Holographic nail polish is something that every fashionable lady not only knows about but also is eager to pull off whenever there is a possibility. The thing is that unlike any other nail polish holographic one grants you not just one shade but the whole rainbow captured on your fingernails. If there is anything more miraculous-looking – we know nothing about it! What we do know is that it is quite difficult to come up with the best holographic nail polish since the available variety is more than impressive. We have brooded over this fact for a while and decided that it will be very useful for you to know about the best available holographic polishes existing out there and reasons why you should acquire at least some of them!


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A-England Holographic Nail Polish

If you have not tried holographic nail polishes from A-England, then we can say that you have not seen real holography yet. Each and every one of their varnishes with a holo finish has become iconic. They are the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “holographic nail polish.” The color range is so extensive and versatile that you will easily find a shade to suit any occasion. There are both light and dark colors so that it will not take you any effort to complement the outfit. The type of holography also varies. It can be diffuse, linear or radial. So, you can flaunt a new iridescent nail color literally every day. Yet, these nail lacquers are so long-lasting that you can rest assured that they will not let you down wherever you go. Besides, the application is effortless and the drying speed is amazing, which altogether makes A-England holographic nail polishes stand out on the market.


KBShimmer Holographic Nail Polish

In case you are not a huge fan of clear holographic nail polish and look for something more pigmented and a lot more noticeable then you surely need some KBShimmer! The thing is that it is not only gorgeous-looking but also available in many shades not to mention all possible textures. You can easily get inspired by the ideas gathered by us or you can look for something of your own, but there is one thing to keep in mind – in order for your nail color to look flawless and opaque you need to apply three coats of KBShimmer.

Holographic Nail Polish KoKo&Claire

Those of you who are mesmerized by the beauty of this pink holographic nail polish should be aware that such perfection can be created with the help of KoKo&Claire nail polish. It is true that KoKo&Claire nail polishes are gorgeous, but the downside is that the KoKo&Claire nail polish price is a little higher than many other nail polishes. If this fact does not bother you that much – it is totally worth trying any of these holo nail art ideas!


ILNP Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic nail polish range suggested by I Love Nail Polish is super impressive, that is the truth. When you wish to accent your manicure most, this is the type of holo nail polish you need to consider in the first place. Among other advantages you can surely point out its lasting effect, and only two coats of this polish are more than enough. What is more, it is absolutely cruelty-free and vegan. Yet, beware that three coats of Ilnp may be too much for some of you, other than that – it is an amazing choice!

LeChat Holographic Nail Polish

Unlike any other holographic glitter gel nail polish, the one suggested by LeChat is highly dependable on the lighting. The thing is that sometimes when there is not that much light in the room, it may appear like any metallic nail polish but let the light in, and the dramatic change is easy to grasp even for those who are anything but fashionistas. Of course, it is rather a fresh perk than a disadvantage, but we think that you should be better warned than later disappointed. Other than that – LeChat nail polish is fantastic!


Picture Polish Holographic Nails

There is rarely any lady who is into nail fashion and haven’t heard about Picture Polish nail polish list of advantages. It is true that the collection of shades provided by Picture Polish is breath-taking, what is more, they add something new to the collection at least once a year. The application is flawless no matter which one Picture Polish nail polish you opt for. And that is not all of the advantages – Picture Polish nail polishes are extremely lasting, and that is amazing! That is why we couldn’t but bring to your attention a list of holographic options created by Picture Polish. Yes, we know that this collection proves that magic is real though it is pretty costly. Well, nothing is perfect, right?

ZOYA Holographic Nail Polish

Another perfect holographic nail polish set of ideas is suggested by ZOYA. Of course, it is worth mentioning that ZOYA nail polishes last up to five days even without a top coat, fascinating, isn’t it? But there is a little downside to ZOYA holo nail polishes – it can appear uneven if you do not apply it in perfectly precise movement. But, we are sure that such a professional as you are will deal with in a blink of an eye! What is more, ZOYA polishes are absolutely free of lead, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, and you can wear it with no fear during the pregnancy.

Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish

The name Born Pretty speaks for itself, doesn’t it? The holographic nail polish collection suggested by the company is as impressive, and it is worth mentioning that it is pretty affordable.
What is more, you can easily experiment with the creation of some intricate designs since the perfect formula allows it. With such a set of advantages, it is difficult to resist the temptation and buy a lot more than just one!


Beauty Nail Designs with Holographic Nail Polish

To infuse you with the dose of inspiration on manicure design using holographic nail polish, we have selected the most hypnotizing ideas to recreate.

French Holo Mani

Despite the complex texture, holographic nail polishes actually pair with each other quite well. You can combine not only various shades but also different types of holography in one mani. Yet, try to avoid overly elaborate design not to overdo it.

Nail Stamping With Holo Nails

Adding stamping over holographic nail polish will give you a fantastic effect of nails lit from within. To pull it off, ensure that the pattern on the stamping plate is not too dense. You do not want it to cover the holo base completely. Rather, you want to give it some definition so that the nail design will look dimensional.


Holo with Flowers Accent

Flowers nails have been trending for quite a while now. This manicure looks literally out-of-this-world, and it`s so easy to recreate.

Flowers Accent Nails Art

Still, holo varnish serves as a perfect canvas for basically any nail art design. Thus, accentuating your sky blue holographic nail polish with multi-sized flowers in matching hues will give your manicure a dreamy and feminine flair. To keep it tasteful and refined, confine to only one accentuated nail while leaving the rest plain.

Blue And White Combo

Blue and white are bound to be paired together, as they make up an impeccable color solution created by nature. Bright sky with fluffy clouds, rocky waves with thick foam, foggy mountains with icy peaks – everything seems to hint at this flattering combo. When teaming them in a mani, do not go all-out white or blue on each nail. Try to play around with application as well as effects. Complement holographic blue nail varnish with solid white or vice versa.


Simple Nude Nails With Flower Accent

For those who love more low-key nail design or require their manicure abide by the dress code rules, there is certainly an option too. Nude holographic nail varnish looks elegant and sophisticated, yet iridescent finish adds a startling turn to it. Essentially, you can stop right there and get away with a quite formal nude holo manicure or give it a more casual and feminine feel by accentuating your nails with flower design.

Black Geometric Nails Art With Pink Holo

Geometric nail art will probably never go out of fashion. It offers you a bazillion of design options ranging in color, shape, pattern, finish and the like. For an extremely bold and eye-catching appearance, go for a black base and complement it with such a contrasty color as pink. If you opt for pink with a holo finish, then you can rest assured that your nails will not go unnoticed. Paired with black geometric pattern, it creates a mesmerizing dimensional manicure.

Unreal Nail Design With Rainbow Colors

If you feel skillful enough, you can try to pull off a multicolored holographic manicure. Although it will take you some time and effort, it will undoubtedly pay you off with compliments you will get left and right. To get this mani, you need to use some neutral holographic varnish as the base and apply a colorful pattern over it. If you are not confident in your color matching skills, it is always safe to go with rainbow colors.

Time doesn’t stay still, come back for a fresh update any time you decide that you have tried it all!