Winter nail colors are exactly what you need right now when the season strikes. The thing is that the way your nails look plays a very important part in the perfection of your appearance as a whole. So, what nail colors are in for winter? If you want to keep up with the latest nail trends so that your manicure looks appropriate for the season, opt for either deep and rich shades, such as classic red, dark purple and saturated green, or subdued and muted, like nude beige, pastel blue and rose gold. In case you are still unsure what is the trendiest idea to pull off when holidays come, we have a handful of fresh looks, which can’t wait to be pulled off by you! Pick any of the shades listed below and you will look irresistible anywhere you go!


Inky Blue Winter Nails

Are you into dark winter nail colors? In that case, you can never go wrong with an ink blue nails. Blue winter colors for nails are only for the boldest of you. If you are not scared of dark blue winter nails, then there is nothing a winter could bring to scare you. High five, girl!


Winter Pale Blue Nails

Winter nail colors 2023 are totally bound with nature. This baby blue reminds us of fresh snow, falling down just before a new day is about to start. Sounds quite melancholic but the glitter proves us otherwise! And if you add rhinestones, you will end up with winter ice blue nails, which deserve to be sported by the Snow Queen herself, no less.

Deep Green Like Winter Nail Colors

The winter color nails range would be incomplete without green shades. How could we simply forget about the color of a holiday tree, Christmas tree, right? Being one of the traditional festive colors, it is a failsafe option for winter themed nails. That is why dark or emerald green nails with glitter is exactly what you should cover your Christmas nails with! It is guaranteed to bring a holiday feel to your look even if you decide to choose a pretty casual outfit.


Classic Red Winter Nail Colors

When winter comes, season nails are that perfect something that will be able to cheer you up during the long, snowy days. That is why glittery red nails is a perfect example of what you should opt for. These classy winter nails are so juicy and sparkling at the same time that it is difficult to take the eyes off!

Purple Winter Nail Color

Winter colored nails should be all about the definition of the holiday spirit. We think that purple suits the role perfectly. It comes as no surprise that it is one of the most popular winter colors for nails. No matter how deep you go, sparkly or not, purple will save any day! Try it out and you will not be disappointed about these winter nails designs!


Winter Nail Colors – Pearl Delight

Sometimes winter nail colors are all about bringing more softness and femininity into your look. If that is what you seek, then you should at least consider pearly nude manicure. It looks so sweet and gorgeous at the same time that it is impossible to resist. Besides, such elegant classy winter nails are suitable even for quite a formal event, which makes them a perfect option for your corporate Christmas party.

Exclusive Gray Winter Nails

Looking for some unconventional winter nails ideas that would also be able to elevate your mood during colder months? The best way to fight off the dullness of a grey winter day is with your sparkly manicure. What is more, you should definitely consider holo grey shades to pull off on a regular winter day. Such a mani will suit perfectly either a party or regular outfit of yours. Sounds great to us – what about you?

Hot Plum Winter Nail Colors

When it comes to simple dark winter nails, especially to winter nails colors for pale skin, you can’t leave plum shades out. They are exceptionally rich and quite bold but surely do not look arrogant or tasteless. What is more, you can pull these shades no matter where you are headed. Try them out and they will not disappoint you!


Dark Chocolate Winter Nail Colors Temptation

These season nail colors are a little bit different than they were some time ago. The thing is that these days, nail designs for winter involve dark chocolate shades. In case you ever thought that brown is boring, you haven’t seen these ideas for sure!

Winter Nail Colors: Try in Holo or Chroms

Those of you who like to follow up on nail trends but still want to remain unique should definitely try holographic shades out. The thing is that if you opt for holo nail art, your nails will not only look trendy with all the best winter nail colors listed but will also acquire that special spark we all look for during wintertime! And if you want to flaunt an ultimately Christmas-y mani, use a chrome powder or holo top on white winter nails.

Elegant Gold Winter Nail Color

Gold hues are certainly fit for winter. However, the milder and softer the color, the gentler the result. That is why if you are looking for some nails with gold foil or glitter nail art ideas – these ideas may be precisely what you need! While they work for any manicure length and type, classy short winter nails are the best canvas for them.


Toned-Down Nude Winter Manicure

Neutral shades can be wintery as well. Although when applying a nude mani color, it may seem that you get simple winter nails, they are in no way dull or plain. Whether you prefer a solid manicure or a mani with a seasonal accent – we have it covered. Take your pick and treat your fingernails with the portion of the nude style we have picked out for you below.

Winter Toe Nail Colors

Some prefer to wear a color on their toes only during an open shoe season. But if you want your pedicure to look flawless all year round, you may need some good suggestions on winter toe nail colors. No worries, we got your back. To infuse you with a dose of inspiration, we have put together some of the most fantastic toe nail designs below.

As you can see, winter nail colors should not necessarily look boring or plain. They can be as colorful and flamboyant as you like. Yet, if you prefer more elegant and low-key shades, you have a wide variety of options as well. We hope the ideas we have picked out for you come to your liking and you will share them with your friends! Do not forget to check for updates!


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