39 Hottest Summer Nail Colors and Designs to Wear This Season

Summer nail colors are always bright and gorgeous. They attract much attention to your nails. Get out of your winter rut and start swiping these hot shades for summer. Although it is spring now, it’s never too early to get ahead on summer trends. The spring/summer catwalks showed off everything from sunny yellow nails to glistening metallic shades. Start your packing list for your future summer vacation with these versatile summer nail polishes.

Bright Blue Summer Nail Colors

Summer nails are so stunning. Consider this collection of bright blue nails. Stamping will help you to do these art designs.

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White Nail Polish with Bright Pops of Color

We are sure you will love these summer nail designs: white nail polish with bright pops of color.

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Mint Green Nail Color is a Summer Must-Have

Mint green nail color is really a summer must-have. This color has been in fashion for several seasons, so you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

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Always Trendy Pink Nail Designs

Always trendy pink nail designs will give you a sense of romance. They will make your manicure so gorgeous that you won’t believe that these nails are your own!

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Hottest Tropical Green Summer Nail Colors for Your Summer Mani

If you dream of sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea, these hottest tropical green colors will be ideal for your manicure. This color looks fantastic on the tanned body.

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Soft and Romantic Summer Lavender Nails

There is one thing we can always rely on to keep our summer nail color right on trend — and that’s shine power. Nothing looks better beaming in the sunlight than a high-gloss finish. That’s why you should try these soft and romantic summer lavender nails.

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Gold Nail Designs You Will Love

If you want to be shiny and have bright accents on your nails, you are sure to love these gold nail designs. Imagine how they will shine!

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Light Yellow Summer Nails

Doesn’t this yellow to orange ombre remind you of the sunset on a hot summer evening? Yellow screams summer!

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Feminine Nude Pink Nails

What color can be more feminine and romantic than nude pink? There is hardly any. You can always spice it up with glitter for an edgier look.

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Coral Designs for Eye-catching Nails

A coral color is ideal for your summer nails as your wardrobe get more colorful and lighter. You will feel really jazzy with such mani.

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Pastel Nail Colors for Romantic Evening

Pastel shades never go out as they will complement practically any image. Pick gradient in pastels, if you are the real fashionista.

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Nail Designs for Swimming Pool Party

Partying poolside requires you to have a special summery image, starting with your outfit, and ending with your manicure. These nail designs are ideal for the summer fun.

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Beach Nail Art for Summer Time

These nail designs depict the moment of coming up to the edge of the water, when the sand warms your feet, and the water is so cold. This feeling is unique, and so are these nail designs.

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Main photo by Manikurka