Valentines Day nails are something you are bound to consider when the holiday itself comes knocking at your door, or even if there is some time left ahead. What is more, there some cute ideas that you may fall in love with and keep referring to even after the love day passes. There are so many hot valentine’s day nail designs that we weren’t able to simply pass by without drawing your attention to them. Whether you like to do your nail arts at home or at the salon, there is a special idea for you here. Lots of Valentine’s Day nails images and ideas are waiting for you ahead! Dive in!


Hearts for Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day nails are all about the hearts and it does not matter whether you like simple nail art designs or little bolder ones – we have it covered! See for yourself. But, you should never forget about what Antoine de Saint-Exupery said – “True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.”


Love for Valentines Day Nails

When John Lennon said “All you need is love” he couldn’t be more right. That is why we suggest you express your love through every possible detail, and manicure should in no case be the exception. Be it cute pink ombre or a bold red mani – valentines day nails need ‘Love’ to be there!

Valentine’s Day Nails with Slight Hint of a Heart

If you are looking for simple valentines day nails we may have something in mind to suit your request. The thing is that a combo of blood red and a negative space heart-shaped design looks exquisite together but so easy to pull off. What is more, no one dismissed the experimentation with classics, a nice red heart-shaped tip may be something that you need to complete your look.


Red Valentine’s Day Nails

A variation of red shades is perfect for women who prefer stylish and simple manicure options. What can be more elegant and match the Valentine’s Day nails of lovers better than passionate red nails?

Pink Valentines Day Nails

Hot pink nails will also be an excellent option for manicure by the day of all lovers. Add some sparkles to make your fingers look great.


Art with Studs Valentine’s Day Nails

In case you fear that all the simple valentines day nails are too complex for you to replicate we may have some easy nail art designs for beginners in mind. The thing is that the easiest way to decorate your nails is with the help of studs and we offer you a set of designs with heart-shaped studs that are so elegant and sweet and so simple that it will make your heart start racing with excitement. And remember: “Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” — John Lennon.

Big Heart for Valentine’s Day Nails

“There is no remedy for love but to love more,” Thoreau said. Express your love in every detail, let your loved one know how you feel and use your nails as the perfect canvas. A cute heart is an ideal addition even when you like your nails to look bold and daring, the combo of matte black and sparkly red is the perfect example.

Valentines Day Nails with Pulse of Love

Make sure your significant other knows that he makes your heart skip a beat every time you see him. Use these cute valentines nails ideas to your advantage. What is more, you do not need to stick to usual shades, you can always take your manicure to the next level with the help unique hues.


Kisses for Happy Valentines Day Nails

George Sand said that “There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved” and we couldn’t agree more. These cute designs with kisses all over or just a single kiss on are more than enough to show your affection and devotion to your loved one. What do you think?

Valentines Day Nails with Cute Animals

There is so much to learn from animals. Their devotion, their care, their love is simply breath-taking and so sweet. That is why depicting two lovebirds on your nails is a way of telling the world that you are perfectly happy! After all, Aristotle was right – “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Untypical Acrylic Valentines Day Nails

Acrylic Valentine’s Day nails are definitely not about red shades only. We think that unusual combo of gold and black is more than suitable for this holiday. That is why in case you are a fan of bolder ideas, we hope you will find your inspiration here! We think that this valentines day nails coffin shape is simply exceptional!


Valentines Day Nails with Geometric Art

Holiday nail art is not the reason to step away from the trends, it is a unique possibility to combine the two. We think that the mixture of geometric art and little Valentine’s hearts looks extraordinarily gorgeous. What is more, you should never limit yourself with the choice of shades! As Khalil Gibran said – life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit!

Best Valentine`s Day Art with Glitter

If you want to accentuate your acrylic Valentines day nails without making much effort, then simply adorn them with glitter. So that they look elegant and tasteful, apply glitter only to particular nails as an accent. Thus, you will not even have to be bothered with a special outfit, as your cute valentines day nails will instantly make you look festive.

As you can tell, there are plenty of amazing happy Valentine’s Day nails ideas that will make your manicure ready for the celebration. They are also so versatile that you will find a nail design to suit any ambiance, outfit and even mood. We hope that our nail art collection has come in handy for you with its sweet and unique ideas. If you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back anytime you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next romantic manicure