Funky Mickey Frankenstein Family

Being creative is what most people value. That is why if you are still unsure what to come up with for Halloween we suggest you try this funky Mouse family manicure!

Source: nailsbykristy via Instagram

Dewy Spider Web Nails

In case you are looking for some nail designs which can be worn even after the holiday passes, we have an idea for you. This dewy spider web on steel blue matte base can fit into your everyday life as well.

Source: nailartbyfrida via Instagram

Halloween Nails With Bloody Red Spiders

The theme of spiders is one of the main ones when the Halloween is on the horizon. Combine your spiderwebs with a nude base and add some blood red sparkles to your manicure and you will look as irresistible as ever!

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Creepy Broken Doll Look

In case you are looking for a creepy idea to treat your nails with – we have one in mind. This broken doll will scare anyone to death!

Source: nailartbyfrida via Instagram

Elegant Witch Nails

Witches are not only scary but also elegant, and if you are thinking of pulling the witch image off when Halloween comes, you must make it complete, and these elegant nails are the missing piece.

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Wonderland Halloween Nails

In case you think that wonderland is terrifying then you should surely try this nail art out when the holiday comes.

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Halloween Themed Nails

Halloween is all about autumn, fallen leave and pumpkins and all these things have one thing in common – shading. Treat your nails with perfect glitter ombre in holiday hues and enjoy it!

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Halloween Sunset Nails

All the dark things start at sunset and adding bats and sunsets to your nails would keep you alert all the time.

Source: polishedtwins via Instagram

Stripes And Bats For Halloween Nails

There is never too much Halloween attributes when it comes to your manicure. Get creative and use this nail art idea for your inspiration!

Source: botanicnails via Instagram

Classic Smiled Pumpkins

Who said that it is all about scariness when it comes to Halloween? Why can’t you come up with something like smiling pumpkins all over your nails? Sure you can!

Source: nailartbyfrida via Instagram

Fluorescent Matte Nail Art

It is difficult to notice someone’s perfect mani when it is dark outside. What can you do about that? Opt for a nice ‘trick or treat’ fluorescent mani! As simple as that!

Source: yagala via Instagram

Sweet and Funny Skulls

Sculls are the attribute of Halloween, we know that. But why not experiment with them a little? Smiley sculls surrounded by butterflies look both creepy and cute!

Source: ohnoitsruthio via Instagram

Glow in the Dark Ghosts

These nails are sure to spook everyone! The fluorescent green ghosts on a matte black base will glow in the dark for a spook-tacular effect!

Source: Dulllikeglitter via Instagram

Bloody Good Time for Halloween Nails

These sparkly red drops of blood on a shiny black base are edgy and eerie.

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Monster Manicure

This manicure with a ghoulish green to sparkly black fade on the tip is a fun take on the traditional Halloween manicure!

Source: sensationails4u via Instagram

Cool Cobweb

Paint thin 3D white cobweb on your black nails to give them a ghastly appearance!

Source: oliviajadenails via Instagram

Enchanted Forest

This pretty orange and yellow ombre fade looks just like a fall sky. Paint some dark trees, bats, and a spooky moon on your nails to remember a haunted forest.

Source: Lacquerstyle

Spooky Spiders for Your Fancy Nails

Paint some realistic black spiders on a nude base to really freak out your friends!

Source: Yesicasnails via Instagram

Candy Corn Manicure

If you want a look that’s still based on Halloween but not too spooky, try this funky manicure with yellow, orange, and white tips that look just like candy corn!

Source: narmai via Instagram

Simply Batty

These spooky black bats on a yellow base will give your friends the chills!

Source: kt_tk1 via Instagram

Haunted Mansion

Paint some spooky black silhouettes of haunted houses on orange nails for a harrowing experience!

Source: solo_nails via Instagram

Black Cat Manicure

This manicure with black cat tips is both cute and spooky!

Source: Hannahroxit

Grim Reaper Halloween Nails

This blue-gray ombre fade is super spooky, but the Grim Reaper on the ring finger is what makes this look totally terrifying!

Source: Kellimarissa via Instagram

Cute Nails for Goth Girl

This red and black plaid design is super cool and edgy. Paint some goth symbols on your nails to make this look perfect for Halloween.

Source: RitualNailDesigns via Etsy

Skull Art

Paint some white skull art on your black nails for a scary and edgy effect!

Source: newlypolished via Instagram

Bloody Tips

This red and white Halloween manicure will get you noticed. And the dripping blood-red tips will make your friends wonder what you’ve been up to!

Source: Simplynailogical via Instagram


These white and black thin striped nails will make you look like an escaped convict. Paint a creepy face on one of the nails for a blood-curdling effect.

Source: newlypolished via Instagram

Spiderweb Tips

This mani with a purple base is really cool. Paint some spiders on the nails and spiderweb on top of the tips to give them a scary vibe.

Source: Adorned-Claw-Nail-Art via Facebook

Midnight Moon

These matte navy black nails are really pretty. What sets them apart is the picture of a planet on each nail. This look is cute for those with shorter nails who want to show their love for Halloween.

Source: Ladycrappo

Pumpkin Patch Manicure

Adorn your tips with cute pumpkins for a fun take on a French manicure.

Source: Kellimarissa via Instagram

Witchy Nails

Shiny dark purple nails are totally wicked. Paint a cauldron or witches hat on your accent finger to finish off this super cool look.

Source: sensationails4u via Instagram

Evil Eye

Paint your nails a matte black base. Paint an evil eye on your ring finger to let your friends know that you’re watching their every move!

Source: Esnail_la via Instagram

Aren’t these funky Halloween nails super spooky? Are you ready to scare your friends? Try them all this fall and show your love for Halloween with these wickedly scary nail art designs!

Main photo by Marinelp91