Sometimes it may seem that nail colors need to be just trendy, that is it. But then you have a look at your hands and realize that something that seemed to be perfect mani on the picture looks not that great on your hands. Why is that? Well, the thing is that not only nail polish shades should be taken into consideration while opting for a next manicure session, but also your skin tone. Trust us, it matters greatly!


Perfect Nail Colors for Pale Skin

When it comes to nail colors for pale skin, the choice is pretty impressive, but there are restrictions, too. While pastel shades are definitely best for your complexion, blood red and bright pink are also on the list, so no worries here. Yet, try to stay away from black as far as possible. One more thing, if you want your nail beds to look smaller – deep blue shades are what you need!


Best Nail Colors for Fair Skin

As for nail colors for fair skin, the list can go on and on forever. But you should keep in mind that what is too dark won’t work for your hands, except for reds. Pastel shades compliment everyone. You should opt for pinks in case you would like to make your hands look younger. The advantage of blues and purples is that they are totally hip and can be used instead of mere black, the variety is pretty impressive: purple, plum, midnight blue, aquamarine, navy blue etc.

Flattering Nail Colors for Medium Skin

Among the best nail colors for olive skin tones, we would like to point out nudes. The thing is that beige shades make your hands look slimmer. But if that is not your cup of tea, purples are also among flattering nail colors for medium skin. But you should definitely stay away from gold shades! And do not forget about peach and warm reds, they look great on olive skin, too. Among dark shades, pay a little bit of attention to aquamarine and purple hues.


Best Nail Colors for Tan Skin

The best nail colors for tan skin are the ones with warm undertones in them, even metallic shades are the ones to pick, if they are warm-shaded. Though, no gold shades. Otherwise, the nail color will just blend in with your skin tone and you will not like it, for sure. Yet, there is a nice exception among cold shades – baby blue contrasts with tanned skin and looks gorgeous with it. If you prefer darker shades, opt for copper and brown ones.

Infallible Nail Colors for Dark Skin

Nail colors for dark skin should be all vibrant, there is no doubt about that. All the dark shades, like purples, blacks, and blues are best nail colors for brown skin. But no pastels or bright orange shades should be used together with dark complexion, bear that in mind!

We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!