Have you always been shying away from orange nails because they seemed too bold and intense for you? If your answer is “yes,” then this guide is made to change your mind. An orange manicure is actually incredibly versatile. You can find a matching shade and style for every outfit and ambiance it should fit. So, take a good look at the ideas we have put together below and make your best bet.


What Nail Polish Goes With Orange?

If you decide to wear an orange outfit, then it is better to consider neutral nail polish colors. White, nude, gray, cream and navy shades are going to be the best option for you.


How To Choose The Right Orange Nail Polish For Every Season

Wondering, is orange a fall or spring color? Both. Despite the common belief that orange nails belong to a specific season, it is far from the truth. You can feel free to wear this fun nail color all year round. Just in some cases, you may want to adjust it a little to better fit the weather. So, is orange a summer nail color? It definitely is! A bright orange manicure will accentuate the tan you brought from your summer vacation like no other. Do you know why is orange a fall nail color? Because it perfectly echoes the colors of fall leaves. Just go for deeper, more autumnal shades of orange, such as rusty, terracotta, cinnamon, etc. For spring, pick out pastel hues and in the winter, you are welcome to choose any shade you like.

Mix and Match Orange Nail Art

Obviously, orange color nails are not for faint hearted ladies. So, if you decide to venture out for them, it means you are not afraid to have all eyes on you. However, to elevate your nail look, you may want to adorn it with unique nail art. What it is going to be depends on your preferences and the drawing skills of your nail tech.


Unusual French Orange Nails

Although an orange manicure is already quite eye catching, you can take it to another level of boldness by incorporating it into French tip nails. What is more, you are offered several ways to do it – use orange for the tips or base of your nail. If this is a little too much for you, you can then get away with orange nail art applied over a classic French mani.

Neon Orange Nails

Orange is one of the best colors to wear neon, especially when it is on your nails. While it looks particularly good in the summer, you may also rock this mani during any season you like. Yet, keep in mind that with neon orange nails, you will not go unnoticed. So, get ready to be the center of attention wherever you go.


Ombre Orange Nails

A failsafe way to pull off an orange nail color is by getting an ombre nails designs. Depending on your preferences and the desired effect, you may choose different shades of orange, like soft peach color nails or bright neon, for it or mix it with other colors. This nail style can also serve as the base for other manicure designs.

Orange Pastel Colors Nails

Those who prefer a rather moderate nail style should consider a pastel orange manicure. It is very delicate and tasteful, so you can sometimes wear it in a semi formal or even formal ambiance. Plus, this pastel colors nails allows for various embellishments without the risk of looking kitschy.

Matte Orange Nail Designs

Looking for something wearable yet bold? Matte orange nail designs are your sure bet. A velvety finish makes the color less striking, but it nevertheless catches the eye. The design turns out more dimensional in this way. In addition, this is a wonderful way to upgrade your mani and give it a fun twist.


Orange Manicure And Flowers

You can never go wrong by decorating your orange manicure with flowers. A floral print works wonders for any nail color, especially such flamboyant as orange. The type of flowers is totally up to you – this can be anything from daisies to lavender. Moreover, if you can come up with your own flowery pattern, do not hesitate to incorporate it.

Orange Mix with Other Colors For Nails

Believe it or not, orange can be paired beautifully with other colors. It can work as an accent color or accompany other shades. Either way, you can rest assured that your manicure will be in the spotlight. Feeling up for a statement nail look? Then you should include more than a couple of colors in your mani.

Nude Orange Mani

Ladies who find a bright orange manicure a bit overwhelming should try nude orange nail designs. They also look quite interesting, yet are not over the edge. Plus, there are plenty of various nail art ideas so that you can easily find an option to your taste. You can begin with an accent on a single nail and then progress to all out nail designs.

Now that you have enough information about orange nails, we hope you no longer skip them when your nail tech offers you this vivid color. You can see for yourself that it is possible to pick out an orange nail shade that meets your expectations. The same goes for orange manicure designs.