As the holiday season is approaching, it is time to choose the Christmas nails that you are going to flaunt during the festivities. While typically you would go for all glam and sparkle, this should not always be the case. You can also hit the celebration with elegant and classy winter nails or even black Christmas nails. It all depends on your taste, outfit and attitude. And to help you with Christmas nails ideas, we have put together some of the best of them below.


Christmas Nail Art With Deer

Who is your favorite Santa deer? Rudolf? Yes, we can read your mind. Depict his cute silhouette on your nails for a mani that oozes holiday vibes. This is a surefire way to go for those, who opt for simple Christmas nails with a twist, as you do not have to be very innovative or creative. Use white Christmas nails as the base and grace them with the face of the most famous deer on the planet.


Exclusive Christmas-Tree Art

These Christmas nails designs will show off your devotion to the symbols of the holiday. It is hard to think of a more Christmas-y manicure design than gel or acrylic winter nails adorned with a Christmas Tree. But if you wish to spice things up a bit, try some winter nail colors other than traditional, such as plum, chestnut brown, blue or on the contrary, bright orange, neon pink or yellow. .

Christmas Nails Patterns

There are particular Christmas patterns as well as unique hues to play around with when the time comes. Your manicure is not an exception. That is why if you are still looking for thematic nail art – we have it covered for you. Just take a pick at these attention grabbing coffin Christmas nails or those classy Christmas acrylic nails! Don’t they make you want to book an appointment with your nail tech right away and do a cute coffee cup images?


Christmas Nail Design with Santa

A Santa-themed Christmas nail design is always a good idea. It can occupy and entertain your friends for a while. They won’t be able to take their eyes off it and may even ask for a closeup of your mani. So, opting for a Santa Claus Christmas nails design, you should be prepared that you are going to be the center of attention at every party.

Christmas Presents Nails Art

Holidays are about a festive mood and lots of presents, especially when we think about Christmas. That is why these presents nail art ideas are exactly what you need to experiment with for winter nails! Besides, there is no limitation as for the choice of colors to play around with! And it guarantees that you will not forget to buy gifts for Christmas, as you have a handy reminder on the tips of your fingers.


Sweet Candy Christmas Nail Art

Show off your love for sweets with one of these sweet candy Christmas nail designs. They are so bright and appetizing, we wish we could taste them. Besides, these sweets are safe for those who try to cut down on their sugar intake. So, feel free to incorporate as many candies into your winter wonderland nails as you like.

Sparkly Glitter And Rhinestones Nail Art

Winter is about celebrations and sparkles. That is why adding the latter to your everyday manicure is merely a necessity. However, glittery nail art looks always charming and exquisite. So, if you decide to venture out for it, you will not be disappointed with the result. See for yourself!

Snowflakes Nails for Winter Season

When it comes to popular nail art for Christmas, nothing can compete with snowflakes. With modern techniques, even an amateur can pull off such nail designs. If you are not particularly good at painting, you can employ a stamping technique. And those who cannot be bothered with waiting until the polish dries can simply stick on stencils and be good to go. No matter what approach you are going to choose, you can rest assured that you will end up with pretty and cute Christmas nails.


Christmas Nails With Stars

Let stars shine on your Christmas nails! These sparkling nail designs are not only pretty but also easy to pull off. In addition, they match any base mani color, be it white, green or red Christmas nails. And if you are in a hurry, you can apply them to bare nails and be good to go. The perfect last-minute choice!

Knitted Pattern For Christmas Nails

There are particular Christmas patterns as well as unique hues to play around with when the time comes. Your manicure is not an exception. That is why if you are still looking for thematic nail art – we have it covered for you. Just take a pick at these attention grabbing coffin Christmas nails or those classy Christmas acrylic nails! Don’t they make you want to book an appointment with your nail tech right away?

Holly Christmas Nails Ideas

To tell the truth, no Christmas nails compilation would be complete without holly designs. Holly is that one irreplaceable holiday element that fits into the nail art world perfectly. What is more, any of these designs can be easily replicated even if you are not a nail art pro! Three tiny red dots placed onto green Christmas nails are already enough to pull off this manicure look.


Funny Snowmen For Christmas Nails

Who didn’t sport nail designs for Christmas with snowmen? In case you didn’t, it is time to try! Add some shimmer for more fun!

Nails Designs With Christmas Toys

Christmas ornaments are essential components of winter holidays. However, not only the Christmas tree is to be decorated. Spicing up your nails with jolly ornaments is quite a worthy idea as well, especially considering how many different types, styles and shapes of Christmas ornaments there are. Make sure to sprinkle some glitter on top to create a shimmering effect.

Gingerbread Man Nails Art

Gingerbread cookies are something that all of us simply adore and can’t get enough of when the Christmas season hits. But if you are tired of baking or chomping these delicious treats, it means that it is time to introduce some gingerbread man accents to your holiday nails. And do not be afraid to overdo it, as with such cute and sweet Christmas gel nail designs, it is impossible.


Colorful Twinkling Christmas Lights on Nails

You can hardly imagine Christmas décor without fairy lights, right? But what about your festive manicure? Do not forget to embellish your winter wonderland nail designs with sparkling accents. You can use any nail art material to make your holiday mani twinkle like the Christmas star, from shimmer and glitter to foil and chrome powder.

Winter Animals Nails Art

Reindeer and polar bears are indeed the symbols of winter. This means that the creation of animal-inspired winter manicure is something that you need to at least give a thought to. Besides, we have some intricate ideas to share! You are welcome to implement them on any winter manicure color – white, red, green, golden and blue Christmas nails are the best options in this case.

Abstract Christmas Nails

If you still cannot decide what manicure style to choose for the holiday season, you can never go wrong with abstract nail design. It turns out appropriate in any ambiance and suits every attire. So, you will not have a hard time matching your mani style to your outfit. Also, it works well on any nail type, including natural, gel and acrylic Christmas nails.


Magnificent Foil Nails For Christmas

Foil is a popular way to accentuate your winter acrylic nails for Christmas, especially when it is placed in between the layers. It gives your mani a luxurious feel and tunes your mood for the Christmas ambiance. The same applies to gel Christmas nails and other nail types. Yet, you just need to use a bit of imagination to come up with suitable ideas.

Bright Christmas Nails

Who said that you cannot wear a bright manicure for Christmas? We are here to prove them wrong. After all, it is up to you to decide what color to choose for your holiday nails. And if you feel like going for flamboyant or vivid shades, no one can stop you! But really daring girls would go even further and play around with some bold mani designs, such as Nightmare Before Christmas nails or Christmas Tale nails.

Classy Plaid Nails Art

Not sure what to do with your Christmas acrylic nails? If you do not feel like reinventing the wheel, opt for something classy and chic, such as a plaid manicure design. As every pattern is unique, there are no requirements for this nail style. Just draw narrow lines in traditional Christmas colors, such as red, green and yellow or gold, from top to bottom and from side to side and you will not even notice how fast you have created this stylish mani.

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.