The truth is that manicure matters greatly for most women. That is why we decided to present to your attention these luxury nails ideas. With a nail art like any of these ideas, your hands will always look elegant and fabulous. You will be amazed how different and versatile, luxurious designs are. Besides, you do not need to go over the edge to look charming and stylish. See for yourself!


Chrome Luxury Nails

Chrome powder has been in for a while now. There is no wonder why it lingers for so long in the world of nail fashion. One look at the masterpiece examples you can create with its help and all is clear. Take a pick!


Luxury Nails With Jewelry Accents

A jewelry nail design is a true staple of a luxurious manicure. It undeniably looks chic, snazzy and deluxe. Should you venture out for it, you can rest assured that your nails will look jaw-dropping no matter what design you are going to lay out. Even if you only accentuate a couple of nails, it will come out dazzling anyway.

Sparkly French Luxury Nails

A lot has been said about French manicure, but it seems not to seize mesmerizing us with every day. Real luxury comes in with a significant amount of sparkles but when combing it with French tip – the true elegance is created!


Rich Branded Luxury Nails Designs

Nothing seems to scream more lavish than brand labels. That said, to instantly get luxury nails, simply decorate them with branded nail art designs. Whether to use a single brand or several at once is up to you. For an ultimate impact, you can pair your sumptuous mani with matching branded accessories, such as bags, belts or jewelry.

Colorful Abstract Luxury Nails

Abstract nail design is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. To give is a swanky feel, go for a colorful mani style. As it manages to combine both elegant sophistication with luxurious splendor, it does not cross the border of decency and good taste.


Perfect Marble Stone Nail Designs

Marble stone patterns are on the edge of popularity. However, when you have a strong desire to add some luxurious touch to your nail art – we suggest you play around with glitter accents. As you can see the outcome can be quite impressive!

Luxury Mani With Caviar Accents

You may think that nude nails can’t be defined as luxurious. That is where you are undoubtedly wrong. One look at these designs spiced up with caviar accents and occasional rhinestones will prove the point.

Transfer Foil For Nail Designs

The beauty of transfer foil lies in its ability to add up to any nail art and transform it. As you can see, no matter your color preferences – any shade can be combined with a fair share of transfer foil, which will convert a cute mani into luxury nails!


Glitter And Rhinestones On Luxury Nails

Truth be told that glitter when combined with rhinestones grants any manicure some magical power. Even a subtle and gentle nail art will look rich and elegant with the addition of these two.

Intricate Luxury Nails With Stripes

The fact is that not everyone is equally fond of rhinestones or glitter. If that is your case – not all is lost, since we still have a striping tape at hand. Introduce some gold or silver stripping tape into your manicure, and you will be amazed at the result.

Elegant Matte Nails Design

A surefire way to add a luxurious feel to your mani is to finish it off with a matte top coat. This simple step will give your nails a velvety touch and make them look fabulous no matter what nail color you have. Moreover, as it comes out pretty low-key, for an ultimately luxury nails design, you can adorn your manicure with rhinestones and glitter.


Feline Designs For Luxury Nails

Animal nail print is obviously not a brand-new trend. It comes and goes but never seems to disappear completely. With every return, it takes new twists, thus setting off fresh trends. The latest of them is the feline nail design. It is so eye-catching and bold that your nails will surely be in the spotlight wherever you go. Besides, it pairs perfectly with any nail color, from nude to black.

Luxury nails do not have one definition, they are many, but you already know that. In order for you not to get lost in the vast and colorful word of nail art – we have gathered some worthy ideas in here. Use your imagination and start your experimentation!


  • Give your manicure a touch of luxury with these stunning ideas.