Long and short coffin nails, aka ballerina nails, are a popular shape among the ladies who like to attract attention with the help of their extraordinary outlooks. However, not everyone knows that coffin shape can be a lot reserved and today we are going to prove it to you. But before we begin, do you really know what is a coffin nail shape? With this nail shape, which was popularized by Kylie Jenner, the sides are filed so that the nail tapers toward the end, which, in turn, is squared instead of being rounded or pointed. Both names, coffin and ballerina, come from the resemblance of this nail shape to a ballerina’s slipper or coffin. Now that the things are sorted out, it’s time for our collection of stunning coffin nail design ideas, which is so complete that there is not even a chance that you will not find something special for yourself here!


Matte Coffin Nails

Matte top coats are still on the edge of popularity!


Peach Matte Short Coffin Nails

Total Matte Pink Coffin Nails


Matte Short Coffin Nails

Matte Red Short Coffin Nails


Nude Matte Coffin Nails

Matte And Glossy Mix For Short Coffin Nails

When you do not know what top coat to choose – shiny or matte it is best to combine them both. Besides, this gentle, lady-like nail art idea may be something to capture your heart.

Red Coffin Short Acrylic Nails


Nude For Short Coffin Nails

Rose Gold Short Coffin Nails

Black Coffins With Glitter Accent

Some people may say that black shades are too boring regarding manicure, but we are here to argue. This black-shaded manicure looks gorgeous and all thanks to the combination of matte and glossy top coating and of course glitter accent. Wouldn’t you agree?


Bold Combination Of Black And Nude Coffin Nails

The combination of nude and black shades is quite unusual, but it is difficult to say that they do not fit together, quite of the contrary. Besides, the glitter accent adds special charm to this nail art.

Perfect Glitter For Coffin Nails

If you are seeking perfection when it comes to your manicure – you may find it among these glitter manicure for short coffin nails design ideas!

Pink Nails for Coffin Shape


Glitter Lines for Short Coffin Nails

Pink Glittery Short Coffin Nails

Glitter Ombre Short Coffin Nails


Silver Glitter For Short Coffin Nails

Burgundy Short Coffin Nails

Gradient Accents On Coffin Nails

It is true that glossy grants any manicure that unique vibe that it is difficult to resist. One look at these ideas and you will come to the very same conclusion!


Nature Glitter Short Coffin Nails

Lovely Blue Gradient Coffin Nails

Ivory Nails With Glitter Gradient

It may seem that ivory nails are gorgeous looking on their own. That is partially true. However, there is a way to take the manicure to the next level. All you need is gentle glittery ombre.


French Nails With Silver Glitter Gradient

french nails look great, but there is a way to intensify the effect. The addition of sparkly ombre will grant your nails that necessary glow to make them stand out.

Mesmerizing Glitter Or Rhinestones Combination For Coffin Nails

When you need some extra bling in term of your manicure, the best thing to do is to combine some glitter and rhinestones in one design.

Coffin Short Acrylic Nails in White


Cute Disney Short Nails

Black Coffin Nails

Short Coffin Nails with Love


Blue Short Coffin Nails

Rhinestones Accent For Coffin Nails

French Coffin Nails with Rhinestones Accent


Nude Pink Short Coffin Nails with Gold Glitter

It is true that the combination of nude pink color and coffin shape usually result in sin pretty daring manicure. In case that is not your intention, you can ease the impression out with the help of glitter addition.

French Coffin Nails Design

If you are seeking the ways to spice up your short coffin nails with some French manicure – we have a fair share of ideas to suggest!

Cute Lavender French Coffin Nails


Classic French Short Coffin Nails

Colorful French Short Coffin Nails

Glitter French Short Coffin Nails


Natural Coffins Mani With Bright Accents

Neutral manicure is very popular these days. That is why we are willing to introduce to your attention this natural nail art compilation!

Natural Ombre Coffin Nails

Short Coffin French Nails with Ring Clips


Yellow Short Coffin Nails

The best way to spice up your yellow-shaded mani without taking it over the edge is to combine it with geometric art.

Exquisite Marble Designs For Coffin Nails

Marble stone patterns are all the rage these days. That is why we offer you these fresh ideas to play around with!

Chocolate Short Coffin Nails with Marble


Pastel Marble Coffin Nails

Abstract Marble Coffin Nails Designs

White Nails With Marble Effect

It is never a bad idea to combine a few trends in one design. For instance, if you are a fan of sweet yellow nails but you are looking some fresh inspiration – marble effect may be precisely what you need.


Nails With Marble Accent

Take this manicure into consideration. You should not forget about the trendy marble stone accent finger!

White-Nude Marble Coffins Manicure

Gentle Flower Coffin Nails Designs

All the ladies adore flowers. That is why floral patterns are always required when it comes to nail art. These gorgeous floral ideas are for you always to look sweet and feminine!


Pink Short Coffin Nails with Summer Flowers

Nude Pink Coffin Nails With 3D

Gentle nude pink manicure is what every elegant lady needs. However, adding a 3D floral accent is also a nice idea to make your manicure more interesting.

Glossy Dry Flower Coffins Mani

In case you are looking for a manicure idea that will accent your femininity and good taste – we have something in store for you. The thing is that simple pink nude design are trending always and real dry flowers are that one thing that grants your nails that charming and gentle touch. Seems to be the perfect combo!


Geometric designs are totally rocking the world of nail art fashion these days. However, it happens so that almost all the time the geometric patterns are reserved in color that is why we suggest you experiment with bright shades and geometric designs for a change. Oh, and do not forget about the glitter!

Triangular Short Coffin Nails

Colorful Geometric Short Coffin Nails

In case you like these nail designs, do not forget to share them and come back any time you need a fresh and stylish idea for your next mani.