Deciding on summer nail colors while getting a manicure is just as important as picking an outfit for a gathering. Are you feeling excited but also anxious about the upcoming summer season? Fear not, as you have nailed it this time around. The polish that you pick for your nails is as important as what you will wear for the season. Looking for vibrant and colorful nail polish colors? Look no further! There is no shortage of beauty in the world, and there’s no shortage of nail polish that reflects that beauty. It’s summer, but you don’t have to forego the color of your manicure in favor of more neutral shades. Check out these summer nail colors 2023 that are perfect for the season.


Pink Summer Nail Colors

As well-known, trendy pink nail designs will give you a sense of romance. These summer pink acrylic nails might just be one of the easiest choices to start your vacation with. It gives the perfect pop to your beach nails and the various tones can easily match your mood. With the hot sun reflecting down on your summer acrylic nails, you can tell your fashion is absolutely complete.


Classic Red Summer Nails

Amongst other popular summer nail colors ideas is the striking red tone. Summer is the time to meet new people and you surely do want to leave an impression with your summer nail color. For those who love attention with a confident aura, bold red summer color nails are a must-try! You can however tone down the sharpness of the red by mixing it with neutral shades such as black or nude. No doubt, your August nails, June colors are set!

Soft Summer Lavender Nails

There is one thing we can always rely on to keep our summer nail colors right on trend — and that’s shine power. Nothing looks better beaming in the sunlight than a high-gloss finish. That’s why you should try these soft and romantic summer lavender nails. You should try using the popular Zoya Nail Polish Summer Collection as it features a stunning range of shades, especially purple and lavender . Best paired with white, your nails look like a flower blooming at its finest under the hot sun. The beauty of lavender summer colors for nail is in their simplicity. So you don’t want to be too extra and ruin the beauty of lovely lavender color nails.


Dusty Blue Summer Nail Designs

Although Sky blues are still fit for your summer nails, dusty blues are hitting the spotlight. There are many tints to experiment with so that every fashionable lady can find the hue suitable for her needs and preferences. From the deep tones to the fairly bright shades, these blue summer nails might just be a little reminder of what the morning sky looks like till the afternoon sun pushes it all aside. By the way Essie’s nail polish collection offers an abundance of perfect shades for the summer, catering to different moods and preferences.

Mint Green Nail Color for Summer

Mint green nail color is really a summer must-have. This color has been in fashion for several seasons, so you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with it. Almost like aqua blue, mint green is hard to go unnoticed and definitely fits a beach scenery. So if you’re spending your summer near the sea, you might want your nails to look the part, especially with these summer nail colors.


Tropical Green Summer Nail Colors

If you dream of sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea, then these hottest tropical green colors will be ideal for your manicure. The longer you stare at this color, the more mesmerizing it gets. It’s like painting your nails with the trees of the forest which is quite alluring. This tropical green color looks fantastic, especially on a tanned body.

Neon Green Summer Nail Colors

It is not enough to have lots of stylish summer nail designs at your disposal. You need to be aware of the best shades to match them with. This season is all about neon green nails. There is no use denying it. However, do not forget about juice palettes or ombre manicures, they are still on the edge of popularity!

Sunny Yellow Summer Nails

Yellow screams summer no doubt. Go the extra mile and bring the heat from the sun with these bright summer nails. Quite sharp at first sight but still very exquisite. This rich hue can be flaunted in various ways but most times, people like to keep it plain and simple. Doesn’t mean you have to! Let your happy vacation spirit radiate through your nails and get this shine you deserve even from afar.


White Nail Polish with Bright Pops of Color

There’s hardly any color that doesn’t sit well with white. Its neutrality is at its peak which makes it all the more memorable to experiment with. Some summer acrylic nail ideas with white could be the addition of sky-blue patterns to create a marble effect. Or better still, you could have rainbow sprinkles on it, like the glazed donuts you like. We are sure you will love these summer nail designs provided.

Feminine Nude Pink Nails

Don’t want to follow the barbie-pink trend, you can give the softer nude pink nails color a try. Which summer nails colors can be more feminine and romantic than baby pink? With these gel summer nail colors, you appear more reserved and laid back. It’s a fun tone to rock for a wedding or even a date with your friends. You can always spice it up with glitters for an edgier look.

Summer Coral Nails Designs

Coral gel nail colors are somewhat between orange and peach. Almost like the sunset at the beach, this color might just virtually take you to the beach, calming your nerves and giving you a sense of peace. Its warm undertones give you a more colorful appearance to fit rightfully into any occasion. Add a little white to the cute nail colors and you’re good to go!


Pastel Summer Nail Colors

Pastel shades never go out as they always complement practically any image. Summer is well represented with mostly pastel color for nails which is a great way to have fun with your look. Mind you, these nail colors for summer are bright gradients but with a warm tone to them. You’re not limited in your creativity, thanks to these flattering summer nail polish colors.

While preparing for the summer break, a lot of people have a hard time deciding what summer nail colors to choose during their manicure sessions. It’s well known that a lot of colors are trending but given people’s distinct tastes, the list is cut short. However, our recommendations on the latest summer nail polish colors are so vast, covering so many shades and tones. That way, you’re likely to find your tailored taste for the season.


What is the most popular summer nail color?

Although pastel shades are more popular during the summer and spring seasons, neutral colors like white, grey and even the newly introduced chrome never seem to go out of style.

What nail colors are hot for summer?

When it reaches the season of summer, the nail colors that are hot for summer, are mainly bright pastel shades like green, yellow and blue.

What summer nail colors go with everything?

If you’re looking for colors that won’t require you to be selective in your choice of outfits for the summer, then you might want to try creamy nude tones or milky white nail polish. You can tell that colors like this have no problem blending in effortlessly.

What nail colors are best for August?

Rather than going for your usual black July nail colors, you can opt for a more subtle tone of neutral grey, chrome nail polish, lavender, lime green or even sunset yellow.