Minimalist nail art is not only a single color manicure. There are many more styles and designs that you can choose from. Do you like geometric shapes? Then you should definitely try the negative space manicure. Or, maybe, you prefer a Korean style manicure? We have collected plenty of ideas for it too. No matter what minimalist style you are going to choose, you can rest assured that your nails will look stunning. And our inspirational guide will help you to find your perfect manicure.


French Minimalist Nail Art

French is one of the most popular minimalist nail styles. If you think that it is outdated, we are here to prove you wrong. This is one of those nail trends that never go out of fashion. With French manicure, you get elegant minimalist nails that suit any ambiance and outfit. What is more, modern French nails allow for a myriad of options, from classic white tips to trendy neon and bright French mani. Besides, your nail tech may play around not only with the color of the tips but also with their shape.


Minimalist Abstract Nail Art

Minimal abstract nails are extremely versatile, as every design is truly unique. Intricate patterns, unusual color combos, complementary textures, you are offered a wide variety of design options. Another great thing about it is that abstract nail art can incorporate elements from other nail styles, such as geometric shapes or color blocking. If all out minimalist abstract nail art seems like too much for you, then you may simply accentuate one or several nails with an abstract design.

Korean Style Minimalist Nails

K-Pop culture has made its way into almost every industry and nail art is no exception. So, it is always a good idea to draw inspiration from the Korean style. Luckily, the number of manicure styles is so sheer that it is not hard to find a perfect nail design for anyone. Korean minimalist nail art introduced such iconic designs to us as shattered glass nails, syrup nails, kawaii nails, tonal manicure, cuticle nails and many others.


Elegant Minimalist Nails With Matte Top

A surefire way to turn almost any manicure into an elegant minimalist nails style is by applying a matte top to it. With a velvety finish, your nails gain a luxurious and posh touch. Besides, you should not necessarily adorn your many with a nail design, as matte nails already look quite eye catching. So, if you are bored of a glossy finish, then this may become a great alternative for you.

Minimalist Nails with Geometric Elements

Geometric minimalist nails are a timeless manicure trend, so you can never go wrong with it. To pull it off, you do not have to be particularly innovative. You can achieve the desired effect on your nails in various ways, be it a trendy negative space or a classic mosaic design. To keep it minimal, go for a single toned mani, subdued colors or a low key design. One of the main benefits such minimalist nail art gives you is that it looks flattering on any nail shape and length.


Color Mix for Minimalist Nails

Do not be afraid to throw some color into your manicure even if you are aiming at a minimalist nail style. Just stick to complementary colors or the shades that are on the same side of the color spectrum and you are guaranteed Instagram minimalist nail art that everyone will want to recreate. Optionally, include some nail design, such as minimalist line nail art, for an added emphasis and accent.

Dots for Minimalist Nails

The dotted manicure looks cute and feminine. What is more, it almost never comes out over the edge. So, you may not worry that you will somehow overdo it. Dots can be applied either randomly or following a specific pattern. This is totally up to you to decide. The base color may be just anything, from a quite bold shade to absolutely clear. Should you want to add some bling to it, you can use glitter or rhinestones.

Obviously, there are many other minimalist nail art styles. Yet, we have tried to make our collection not only beautiful but also versatile. Hopefully, you have managed to draw inspiration from it and decide what nail style you are going to ask your nail tech for next.