It is no secret that Hailey Bieber is a trend setter in the world of beauty and her chrome nails could not go unnoticed. Girls have gone crazy about her mani, which resulted in multiple requests for Hailey Bieber chrome nails at nail salons all over the globe. If you could not resist the trend too, we have good news for you. In the following guide, we have broken down everything you should know about a chrome manicure, including the most beautiful ideas for your inspiration.


What Are Chrome Nails?

Obviously, when we are talking about a chrome manicure, we do not mean that we use actual chrome for nails. We refer to the mirror finish your nails have. To achieve such an effect, you use special chrome powder for nails. The tiniest shimmer it contains creates a uniform shine that you cannot confuse with anything else.


We owe the comeback of chrome nail designs to such fashion icons as Lizzo and Hailey Bieber. They introduced this nail style to the beauty world not so long ago but it has managed to become one of the most trending nail designs since. Apart from a lighter iridescent look, chrome manicure have also set off numerous style options, featuring floral prints, abstract designs and other patterns.

Chrome Nail Designs in Trend Right Now

To ensure you will not have to look for inspiration elsewhere, we have put together the trendiest chrome nail idea below. Now all you need to do is to pick out the design that resonates with you most.


Classic Hailey Bieber Chrome Nails

You can never go wrong with classic chrome nails Hailey Bieber has made her signature manicure style lately. They look stunning on any nail shape and length. So, no matter whether you have long stiletto nails or a short square mani, you can rest assured that these nude chrome nail designs will work for you perfectly.

Abstract Chrome Manicure

There are many ways how to do chrome nails so that they turn out even more unique and eye catching. Yet, when you cannot come up with any specific idea, simply get an abstract nail design painted over your chrome manicure. The base color can be just anything, from light to black chrome nails.


Minimalist Chrome Nail Designs

Those who prefer a minimalistic style will definitely love these chrome nail design ideas. They feature very delicate accents, so you will not feel like your manicure is overwhelmed with nail art. You can even accentuate every nail without being afraid that it will come out too much. Plus, it goes well with any shade of chrome nail polish.

Gradient or Ombre Chrome Nails

Ombre nails are still incredibly popular and no wonder. With this manicure technique, you can create a great number of captivating nail styles. Yet, to take it to another level, go for chrome ombre nails. The transition can be done on the same nail or on the whole hand at once. It is up to you.

French Manicure With Chrome

Who could have thought that chrome French tip nails would look so gorgeous? Meanwhile, this manicure style is winning the hearts of even the most avid fashionistas. Yet, you do not have to stick to the classic white tip nude base combo. For a more unusual look, opt for colorful chrome French tip nails.


Mix And Match Chrome Nail Art

Like any other nails style, a chrome manicure comes in many colors. As such, you are free to mix the shades as much as your imagination is capable of. And the best part? They do not have to be perfectly matching. Choose complementary colors for more boldness and contrast.

Colorful Chrome Nails

Although originally chrome are metallic nails, it does not mean that silver chrome nails are your only color option. You are welcome to pick out any shade you like. Say, gold chrome nails look like real gems, and with red chrome nails, you are bound to have all eyes on you.

Holographic Chrome Nails

Give your silver chrome mani an unusual twist with the help of a holo effect. Although they initially have an iridescent finish, you can enhance it to rake your mani to center stage. One of the main benefits of this nail style, apart from looking jaw dropping, is the range of colors.


Mirror Chrome Nail Art Design

If you like to stand out in the crowd, you should definitely get a mirror chrome nail design. It looks so appealing that you will not be able to take your eyes off your mani. From red and black to gold and white chrome nails, there is an option for absolutely anyone.

If you have not tried chrome nails yet, then we do not know what you are waiting for. Our guide should have inspired you for this unbelievable manicure style with the best ideas that we have collected for you. So, whenever you need to upgrade your mani style, do not hesitate to use any of the nail styles above.


What is chrome on nails?

Chrome nails are a manicure style that you can create using a special chrome powder that consists of glass, pigment and fine metals. First, you need to paint your nails with a nail polish and then rub the powder over it with the help of an eyeshadow sponge or special brush.

What is Hailey Bieber chrome nails?

On Hailey Bieber nails chrome manicure was redefined. It has an iridescent finish, rather than a strong metallic sheen. This can be achieved thanks to a light or neutral base and a chrome powder rubbed over it.

How long does chrome last on nails?

On average, you can expect chrome powder nails to last for about three weeks. After this time, the polish may start to chip off. Plus, your nails grow out too much so it becomes too noticeable.

How do you get chrome look on your nails?

To achieve a chrome nail effect on your manicure, you need to start with a base nail color first. Next, apply a layer of a no wipe gel and proceed with rubbing a chrome powder over it. Finish off by sealing the mani with a layer of no wipe topper.