Long nails will always look more glamorous than most of the designs for short nails, as they are a great canvas for your creative endeavors. Yet, if you feel like you are lacking inspiration, no worries, we got your back. The nail design ideas that we have gathered here will fit both artificial and naturally long nails. From beginners to professionals, everyone can try these nail art ideas. Keep your hands busy right now!


Animal Print On Long Nails

Animalistic prints for long stiletto nails are always required. What is more, long nails designs look very harmonic with this design. Yet, you can also pull off this bold mani on other nail shapes. Square, oval and coffin long acrylic nails are made for animalistic patterns. And you do not have to limit yourself to leopard or cheetah prints only. There are plenty of other amazing options to choose from, such as zebra, giraffe, tiger and suchlike.


Natural Long Nails Design

Nude nail design is trendy right now, but not everyone knows that neutral nails can look unreal on your natural long nails. This mani style seems appropriate in absolutely any ambiance, from casual to extremely formal. Plus, you will not have to change your nail color to suit your outfit, as long natural nails are universally flattering. Finally, they will make your fingers look unbelievably long and slim.

Black And Gold Long Nail Art

Long black nails may be a little too dramatic for some ladies. To soften the look without sacrificing its boldness, pair your black mani with a lighter color. However, if you are looking for a winning combo for your coffin nails, surely the black and gold should be on the list. What is more, the mixture of black and gold transfer foil or glitter is not only stylish but also one of the most requested long nails ideas out there and no wonder. It gives your manicure a truly luxurious feel.


Galaxy Inspired Long Nails Design

Galaxy nails are all over the web these days. That is why we couldn’t simply pass this gorgeous space long nail design in blue hues. Of course, the look is very daring but charming nevertheless. You can hardly call it effortless though. We dare to only imagine how long does it take to get your nails done to achieve such a hypnotizing manicure design. Yet, we are sure it is worth the time and effort spent on it, as it comes out so mesmerizing that it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Classic Red Long Nails

Very often, when you are dealing with long nails, you do not really want to go too far with the nail art itself. That is when classic red nails come in more than helpful. Just look at that elegant and royal manicure vibe! Getting red long nails ensures that you are going to be the center of attention wherever you go. So, get ready to collect compliments left, right and center.


Fall Long Nails Design

When it gets cold outside but you still wish to celebrate the season – we have perfectly creative fall nail art in mind. This autumn long finger nails design is about to win the hearts of all the fashionistas out there. While looking intricate and unusual, it is not particularly difficult to create. Yet, if you are not very good at drawing, you can always get away with stamping, stencils or even long press on nails featuring the preferred design.

Ombre For Long Nails

One of the best things about the ombre manicure is that it can be performed even on really long nails. Moreover, in this way, the transition turns out softer and smoother, which looks gorgeous and allows for various embellishments. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as too much bling when it comes to long nails ideas. Those of you who think the same will undoubtedly value these cute ombre nails ideas with glitter and rhinestone accents.

Glamor Burgundy Long Nails

Beauty comes in detail, and the very same statement is true about the long nail art. If you know how to mix and match things correctly, you will surely create a masterpiece, and these burgundy nails are the best proof of the theory! As you can tell, thanks to delicate accents, the combo does not look over the top. It is very balanced and can suit pretty much any ambiance. Hence, it is also a failproof option for those who are eager to try burgundy on long acrylic nails but afraid that it will look too much.


French Manicure Top For Long Nails

French manicure is both classy and sassy, but when you are looking for some fresh upgrade without dramatic change, then a French fade mani is your next best option. It also works wonders for long French tip nails, as a classic version of the mani may give an impression of long fake nails, which is a blast from the past. If this is not the result you are seeking, get your long French nails faded.

Holographic Long Nails

You may already know that holographic nail polish designs are all in this season but what matters is the shades you combine it with. For example, adorn your super long nails with the holo and nude combo, which is quite unusual but certainly a killer one! Remember, the longer your nails are, the more dimensions of the holographic polish you will be able to catch sight of. Thus, if you are a devotee of extra long nails, a holo manicure is your sure bet.

Pastel Colors Long Nails

If you are not a fan of bright shades, then thispastel color nails design is undoubtedly fit for you. Also, they have great practical value. Apart from their strength and durability, how long do acrylic nails last depends on… Surprise! The color you choose. When your mani is nude or light colors, like pastel, the outgrown part is not as noticeable as with a dark nail polish. And, of course, you can embellish your nails with elaborate designs and bold accessories without worrying that it is going to look tacky.


Long Nails With Neon Stripes

For those of you who are looking for long nails ideas that would look mesmerizing and gorgeous – we have an idea hidden up our sleeve. The thing is that the combination of purple shade and colorful neon stripes looks astonishing together. This is also a failsafe option in case you want to incorporate vivid colors into your mani but are worried that you will not be able to pull it off. A striped design and a more muted nail color will do the job for you.

Geometric Long Nails For Stylish Geeks

If you think of yourself as a Geek, then you will fall in love with this geometric manicure idea for long nails. That is without a doubt. This does not make your mani boring or plain though. Instead, geometric shapes will add interest to any manicure style, from a solid color to an ornate design. But even if you do not consider yourself particularly geeky, something tells us that this manicure idea will still resonate with you.

Royal Blue Long Nails

What is a better way to give your long nails a luxurious feel than painting them a royal blue color? Perhaps, enhancing them with a complementary nail design. Gold glitter or foil is a perfect addition to a dark blue nail color, as it makes your mani appear even deeper and richer. By choosing this combo as your go to, you will instantly take your nails to the spotlight, so do not be surprised if you catch everyone’s admiring gazes on your manicure.


Different Designs For Long Nails

Getting the same nail color or design on both hands is old fashioned. Take your manicure to a whole new level with different designs on your cute long nails. Ideally, they should be matching, but not necessarily. Even if you go for opposing colors or dramatically different designs, your mani will still look stunning and trendy. Allow yourself to stand out in the crowd and get your captivating long Instagram baddie nails without hesitation.

Marble Long Nails

There is a myriad of ideas for cute long nails with a marble manicure being one of the most popular. Among its main benefits is the fact that every design is one of a kind. It is almost impossible to recreate the same pattern on each nail, so you will not have to come up with new ideas for your mani whenever you are headed to your nail appointment. Feel free to pair this long cute nails look with any other mani style, like a French.

Growing your nails long means that you have plenty of space to implement your most imaginative nail design ideas. Abstract nail art usually requires a lot of room, so your long coffin nails, or whatever shape you prefer, come in really handy. The design is up to you and mostly depends on your preferences and skill level. But even if it does not turn out as intended, you can always pretend like that is what you were aiming for.


Pearl Long Nails Design

Pearl nails are back in fashion and they do not seem to go anywhere anytime soon. The opalescent finish they have is unbelievably charming and looks lovely on long nails. No wonder it is a highly requested design for long Valentine’s day acrylic nails. To complete the mani style, you may use a pearly nail polish, dip in powder, gel polish or acrylic powder. Any material works just fine in this case.

Long nails have more space for creativity than short nail designs. Besides, they look flattering on anyone, as they make your fingers appear longer and leaner. And the variety of options available guarantees that everyone will be able to find a nail style to match their taste. See our ideas for your long mani and try the ones that appeal to you!


Is it Good to Have Long Nails?

It depends. On the one hand, long nails make your fingers seem longer and more graceful. On the other hand, they can harbor bacteria, resulting in numerous health issues. So, in case you decide to get a long manicure, make sure to keep it clean.

Are Naturally Long Nails Good?

Long natural nails have multiple advantages. First, they visually elongate your fingers so they look more graceful and slender. Besides, a long mani actually extends your fingers making it possible for you to get further inside long narrow objects, like a glass. If your nails are strong enough, you can use them to open packages or pry small objects. Last but not least, they are very good for instances when you need to scratch someone itching.