40+ Cute Winter Nails Designs to Inspire Your Winter Mood


Winter nails ideas are exactly what you need right now. The holidays are coming together with cold, winter days, but that is not the reason to get upset, quite on the contrary. The thing is that we have a fresh collection of nail designs to share with you so that you will look your best no matter what season is outside. We believe that freshening up your nail art arsenal is always a nice idea, what do you think? Let us have a look!


Snowflake Winter Nails Catch the Frost on Your Hands

Snowflake designs are classy representatives of winter season nails. But what about making your snow nails look more extraordinary than ever? We suggest you try out the combo of a white base and spicy red snowflakes.

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

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Charming Waterfall Winter Nails Designs

Waterfall manicure is something other-worldly, there are no jokes about it. But to bring in that winter vibe, you should choose the proper hues. A nice, sparkly golden shade in a combination with bright red and green colors falling into cream-white may be just it.

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Cute Winter Nails with Star Splash

The thing about stars is that they can suit both festive and everyday look. If you do not trust us, just have a look at this glossy combo of burgundy and gold. Can you think of an occasion you can’t wear it to? We can’t!

Source: amanda.sudolll via Instagram

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

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Warm Knitted Winter Nail Designs

In case you are looking for cute winter nails, you can’t simply pass by the knitted ones. Just combine the knitted mani with sweet pastel shades, and everyone will admire your new look.

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Cool Extra Glitter Ombre Winter Nails

Ombre with glitter is a must when winter comes. Just imagine how cool it would be to match all that sparkly snow outside with your sparkly nails! The combo of midnight blue and silver sparkles is a killer one!

Source: makarova_nails_studio_ via Instagram

Source: makarova_nails_studio_ via Instagram

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Candy Winter Nails Designs

Source: darianails_kr via Instagram

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Snowman Winter Nails Art

By choosing the snowman as an ornament you will get the cutest winter manicure ever. Only look at these amazing ideas!

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Snow-Capped Trees for Winter Nails Designs

Look at this incredible winter nail art with the frosty pattern and snow-capped trees. Such designs are inspired by nature itself. Looking at them we feel the freshness of the winter forest. And what about you?

Source: ldnailsxo via Instagram

Source: agnesnails.stylizacjapaznokci via Instagram

Source: agnesnails.stylizacjapaznokci via Instagram


Winter Nail Designs With Thin Lines

Sometimes it’s enough only some tiny details to fully complete your everyday nail design. Thin lines on pure glossy base look really exquisite and elegant.

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Winter Nails Designs with Glitter Triangles

During winter period glitter is the most popular thing in the nail art. Add to your manicure some shining accents, such as these triangles and you’ll attract an attention of all people around.

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Winter Nails with Animals Art

Polar bears and deer are indeed the symbols of winter. That is why depicting them on your nails is a great way to contribute to the season. Besides, you do not need to be a professional artist to replicate easy and fun stamping.

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Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs

Christmas tree carries that charming vibe of upcoming holidays. That means that decorating your nails with colorful Christmas trees is an excellent way to add up something bright to your festive look. We are sure, at least one of these ideas will conquer your heart!

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Scandinavian Motifs For Winter Mani

Winter manicure would be incomplete without winter patterns. Choose your favorite color and adorn it with beautiful Scandinavian design to look all wintery and festive!

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

Source: nails_bychels via Instagram

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

Classic Plaid Winter Nails Designs

If you prefer classic nail styles yet still want your winter nails to suit the ambiance of the holiday, then it is hard to think of a better option for you than plaid nail art. The pattern already looks intricate and sophisticated, so you do not have to think of any additional adornments. However, if you feel like complementing it with some festive nail art, you are so welcome to do so. Just make sure to stick to the classic colors and you are guaranteed to get the best nails design for holidays.

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Winter nails art is one of our absolute favorite, as it gives plenty of space for our most creative endeavors. It is infused with the spirit of the holiday, thus tuning our mood into the festive ambiance. We hope these ideas come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!


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