Most times, when it comes to choosing nail colors and design, lots of inspiration are gotten from the internet. You might go for nail designs that have bright nail colors and if you prefer something more subtle, you might choose neutral nail colors. After making such a choice, do you ever wonder why the colors don’t look as great on your nails as they did in the pictures? The reason is that while choosing those colors, a lot of people fail to pay attention to their skin tones which creates quite a difference in the final result of the nails. So to avoid making the same mistake, we’ve helped identify the pretty nail colors for specific skin tones and how you can rock them.


Perfect Nail Colors for Pale Skin

When it comes to trending nail colors for pale skin, the choice is pretty vast, but there are a few restrictions too. While pastel colors nails are definitely best for a pale-skinned complexion, Essie’s Russian Roulette and bright pink nail colors are also on the list. Also, it is best to avoid dark nail colors as much as possible but you experiment with nude nail colors like OPI’s Bubble Bath. One more thing, if you want your nail beds to look smaller – deep blue nail colors are what you need! The color accentuates your skin tone and compliments it in an unflattering way.

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Best Nail Colors for Fair Skin

As for nail colors for fair skin, the list can go on and on forever. Due to the skin tone, colors that are in between dark and bright should work best for you. A good example is wine acrylic nail colors which can be combined with a light shade of pink and for more beauty, glitters. The outcome always looks so good on such a skin type. You can also try a different shade of purple, lavender, that isn’t exactly bright nor toned down. Sally Hansens’s Traveling Light has a calm and soothing feeling to it. You can try other purple tones but try not to go too dark; add stones and designs to make the color pop out better. When you make the right choice of gel nail polish colors, you can achieve much younger-looking skin.

Flattering Nail Colors for Medium Skin

Among the best gel nail colors ideas for olive skin tones, we would like to point out that nudes always deliver. The thing is that beige shades make your hands look slimmer. You can consider DeBelle’s Victorian Beige for a start. But if that is not your cup of tea, purples like Essie’s No Time To Pause are also among the flattering yet cute nail colors for medium skin. You could also try to stay away from gold nail color! Instead, you can opt for peach and warm red gel nail colors, as they look great on olive skin. If you want something a little dark, pay a little bit of attention to aquamarine and purple hues.


Best Nail Colors for Tan Skin

When it comes to tan skin colors with warm undertones in them, or even metallic shades are the ones to pick if they are warm-shaded. Otherwise, the color of your nail will just blend in with your skin tone and you will definitely not like it as it won’t be noticeable at all. You could also experiment with dip nail polish colors such as brown and nude or even a dark shade of pink with black and white nails designs. Also, cold shades such as AILLSA baby blue contrast with tanned skin and look gorgeous with it. If you prefer darker shades, opt for ILNP copper holographic nail polish. Or better still, Chanel chocolate brown colors as stated before.

Infallible Nail Colors for Dark Skin

Choosing color ideas for dark skin isn’t very difficult. The colors should be most importantly vibrant, as there is no doubt about that. But dark shades, like purple, black, and blue are also great color choices for brown skin. You could also try out neon bright nail shades, such as neon yellow from Atomic or Mint green from Nails Inc. These colors could effortlessly complement a dark complexion!


Nail Colors with Winter Season

If it is the holiday season then dark winter nail colors like Hailey Biebers’s glazed chocolate brown, are definitely a must-try! Gold Chrome is among other winter nail polish colors that should be used during this season. Although it may look flat, it sure knows how to elevate your manicure best. Also, if we’re talking about winter which is the festive season, it’ll be wrong to leave off deep red colors. Consider classic red from Chanel or Dior and slay it like Rihannas’s red carpet nails .You can have it not only on your fingernails but also as your winter toe nail colors.

Nail Colors with Autumn/Fall Season

Some might not know but you can get ideas for your September nail colors from your wardrobe. If it’s a color you’re comfortable with, then why not try it out on your nails? However, if you still want inspiration, then there are mustard yellow and glazed donut-topping gel fall nail colors that are quite trending. What’s Up Bear Trap mustard yellow with a beautiful gold shimmer will keep you excited all through the autumn season! You can also try them as fall toe nail polish colors. If you prefer matte fall nail shades, you can use denim blue shades from Dior or Essie or even black. This will also help you to achieve dark fall nail colors without trying too hard.

Nail Colors with Spring Season

Choosing spring nail colors is quite fun as there are lots of options available. You can use, for instance, olive green glossy colors from Terra or Essie which have a variety of shades. So paint the season with your nails and any floral design of your choice. Bright colors such as yellow, white or orange nails using Atomic or DeBelle’s orange shades are prominent spring nail polish colors that are worth giving a try. As they are light tones, they are attention drawing and express the season better given the fact that spring has lots of flowers blooming which is so satisfying to see.


Nail Colors with Summer Season

First things first is to try out gel summer nail colors like Bottega green, sky blue, turquoise or even lilac. Picture Polish or Jin Soon sky blue shades would accompany all through the summer heat. Especially on a trip to the beach, your nails are in for a ride! What’s more is that these bright August nail colors look good whether they’re plain or with designs. They no doubt complement the season and would go with whatever clothes you decide to wear. Some other nail colors for summer include pear and sheer gold shimmer, brown, and even bright orange mixed with pink. OPI nail polishes like Sephora or ILNP Pina Colada sheer white holographic polish would totally give you all the sparkles needed to make your break perfect!

Nail colors are the perfect way to explore and get creative during your manicure. You get to try out new designs and shades and also match them to whatever season you’re in. There’s no limit to how creative you can get and as new colors keep coming out, the fun just increases. For better results, it is best to take your skin tone into consideration when deciding on what color to use on your fingernails and toes.


How do I choose the right nail color?

Choosing the right color for your nails has so many variables involved. The first thing to note is that you should look out for colors that match your skin tone. This is for a better appreciation of your nails and for a more prominent result. You might also want to choose colors based on the season and month. For instance, august nail colors would differ from winter nail colors. So this should be put into consideration. Finally, you should pick colors you like best out of the available options; as your taste is your priority.

What are the popular nail colors for 2023?

There are a lot of colors for nails trending right now, so the list is a little long. But just to mention a few, we have metallic shades, pea green, balletcore pink, chrome colors, chocolate brown, etc.

What nail color fits my skin tone?

If you know your skin tone, then you can check out the colors that fit it from our list above.

Infographic A Visual Guide on the Right Nail Colors for Different Skin Tones