It is true that fall nail colors have something unique about them and that something tends to change with every year. Since the summer is passing it is the time you prepare yourself to greet fall in all armor, and your perfectly painted nails should not be an exception. That is why we have gathered here all the trendiest fall nail shades according to Pantone 2022 and some spicy nail art ideas to replicate. Read on and enjoy!


Combo Color Manicure

Fall nail colors are many, and the best way to succeed with exciting manicure is to mix and match the shades. We are going to suggest a few trendy ideas for you to play around with.


Navy Blue Fall Nail Colors

If you consider all-out navy blue nails too much, accentuate a couple of fall nails art with a very dark or neutral color and nail art design.

Purple And Lavender Nails for Autumn Season

Purple colors should not necessarily be flaunted during warm months. They will fit any weather and season, including fall. Opt for purple or lavender color nails and accentuate it with fall nails design for a dose of definition and style.


Black Nails With Negative Space Accent

The combo of fall nail art and black nails is always a killer one, not to mention the fact that it is a universal and classy match.

Two-Tone Autumn Nails

Very often, we perceive autumn like the season of dark hues. However, that is not the best approach especially if you are a fan of pastel or light nail art. Even a sole baby blue nails accent will add unique charm to your manicure, see for yourself!


Fall Red Nails Designs

Red is classy and elegant shade for fall manicure we all know that. What is more, it is so universal that it fits in any season trend.

Crocus Petal Ombre Nails

Some ladies prefer gentle shades nail ideas all year long, and we can’t say that we blame you in case you are one of them. What is more, this super sweet ombre nails may come in handy when you decide to pull something fresh off for the upcoming season.

Tofu – New White Shade For Gentle Nail Art

White shades are always in because they are so gentle and elegant, but there is always a way to spice things up. What we have in mind is the addition of a floral accent to your white nails, and Tofu shade is the best to help you succeed with this masterpiece.


Calm Green for Autumn Nails

In case you are looking for a bright but calm nail art design, we may have just a worthy idea in mind. Calm green nails polish base combined with nude tones and trendy minimalistic pattern will be a great accent for your nails.

Dark Wine Fall Nail Art

Even though dark wine color is pretty much universal, fall nail ideas merely looks exquisite with the use of it.

Pink Autumn Nails

The best way to meet the season is to combine the trendy colors together with trendy patterns in your manicure.


Chocolate Nails for Autumn Manicure

Brown nails are totally the best representative of fall. However, when regular brown becomes a little too dull, it is time to experiment.

Gold Foil For Fall Nail Colors – Best Choice

We can barely think of a better option for fall manicure than gold foil. It perfectly fits this season not only with its color but also with the texture.

Light And Dark Taupe Shades Nails

The colors you use for your fall nail art do not necessarily need to be contrasting ones. You can easily create stylish nail art with the help of different hues of the same color. The mixture of light and dark taupe shades with glitter accent is a winning one for an autumn manicure.


Mustard is one of the most popular colors of late, especially in fall. Despite being considered rather controversial, it looks trendy and stylish. Painting your nails in this warm color will add a touch of coziness and snugness to your look.

Several Shades Of Nail Polish In One Manicure

It happens so that there are times when you can’t come up with just one shade for the autumn manicure. At times like these, all you need to do is to add all fall nail colors to your manicure, however, make sure that they are matching each other as in the example.

Burgundy Shade For Fall Nails Color

Fall season nails in burgundy shades are just perfect. That is why this matte burgundy fall nails are so fitting for the season. Such a manicure will suit any outfit or occasion.


Lemon Yellow Like Soft Fall Nail Color

There are shades that are trendy no matter the season and yellow is surely one of those colors. However, adding matte finish and some handmade draws pattern will make your nails look fabulous according to fall nail trends. Try it out when autumn strikes!

Russet Orange – Pumpkin Color For Halloween Nails

Autumn is all about holidays and pumpkins, that is why russet orange color is one of the best for your Halloween nails to pull off when the season hits. It is so juicy and elegant that it is difficult to resist!

Matte Nails With Glitter Accent

Fall is a great season to play around not only with different shades but with different finishes and textures as well. Combine matte beige nails with a glittery accent to create a well-balanced low-key manicure that is perfect for fall.


Negative Space With Stripes Design

Negative space nail design will arguably never go out of fashion. To create it, you can paint several colorful stripes across your nails painted in nude color right in the middle of them. The rest of the nails, it is better to paint in a dark color for added contrast.

Fall nail colors are very vibrant and versatile, and it is time you learn about what is going to be on the top when the season hits. We can assure you that among these fashionable shades and trendy fall designs there will be something special for you!