There are some things in women’s fashion that will never go out of style or lose their popularity, and star nails are certainly no exception when it comes to trends in nail designs! The major reason why the starry pattern is so huge with women of all ages lies in its amazing versatility and flexibility: you can add a geometric twist to it, as well as leave things up to pure minimalism, and simply let your imagination fly.


On top of that, such designs are the perfect base for various experiments – you can play around with many other creative patterns, textures, and colors to create your unique fancy nail look. To be honest, if we had it our way, we could write a book about the beauty of starry nails. But let’s just have a look at some of the latest star nail design ideas so you can see it with your own eyes!

Sequins Star Nails Designs

Easy stars nail design looks fabulous despite being simple. Add some star-shaped gold nail sequins to your nude mani and you will take it straight away to another level of plain but charming. What is more, star nail polish glitter is what you need to spend as little time on your fantastic manicure as possible.


Accent Star Nails Designs

In case you are looking for perfect ways to accent your nails, there is nothing better to suit the role than stars. For example, a rhinestone start shape will accent your beautiful crimson mani in the best way possible. If bold is not your cup of tea, nude shades complemented with nice, tiny starry patterns look just adorable.

Star Nails & Negative Space

Negative space nails are on the edge of popularity these days. Yet, there is always a way to take this trend to a next level. How about adding some star nail stencil to create a fancy negative space design? Just place your favorite nail art sticker stencils over your nails, cover it with a suitable base color and remove the stencils when your nails are dry. What is more, you can always decorate your negative space stars with anything that suits your style.


Fairy Stars and Moon Nail Art

Blasting Nail Combination: Glitter & Stars

There is no such a thing as too much bling when we talk about your nails, all that you need to be able to handle is the perfectly chosen design. The combo of sparkles and stars is merely heavenly. There is nothing out of place about any of these designs, everything is in fantastic correspondence with each other!


Elegant And Stylish 3D Star Nails Designs

When the solid coating is not suitable for the occasion, it is time to experiment not only with designs but also with texture. 3D nail art is very popular and required these days. What is more, these starry nail designs can conquer the hearts of any demanding fashionista.

Colorful Star Nails

If you are looking for something exquisite but without taking it over the edge, these colorful star nails ideas may come in more than handy!

Black Stars Nail Design

If you are a gothic girl, and love cosmos theme – try these magical nail designs.

From soft nude shades with pastel minimalist stars embellishing the base to dramatic, sultry, and eye-catching designs, star nails come in an impressive variety of ideas. While being a classic nail art element, the starry pattern can give a great fresh take at popular trends and diversify other ageless classics such as french or cat-eye nail ideas. Well, no wonder why it’s gone viral on Instagram!


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